Drunk and Useless

Let’s play a new game…

What’s the game called?

Themesong of the Day

How do we play?  That’s exactly how we play.  We push Play.

Basically, click the video link and then start reading while listening to the song.  I know some of you are in coffeeshops or public places so bust out those headphones.  If you are at home or somewhere else reading this – Get the headphones anyway so you can appreciate this as much as I do.  I have a feeling this will become regular to my blog so here we go?  Is someone else already doing this on their blog?

I don’t know, but they should be.  😉

So here we go.

Themesong of the day:

So 2 times this week I went out with my friends.  Now that was cool.  It was very cool.  Thursday night I went to Cobra Lounge with a buddy of mine, who actually was my younger brother’s friend when we were growing up.

It’s interesting.  He told me a story about something that I did that apparently fucked up 3 years of his childhood.  This is a common theme in my life.  People tell me I did things to them, most of the time that I didn’t even know I did to them, that affected their life in some way.  This was is kind of funny.  You may think it’s mean, but trust me when I say if Karma wanted to pay me back for the bad shit I have done in my life, it has and it does in FULL.

So when they were little, like 6 years old, he said I made he and my brother watch a movie called Puppet Master.

Puppet Master

I doubt I “Made them” but I can definitely see myself persuading them.  Anyway, for the next 3 years, apparently, he was afraid that Drillhead was going to drill his feet if he got out of bed in the middle of the night.  Interesting how the little things affect people we know or may meet later in life.  It’s interesting because there’s another guy I just talked to on the phone a couple days ago.  He belongs to a social group I recently became a part of.  He told me that a little over a year ago I was in a bar where he was attempting to meet girls.  I kept coming up to his  interactions where he was talking to these girls and blowing him out.

Blow Out – To be kicked out or otherwise involuntarily removed from a social interaction that can result in a loss of social value.

He said it really pissed him off for a little while.  The thing is, I don’t ever remember these things.  It’s kinda interesting to learn about stuff you do in life to other people that you may not think about too much but that MAYBE they do.

Think about that.  Fucking interesting shit.  We all probably have been a part of molding or affecting someone else in some way, even when we don’t think we did.

Anyway, that was a tangent to what I planned on writing about, but I have said it before and I will say it again.  I do so love tangents.  So where was I?

Ok so at Cobra Lounge we drank and got shitfaced.  I got pretty drunk and drunk is fun.  That’s why we go to the bar.  To let loose and get pissed.  To have fun with our friends.  But some of us also go to scope out the opposite sex.  Now I’m a pretty social guy but I have been coming to the conclusion that drinking and me getting social with the ladies is not really fruitful.

I mean I like to go out to explore and see different bars and I love to drink like a kid in a candy store.  Some people can just kinda settle for their favorite beer or mixed drink and stick to it all night.  Me, I go into the bar and scope out what they have I might not have tried before or maybe something I like but haven’t had in a long time, and I seldom stick to the same drink more than once or twice unless it’s my favorite.

Even then I might move on from a Maudite to a Bell’s Porter to a shot of Rum to who knows…  If you haven’t tried a Maudite yet and love beer, do yourself a favor and go to the store RIGHT NOW (well once you’re done reading) and buy some.  It looks like this:

Maudite by Unibroue

Tres Fantastique.

So the point is, I get drunk and alcohol, for me, is a rollercoaster of emotion.  I feel great, then I feel tired, then I don’t want to talk to people.  Buzzes get me lost in my head.  I want to socialize but I end up just wandering around the venue looking for people to talk to, unless I am with my friends and then I just chill with them.

There is Nothing Wrong with this, unless I want some ass.  I see attractive girls everywhere I go, and I am apt to talk to them and socialize with them.  I am at the second coffeeshop since I started writing articles and I have flirted with no less than 6 women.  They knew I was and I knew I was.   This is normal for me, but at bars there are lots of yummy things to drink.  It would be silly of me to sit there and drink water…


Here’s what I am getting at.  I am a natural flirt and I’m pretty damn good at it when I am normal.  Drinking might be fucking it up.  I need to be on the ball and really be able to think on my feet.  Alcohol is a proper way to have fun with my friends at a bar, but there are times where I want to go to the bar and meet some women.

Last night was one of those nights.  I ended up going out with another buddy of mine.  He likes to go out and look for women to meet too.   So we end up going to one bar where I got all drunk, but I felt good. I started talking to a couple girls but nothing amazing was happening.  I did get in a temporary good vibe for a little bit by the time I left the first bar, and part of my flirtyness was coming out.  We got to the Afterparty and I started chatting up this sexy bartender, because my energy was good.  But an hour or so later and a couple drinks and shots later and my brain was fucked.  I even think I was forgetting to tip the bartender because I remember at one point thinking I forgot and that I needed to go tip her, but it’s like I get really drunk and get lost inside my head.

And later my flirtyness with her was finished.  I tried going back and striking up more convo but it just wasn’t happening.  My vibe had changed and her attitude had changed.

So basically I want to try something new.  I have done it before but only like once or twice.  no no.  I want to try this consistently for a month or so and that is – when I go out to drink, go out to drink, and when I go out to scope out the fairer sex I will not drink a drop of alcohol.

I will keep you posted.

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