Alone on my Birthday

It’s my Birthday officially as of 2 hours and 15 minutes ago.  I am alone and at home.  But you thought this was going to be some depressing post where I whine and complain about being alone on my birthday.

No silly, I was out having a couple drinks with a girl ANY guy on this earth would call HOT.  Hot girls are so funny.  They are so concerned with how people perceive them.  They are aware they are hot and it is both a luxury and a bane to them all wrapped up in one neat little mess of a package.

But I’m not going to talk about that either, yet.

Actually I’m not going to talk really much about anything.  I am posting a kickass Kung-Fu movie I found.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE kung-fu movies. I like modern, yes, but they are missing the grittyness and lack of real plot that the old dubbed in versions have.

I don’t want to hear about deep esoteric meanings hidden and imbedded in the plot.  I want a simple plot like so:

“I want to be the best kung-fu fighter in all of Whatever town I’m in.  I will go kill everyone and destroy the Shaolin Temple just to satisfy my ego and prove to myself I’m the best.  I’m not really sure what that will accomplish but it will make me feel better.  Ok, time to fight.”

That’s the basic bad guy.  They all have the same mindset.  Like Megatron in the old Transformers cartoons who really just wanted to destroy the universe.  I can remember him saying in a gravelly evil voice, “I will destroy the UNIVERSE!”  Same thing with captain planet.  The people in that show who were the bad guys wanted to pollute the environment just for fun.  They weren’t running corporations or trying to make money selling wood or making chemicals or whatever.  Nope, they just wanted to fuck shit up for the purpose of fucking it up.

The following movie is totally entertaining.  Durga!  If you remember the movie we watched at your house long ago that you totally thought was fun, this one is almost as good, but less comedy. Meanwhile the fight scenes are great, the ninjas are tough as fuck and there are lots of cool, cheap special effects.

The point is, I have watched shitloads of old kung-fu movies in my life and this rates in the top so it is totally worth a viewing.

If you do watch this, click the like or leave a comment.  You may even use the stars box to rate the movie.

I promise this will be a fun hour well spent.  Later I will do more indepth posts on all of these topics I touched on including…

Kung Fu Movies, and girls with big boobs.  Oh wait.  I didn’t write about girls with big boobs, did I?  That was yesterday.  But I was thinking about them 😉

If something amazing happens on my birthday I will be the first to let you know.

Look, I don’t want to hear your bitching!  Just watch the movie, you will be happy you did.

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You didn’t think I would forget the themsong of the day did you?




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