The Chrissy Chronicles

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Postby Geese Howard » January 17th, 2008, 6:46 pm

This one is one of my favorite chicks so far. She wasn’t the best looking of them, she wasn’t the smartest, she didn’t have everything I wanted (but since Ive been gaming I’m not sure if there’s a chick out there who does) but the sheer size of her tits; and not sloppy weird tits but for their size 36 FF they were amazingly proportioned and shaped – they even had that split down the middle; and the eventual fun I would have with them several times was fantastic, putting her up there in the top 5 for sure.

Ok so I remember one night I went to my brothers house and we were chilling and I was tired, ready to just call it a night and go to bed. My brother as like, “Let’s go out for one.” (we used to make jokes about Robbie B. who was one of the natural kids I knew back after highschool who would always say, “Let’s go to the bar for ‘one'”which never amounted to just 1 or anywhere near 1.).

So I go to the bar and sit there and drink a beer – man was it good, it’s always that way whenI drink. It’s like you can just feel that sensation of liquid goodness going down your throat and into your belly and soon the tiredness is gone – replaced by this magical creature inside that relly doesn’t care about anything but having fun. I have been drunk in my life and have remembered several times saying to myself, “This is how Im supposed to be.” This is exactly the reason I have learned to control the amount of drinking I do.

So I start playing one of those bar games they have at the counter on the TV looking thingy, the touch screen ones and soon this young beautiful chick comes and sits next to me, but when I say young I give a good look over at her and the table she’s with and I’m thinking Highschool. However she sits there and after a minute she’s playing the game and I remark how she’s just sitting there so I would hit on her. The set opens and I work this “set”, if you wanna call it that, and yet she swears when I voice my suspicions that she’s 22. OK fine so I play and she bites. After a while though even though IMO the set was going extremely well she returns back to her friends, of whom I socially proofed by working the whole set of them, and getting the girls smiling and laughing.

Whatever… So my brother starts talking to this chick who is sitting next to him who is part of a two set. One chick is on the opposite side at the bar and in order to naturally do the right thing I go sit opposite where I was to occupy the obstacle. However the obsticle was pretty cute and I just so happened to notice that once I sat next to her – even though she had a nice shirt on and over shirt that sort of hid them with all sorts of colors and argyle – that she appeared to have huge tits. This is, as I like to say, one of my favorite things about a girls personality.

I open with a canned opener. I cannot recall which one but it didn’t matter. I was drinking. I could have opened talking about $hit or vomit and made it sound fun. I think the conversation flowed and then I mentioned something about her boobs being big and she asked, “How can you tell (she really did have them hidden pretty well)?”

I’m writing this report to talk about the BS that works when you don’t even try that hard. In other words I used a couple different openers as conversational material; OH! and the fact that the younger chick came back and we chatted for a bit and I would take turns ignoring one chick and then the other but my mind was focused on big tits so I think the younger chick eventually left back to her friends, not that it mattered if she really was in highschool as I suspected. Im not a pederass.

Soon the chick kissed me on the cheek – I will call her Chrissy for fun. Chrissy kissed me on the cheek and then went to dance with her friend. That’s a go – I should have made out with her! Not in my opinion. I wont even kiss a chick the first meeting if I don’t think there’s a chance of fucking her. I like to kiss and lead to fucking so I will almost never make out with chicks in a club or bar unless the opportunity presents itself and she comes out to my car to “listen to this cool CD I think she’d like.” And then car fucking is not my gig either; even though one of my memories of fucking in an S-10 I used to have, with this chick with a phenominal body, and sex drive, envisions her left knee being torn open and bloody from fucking me on top in the passenger seat, with her knee rubbing on the seat belt thingy (that the Seatbelt snaps into). Still, not enough room. I like moving and shifting and spinning her around 69 and having her on my face and fucking all over the place and moving the bed (used to move the bed at my exes house from fucking her so hard.)

Anyways we didn’t kiss and eventually I do the mystery thing where we exchange numbers, and I go away later a little drunk. Chrissy was 23 years old to my 33. 10 years younger. Not my youngest when I was 33 – that would be 20. I didn’t score at 18 and Im a little disappointed. I think secretly that’s why I’m getting in great shape, is that I want a 18 year old and if I look old and chubby it’s gonna be that much harder to score one.

So a couple weeks later (for some reason I think I tried her once then didn’t for a week or so.) we met at the local Applebees for a glass of wine. I was telling her on the phone that I wanted to take pictures of her but she eventually ended up being too shy. Oh well.

So we sat up at applebees for one and soon I say, “Hey let’s go to my house and watch a movie.” I don’t even think I was specific but I sort of planted the suggestion on the phone that we would probably head back to my house. So we rode in my car. “I can just drive you back later on.”

Back at my house I sat on the comfy couch and she next to me and turned on the movie. We didn’t even make it through half way before she literally mounted me as the 23 year old big tit aggreser. We did our thing and fucked and those giant beautiful tits would swing into my face and then we would quit.

Thing is, that phone game sucked with her because it was literally hard to hook up. I would call her and she would be busy and not able to hang out – so I came to the conclusion that she was a 23 year old who had her own life (jesus my dog stinks – 1 sec. Have to light incense. “What kind of incense?” you say. Satya Celestial OMG it smells SOOO Good and if I go on a day 2 Before I even go I light one or two quality incense sticks before I go. If you have this celestial stuff or even better, well… just as good anyways look for the indian looking boxes that are pretty generic looking and have Mfrs. ‘Shrinivas Sugandhalaya‘ on the box. Superhit is my favorite)

OK stop getting me sidetracked!!

So she was a 23 year old with a life. I would make it a point to not call her for a few days at a time and then soon enough she was coming over more and more frequently and we started fucking regular.

Something else interesting. I got bored. I do this alot. I got bored with a chick almost perfect for me so I didn’t talk to her for a while and then once day I was bored being bored so I called her and BAM! Business as usual – because one thing I notice with chicks is that if you establish yourself as, my old FB A. used to say, the “Go-to-guy” then chicks put you into a special rules catagory where you can do shit like call them out of the blue and they will still fuck you.

So ya. We went to Cedar Point and then after that I kinda ended it but not really. we still Fucked from time to time. Then she went to Central and then we lost contact. I am still hoping that we can regain contact somehow like myspace or whatever but I would also like to find another big breasted chick like her to fulfill more of my childhood masturbatory fantasies with. We shall see.

Postby Zlibby » January 17th, 2008, 9:15 pm

I know YOU don’t promote ‘brag’ reports, I’m just curiuos what it is with this particular LR that made you post it. In other words, tell these guys what the keys to your LR were. I’m sure I have a pretty good idea what worked, but… clarify if you would. SPECIFICS MF!

Postby Geese Howard » January 17th, 2008, 9:41 pm

I’m writing this report to talk about the BS that works when you don’t even try that hard.

besides that. It’s all in the subtleties, my man. Besides that again. Im really only writing these for me.My point of this is not about bragging so much as it was about talking about the fact that sometimes you can just get laid without alot of hooplah or even by playing good wing.Also a couple key points was that I have found it quite interesting with certain chicks how once you establish yourself as the “Go-to-guy” that you can pretty much ignore them or not even be in touch with them for long spans of time and you can still end up fucking them.

With this chick Im pretty sure it was a month of no talking or contact whatsoever. With another I know I swear I didn’t so much as call her for like 2 months and then sure enough one night I called her and she was over that night Fing like it was nothing. Other girls I was sort of seeing and broke up with will eventually hunt you down for one or two trysts more in between their other conquests of boys. Several of my x girlfriends called on me after breaking up for Encore presentations.

So if you’re looking for value. It might not be in the overall pick up but it might be more in the little things I say.

I really do find that many things that work for me are unexpected or by accident. Sometimes I can’t explain them or don’t plan them so by writing some of these reports I am attempting to bring some of that out. If and when I have something Specific to point out I may try to do just that.

The fucking incense is GOLD information in and of itself.

Postby Ghost » January 19th, 2008, 7:50 am

This report is cool, it sounded to me like something I picture myself doing as I imagined it. Very smooth and natural. That is the way I like to roll. Sometimes you have to be chill and watch for the opportune moments to take action and thats what this report is a prime example of.
Natural:  Someone who has a natural ability to seduce women.  Many times they don’t even know how they do it, they just do – hence the term “Natural”.
Set: Social person or group of people you interact with.
2 Set: A group with 2 people.
Obstacle: Persons or person in the Set who is/are not your “Target”.  They could be obstacles to you successfully seducing your intended target – Hence the term Obstacle.
Open:  Starting a conversation with a set, not just talking speaking to someone, but actually engaging them so that they are at least interested/listening or talking back.
Canned Opener:  Stock Material if you will.  Something you will say again and again to different people to “open” them.
Phone Game:  Ability to followup and interact with a woman over the phone.  There is also Text Game.
LR:  Lay Report
Brag Report:  Writing a report about getting laid without including valuable information about how you accomplished it.  Basically like schoolyard kids talking about kissing girls.
Geese Howard:  My old Pseudonym.

4 responses to “The Chrissy Chronicles

  1. I find all of this very interesting from a sort of sociological point of view. My experiences with women and girls are, of course, totally different… except for the straight ones, I guess. I am intrigued by the social workings of the straight male sexuality, I guess you could say.

    (I btw HAVE scored the 18… and 2 at a time. Disturbingly, they referred to me as a “Cougar.” Still not sure how I feel about that, but they had other things to say that made up for it.)

    • Haa so two 18s at one time? Seduction is a woman’s game. But I love me some women so …

      I dunno. I got mixed reactions whenever I see an 18 year old chick. Part of me wants to but then part of me is like… Holy shit.. She’s soooo young.

      I’m not a creeper, so I think the only way I would actually do something with an 18 year old chick is if she Lolita’d my ass, and actively seduced me. (or it was obvious she wanted me to seduce her – which would be pretty much her seducing me anyway.)

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