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I was just looking up a drink I put over on Drinknation.com over a year ago called a Full Moon Fever.  I was the second guy to put up the recipe so mine is number 2 – but make no mistake.  I bet if you go look up #1 and then make both of the recipes you will quickly find out that mine is not only better but it is WAY better; not even like a comparison.  I’ve been bouncing around all these ideas over the last couple days of shitty sleep, and decided I think I just need to Refocus.  Let me just kinda backtrack to the present, though, for a minute.

So this morning I woke up at 5:45am.  That was after going to bed around midnight.  My usual thing would be to cringe, realize I am still tired, and then go back to bed in hopes of getting a couple more hours of sleep to help my head feel better so I can function.  Today I decided, nope, I’m up!  I opened up my laptop which is a sin if you look at the endless articles of sleeping.  They say, put your phone, laptop and any other electrical devices far, far away.  You can’t be distracted.

But the thing is, look.  I actually am happy a little.  This is the first early morning in a while I have been awake,  My head feels a little shitty, yes.  That’s true.  But also I have caught myself smiling, feeling glad that I get to see the early morning sunshine.  I get to see the City wake up.  I got to Einstein Bros Bagels.  There are 2 girls here I have a crush on (for the record I have a ton of crushes and the list is always growing).  I just saw 1 of them who is here today.  She’s super cute and has a fucking fantastic smile.  The other one is also cute as hell.  I can’t tell but I always think that they are being flirty with me so I flirt back, not that I would really need any encouragement to flirt.  It just comes naturally.   So it’s like, I can feel the tired.  It’s there…  But I am also digging on the morning, being up, seeing that people are up everywhere – experiencing life!  Very cool…

So I have been kicking around different ideas.  Do I stay in Chicago, do I move somewhere else – yesterday I did quite a lot of research on places like Austin, Texas; New Orleans, San Juan Puerto Rico, New York City, Boston etc.  The key is, where would I want to go and do I really want to go.  I definitely want to move, even if it is out of my apartment now and into something else.  I fell across a website: http://frontierclub.com .  Looks kinda interesting and the quality sucks enough so that I think it’s probably legit.  (Yes – so if the fricken website looks like a Pro made it, guess what?  A Pro made it. If it looks like someone sat down to make a website and they have just enough experience to share what they know, despite the fact that the website looks like shit – That means it’s probably legit and not some Internet Marketer’s Squeeze Page.  The cost is $35 to join FOREVER which is another good sign.  If it was $35/month or something like that OR they charged a huge fee for a year, that would throw up red flags, but they need to have some sort of fee to take care of the website and there is no way they are getting rich off of a $35 1 time fee.)  This is what they say right at the top:


Members staying in an igloo north of Yellowknife.Spending time at work you find monotonous and boring will interfere with your ability to enjoy life.

You must wake up every morning excited about the day and what you will be doing.

For more than 40-years the Club has been helping members to work and travel all over the world and to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle – and it’s run solely by those who have lived the lifestyle themselves and know all about it.

You’re sitting in the same old pub on Friday night with the same old people when in comes Joe (or Steve or Sue) who’s been working in the Australian Outback, travelling around Tibet, and crewed a boat from Freemantle to Sri Lanka.

You and your friends try to pretend that it’s been more interesting and exciting in Neasthorpe, Cheltifax or Sadcity, but who are you kidding? Boredom is the reason why most people get-up-and-go, but there are lots of others.

If you’re reading this then perhaps you are bored and prefer to be enjoying a beer with a group of treeplanters in a tavern in the Cariboo Mountains, a mug of chicha in the Bolivian altiplano, or enjoying a free stay with us in Costa Rica while travelling the world.

So the point of this is, to me, that is what I have been thinking about.  Do I just uproot and leave again?  The thing about that is that thoughts have been sort of coming in about what I do have in Chicago.  I don’t have money.  I can’t pay my rent really.  OK.  Good!  That’s the fear shit.  But what I do have is friends:  I haven’t been paying too much attention to them because I have been wrapped up in all my own sleep crap for the past month or so, nevertheless, they are there and I am sure once I get out of my bullshit shell of sleep deprivation they will be there waiting for me.  I have connections: I actually am a talk coordinator here for http://www.thechicagolair.com. I arranged for Juggler, a Major guy in the industry to come and talk to our last event.  Pretty cool.  I could keep doing that, and I’m sure, over time it could branch out into something more.

I know the lay of the land.  The reason I got into Leasing, I told myself, was to learn about Chicago and get paid to do it.  I realize now I was completely serious.  It kind of became a career possibility while I was working there because some people do make a living in real estate and I was good at the business.  I was told by managers I was an amazing leasing agent and that if I stuck with it and got into Sales I could be a monster.  Of course, over time, my brain took over – my Id if you will, and I started really not liking my job.  It could have been that I just didn’t like the place I was working, and that’s what I thought.  But what really was going on is that my Id was telling me, wtf Ronnie!  The year of learning the city is Up.  Your dreams….  Remember?

It took me almost a month of trying to start working at another company to realize that I really did NOT want to lease, life is short and all that.  I wrote about that in a different post – Life While Asleep – so I’ll skip the details here.  So travel was kicking into my mind, but in the background of all those travel fantasies 2 things kept popping up: Writing and Bartending.  Aha!  I guess the question is, do I really want to leave Chicago and just pick up somewhere else…?

I don’t know…  Maybe first I will see If I can get a Bartending Job here somewhere.  I think I still have the life in me.  I think I could really do it.  I want to do it.  There is a TON of opportunity here and I even think some people I know may be able to point me in the right direction or make some connections for me.  If not, I have no doubt that I have the charisma, ability and will to find the right place.

There…  I needed to write that…  Follow Your Dreams!  2 days ago that phrase kept popping up ALL over the internet.  I feel like it was life trying to tell me something.  I got up this morning watching a couple of Bartending Videos (see Sidecar below) and now I can feel it.  It’s time to really do this.


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Full Moon Fever #2 Drink Recipe

No picture of this cocktail available.

Glass to Use

Drink Colour:



  • 1/2 oz. Liqueur, melon
  • 1/2 oz. Rum, coconut
  • 1/2 oz. Rum, light
  • 1 1/2 oz. Rum, spiced
  • 1 oz. Lime Juice
  • 4 oz. Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass. I use 2 lime wedges, squeeze them into the shaker and shake them in the mix.


This drink recipe was submitted by one of our courageous, yet humble readers,Geese Howard!

Contributor notes

I made this for a guy today who wanted “something with Captain Morgan’s in it” and soon I was getting orders left and right for them.

Importance of Bitters:
Lucca Cinalli Bartender:
New Orleans’ Best Cocktails: The Sazerac

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