Is It Really Racism or Is It Just a Tool?


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This started out as a reply to the post mentioned here: Some Real Shock and Awe: Racially Profiled and Cuffed in Detroit on the Blog “Stories from the Heartland”.

If you go over to that topic, there are shitloads of people fighting, right now, as I write this; but don’t jump over and join the fray quite yet, I want you to think about it a little first (read on my friends).

This is a VERY important topic that I think people need to REALLY pay attention to.  But the problem is, people will get caught up in the surface and get caught up in the Sideshow and the issue will probably be completely overlooked.  What we are going to discuss today, besides racism, is the concept of…

Divide and Conquer:

What does this mean?

I’m going to start out with my reply to the above blog article (the comment is still in moderation) and then continue with my thoughts after.   I may modify my comments a little to explain them, since in the comments section I wanted to try and keep them as short as I could…  I mean, it’s a “comments” section not my blog 😉

What happened in the article was called, by the author, a racist act.  She went on in the article to throw racist and judgemental slurs right back out there.  One minute she is complaining about being a victim of racism, and the next she is writing statements and descriptions like:

  • …I decided that I hated country music. I hated speedboats and shitty beer in coozies and fat bellies and rednecks.
  • …She looked like a fat Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • … a chubby middle-aged white guy with a buzz cut. He didn’t look too different from some of the officers.
  • … a middle-aged white cop with a beer belly and a flat top returned me–without handcuffs–to the cell.
But then right after her hateful comments she does say something that makes perfect sense (by the way, I’m not calling her a hateful person, I am saying she is falling into a carefully laid trap – all will be explained in due time, grasshopper):
 The real test will be if we decide to break free from our fears and hatred and truly try to be good people who practice compassion–even toward those who hate.

Ahhhh!  That’s it!  But I don’t think even the author understands the real meaning of the statement that she has written.  What she is saying in that statement is a good start, but the MEANING of it is not so much on the surface.  The meaning is, people should take off the blinders, put away their tribal hate towards each other, stop falling for the smoke and mirrors issues that are sidetracking them from what is Really going on; the issues that are at the Root of all these other surface issues such as Racism, Religious Battles, the Left Right Paradigm…

… and so much more.

What’s really happening.  Divide and Conquer…  That is:

In politics and sociologydivide and rule (derived from Latindivide et impera) (also known as divide and conquer) is a combination of politicalmilitary and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

From Divide and Conquer

And I will tell you what, over at “Stories From the Heartland” that is exactly what is happening.  People are plowing away at the comments section and fighting like crazy.  However, I might challenge that incidents like the one the author wrote about in her article are not uniquely assigned to her or to anyone of any skin color, nationality, creed, religion or background.  (just hear me out…)  Maybe this time it was, but there are countless videos all over the internet where people are treated like garbage for “Security Reasons”.  Many people believe this is planned and has been for a LONG time before you and I were born…

The anniversary of 911 has just passed.  Articles like “To Christina Taylor Green” and “Remembering 9/11” are flooded across wordpress blogs and beyond, all over the internet.  Just on wordpress alone there are currently (…hold on I’ll check…).

325,553 results for 9/11

Things have most definitely changed since that terrible day.  Some might say, for the worse.   Security has tightened.  Tensions have flared up between people of all nationalities, races, creeds and religions.  We are in what many are calling, “a perpetual war.”

Ahh but if you watched the above video in full, you might have heard, besides the Perpetual War, a lot of other scary stuff…

There’s a lot of stuff out there going on all at once, that would, maybe, make it seem like someone is engineering the fall of this nation, and maybe the world (It would be easy to say the people running it are just dumb, but if you really listen to that list, doesn’t it seem like someone is strategically doing something to make it all “coincidentally” happen at the same time?).  Is it Megatron?



What about Cobra Commander?


Cobra Commander

All joking aside, there are a growing number of people who are starting to question who is behind it all?  George Bush?  Bill Clinton?  Obama? Ronald Reagan?  “It’s that damn Reaganomics!”

“It’s those damn liberals and their big government!”

People tend to want to pick sides.  People want to simplify things.  Black or White.  Left or Right.  Up or Down.  In the case of what is causing so many things to go wrong at once, what if the answer were a little deeper.  That’s what those who are called 911 truthers are talking about and their numbers are growing.

The 911 truth movement is based on the fact that many people believe the events of 911 were so that Governments COULD put the crack down on EVERYONE. That this is not a racial thing. In the above blogger’s case, she may have been used as a pawn to further (or because of) the plan the Globalists have to take everyone’s rights away but trust me – things have gotten worse for everyone since the events of 911.

Globalist? (you might ask…)

What is a Globalist?  That it is a huge topic but it also is very important for you to understand with or without this discussion.  I could write a big article about this but why not, as I seem so keen on doing, let another video do the talking:

We are in the process of developing a whole series of techniques… to get people to LOVE their servitude.  This is the… Seems to me to be the Ultimate in Malevolent Revolution.

Look at that statement again.  Read it.  Understand.  “Malevolent” is not a good word.  That means what Aldous Huxley, Author of Brave New World, is saying is that there are people out there, running the show presumably (some of them mentioned in that video) who are out to control the world and NOT in a good way!  They want to do bad shit to the world and the people in it.  They want to have a Malevolent Revolution.  These are the elites, the globalists.

And that brings us to my point.  IF there are small groups of people out there trying to really control the populace and thus the world from behind the scenes, they would have to be some smart motherfuckers.  There are a LOT of possible opposition out there in the world who do not want to be controlled.

What is to just stop these people from grouping up together and going out to find these bastards and fuck them up?  “United we stand, divided we fall.”  If they can separate us and make us fight each other, they don’t have to worry about us wanting to fight them.  Create enemies for us, and we will spend time battling those enemies, EVEN if those enemies are just other people like us that are different in some way.

If you have 2 hours of time you can see that it’s not just the poor blogger in the article above they are treating terribly.  It is not just Indians and Muslims.  Here is a Documentary called “Into the Fire” you can watch about PEACEFUL protesters during the G20 summit in Canada a couple of years ago. It’s kind of creepy to see these kind of things going on.

If that’s too long for your attention span, check out this video which is about people getting arrested for (drumroll please)…

DANCING:  (?huh? What is this Footloose?)

Making this into a RACIAL issue is what they want you to think. It’s like Smoke and Mirrors. They want you to focus on another issue. Racism is bad, but there are MUCH deeper issues to address. They want us to ignore those issues and focus on more surface issues; that way they can slide stuff under the radar.  That way while WE are fighting about skin color and religion and football teams and political affiliations they can go about their business and press their agenda forward.

Here’s an example where Ron Paul call’s the reporter and the entire media for focusing on what he calls “…The Sideshow.”

He summarizes this WAY better in a small sentence than I did in all my above blah blah:

“The Sideshow… is there to stir things up and prevent us from focusing on the real problems.”

Finally, I feel for the article’s author. What happened on that plane was crap. No one should have to go through that! We are all human beings and we are Americans.  We have rights!  But we really need to steer away from the “Sideshow” no matter how much we want it to be that simple. It is not.  We need to NOT be split because of Race – we need to Stick together. We need to be one race – one people. Color, Creed and all that “smoke and mirrors” should NOT be a factor.

We need to address the WHOLE issue.  I know this is a lot of homework, people, but you can take your time and look into all this on your own time.  I have 2 last videos you might like to see.  Then a Sidecar which is optional because when I saw it, I kind of thought to myself, “this guy just looks like people will think he’s racist.” (see how easy it is?  You don’t think some smart globalist mo-fo would be able to figure out how to use that as a tool against us?)  But don’t confuse the message with the messenger.  Remember – it’s easy to call bullshit.  I actually encourage you to call bullshit on all of my article.  But first, go do your own research.  Really look into some of these things.  Try to prove me wrong…  Better yet, maybe wake up.  Stop pointing fingers at the guy who should be on your team because he looks funny to you.  At the same time, be careful.  When the powers that be try to bring everyone together under 1 banner. . . that is most certainly not the way you will want to become brothers.  You want to be brothers and sisters by choice, not as a controlled populace.  Do not think for 1 minute that their plan of Globalism is in our best interests.

Anyway – I’m just putting that out there.  I’m most certainly not going to turn this into a blog about this stuff, there is a wonderful world out there with a lot of cool people, and fun stuff to do.  Let’s keep it clean, people.  😉

Sidecar Racism and KRS 1:

KRS 1 in 3 Parts:


One response to “Is It Really Racism or Is It Just a Tool?

  1. I have this conversation over and over again with people of all varieties and almost always get called a racist, or racist supporter, because I would rather focus on what we ALL (accused racists included) have in common, rather than our differences. It would seem the act of division is working very well, if those who try to shed light on the bigger problem are villainized for not “choosing a side.” We’re all on the same side. It is a travesty that so few can see that.

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