Blog Review – Confessions of a Hollywood Promoter

Onion Rings

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I had absolutely no plans to review stuff on my blog (can I just call this like my website or something?  I still haven’t gotten used to being called a “blogger”) but this blog totally sucked me in.  It is not very long and I think I read most of it.

Mostly it is about stuff I already know about, but NOT in the sense of Hollywood because I’ve never been there.

The stories are short and quick reads but have a lot to do with the Fake, Plastic people that inhabit the Club Scene in Hollywood; the industry; dumb girls; and one guys experiences as a promoter there…  I can only tell you about the concept of the blog – soon I will have my own stories to tell about Chicago and in a Similar Vein (and probably in a completely different way.):

Occupational Hazard

I’m dancing with a Xander special – trashy blonde with an nice body. My buddy comes behind me and leans in my ear.Buddy: Don’t make out with her.
Me: Why?
Buddy: She just blew a guy in the alley.
Me: That’s a good reason.I walked away without saying goodbye.

More Plausible Deniability

These are two of my favorites
I don’t go to clubs to meet guys” 
This is ALWAYS followed by this exchange:
Me: The last guy you dated. What was his name?
Girl: Blah, blah, blah
Me: Where did you meet him?
Girl: At a club
Me: *Staring blankly, then walking away*
“I don’t really go clubbing” 
The majority of girls say this at some point in the conversation. I get it; you don’t want to be known as a “club girl.” But seriously these places are packed week after week, with girls who supposedly don’t go clubbing. It reminds me of reading that 74% of people say they have better than average judgment (this is obviously mathematically impossible). The same principle has been shown in studies of job performance, driving ability, and physical appearance.But really you don’t go clubbing.
So you get my pint…  My Pint?  I am at Banger’s and Lace in Wicker Park drinking my second beer by the way and after all this . . . What did I forget?
That’s right!  I forgot the fucking Themesong of the Day!
Meanwhile the dude next to me is Cutting his Onion Rings with a knife…  What MAN does that?
 Who fucking cuts their ontion rings with a knife?
Ok ok ok ok…  Here:
Oh ya.  And I probably should put up a link to Xander’s blog (that’s his name by the way . . . yes I know.  This is turning out to be a pretty shitty review but oh well  😉
You can’t win every fight.

Captain America Quote @

Oh ya – And check out the blog Confessions of a Hollywood Promoter by clicking on this link…


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