The Eye Shot


Postby Ronnie Libra » October 13th, 2009, 8:39 pm
Key West is a COOL Place. This is a Nice fishing hole. I can’t wait to get a job and get some income and my own place so I can start really gaming around here.

So, I got here about a week ago. I’m focusing on getting a job NOW but my first couple days out were just to go have fun. That’s what I did.

I think it was night 2 or three that we went out, My Roomie and I. We went and drank wine at this cool wine place (Grand Vin – Key West) and after 1 or two glasses It was time to move on to find food.

I got the idea how this place was gonna be when the girl who was the wife of the guy who owned the wine bar greeted me, when my friend introduced me to her, with a kiss full on the lips. No big deal to me these days, but I just figured…. Nice.

So we left there to go find food. We ended up at the Flying Monkey’s which has those ever popular Alcohol-Slushy machines I have never seen until I got to Florida. So I had the bartender make me a chocolate banana drink and immediately opened a business class milf to my left.

We started talking. I don’t know how I opened her. I don’t know most of the conversation. I wasn’t drunk, I was just in the Zone and that’s what happens.

The only thing I do remember of value is that she asked me about my necklace. Alot of people do. They ask about my necklace which is an African mask. I get a lot of mixed reactions from it but people ALWAYS ask about it. I’m not a huge peacocker, I just follow the rule. Wear at least 1 interesting item.

I used to use a pretty basic Modified Mystery routine for this necklace, but I was reading the archives of 60yearsofchallenge and he had a much better one I stole from him. It goes:

ME: Well… My ex-Girlfriend bough this for me as a way to curse me so that I would never kiss another girl again. Ever since I started wearing it, though, I’ve been getting laid (or lucky) like crazy! Go figure…

It’s a good little Soundbyte. How good? Well we started talking some more and I gathered that she was on vacation; traveled alot; and was going to get a massage the following day.

So I said, “Ya you can pay for one. My Exgirlfriend was a professional massage therapist. I OWN massages. You will MELT. I would be willing to give you one as long as you promise not to…”

Her: …Take advantage of you?

Me: Ha! Exactly.

Her: I don’t even know your name!

Me: I’m Doctor Wu!

…And then that started a whole new thing about my Voodoo Necklace and me being a which doctor and this and that. I also remember push-pulling her. I do that pretty naturally now too.

And I started Kinoing her. I usually escalate this pretty fast. I’m trying to Kino places like Legs, Behind the Neck and Belly.

I remember kinoing her legs and behind the neck. I basically fractionate or push-pull kino and eventually end up in Constant Kino.

So after I told a story about me I ended up with saying, “So what do you like to do for fun?”

She said, “Skiing (and a couple other things and then) Necklaces.”


Done deal. That’s all I needed.

So I started escalating off of that and getting into the massage again. I do it fun though.

So she came back:

Well I can’t get a massage from you, I don’t even know your name..

Let me rewind a little. When we first met she asked me my name. I told her my REAL name. She didn’t remember after some time. So if a girl ever does that to me and asks again or tells me she doesn’t remember I make her EARN it.

So I told her Doctor Wu the second time. Then when she said the above I simply said, “Well if you want to know my real name you’re gonna have to text me a Secret about yourself; and not some bullshit secret but something good and then I’ll tell you.”

She was like, “Like embarassing or something personal?”

Me: At least NC-17

So I got her phone and put in 3 numbers that were wrong and said, “I don’t know how to use this thing… You do it!” and handed her back her phone so she could put my number in.

I just assume the sale. That’s it.

Then she texted me right there, “I’m thinking of a secret right now to text to you…  ;)”

Now I went to another bar after and made out with some chick but the thing is I’m not really sure… I just ran game on her. Meanwhile I didn’t get much of a follow up because it was a coast guard chick and she was going on a boat the next day. I didn’t SNL her and she was not gonna be in town for a bit so…. IT was just a makeout.

So the next day I didn’t get a text. For a while I didn’t send anything. Eventually I sent her, “It sure is taking you a long time to send me that Secret. It better be good!”


Her: The truth is I don’t have alot of secrets. I’m an open book. Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about your massage skills.

Me: Ha! Well I got a pretty busy day but we can meet up a little later, say 9pm.

And then all went quiet.

I resisted my urge to press it or C&F or whatever and just let it sit there on the table.

Eventually I got a response telling me she was interested. We set up a place. I met her.


Sunset Pier Key West

I did one routine (my own called “Bubbles”) but I think it was unnecessary.

She came up to me and immediately we were in IOM.

Soon we were kissing, I pushed her away playfully, “That’s all you get.”

Then she was talking about LMR.

Her: I’m not sure about going back to my room to have sex.

Me: I said Massage. You said sex. We’re just doing a massage. I never promised you anything else.

Something like that. You know the drill.

So after like half a beer we decided to head to her room to drink champaign and do the massage. Back to her $400 hotel suite next to the water, popped the champagne, took like 2 sips and started getting naked.

I think that was it.

There’s more but I didn’t have a chance to write this until today (a few days later) so my memory is a little hazy. Meanwhile I know the MINOR amount of LMR took place outside the hotel.

There was a little but I was moving slower than her on purpose to avoid all that.

Eventually I got her to come a couple times and we ended in me getting a blower…

It was SO nice. I had this business class chick bobbing on my cock and she LOVED it.

She had told me SHE was the aggressive and even hard-core chick in the office. She was the chick that didn’t take shit from people and was known as the no nonsense woman to be respected.

And here she was eagerly swallowing my dick and loving it.

And then…

Sexy Liquid Time Explosion

Very Nice.

But then she said something.

Me: Oh my God!

…and usually when a chick says that she’s referring to the fact that I blow a BIG wad.

In this case she said, “You shot me in the eye!”

…and here I was pretty sure she swallowed every bit of it.

But then she got up to go clean up in the bathroom and I started thinking about writing that in an LR.

“You shot me in the eye.” and I started Laughing out loud.

I couldn’t help it.

We pretty much cuddled and fooled around a little more after and soon I left.

A couple other things she told me was;

She was trying to ignore me when we first met.

She traveled alot but NEVER did this kind of thing. There was just something about ME.

She talked about inviting me to stay with her and go Skiing in Colorado where she lives.

Another thing I just remembered is the use of sexual tension and barriers. Sort of Shock n Awe, sort of Blaming her.

I would say things like, “You keep that up and you’re gonna have to go sit somewhere else. You’re turning me on.”

Or misinterpretation of her actions as Sexual. “Don’t draw anymore attention to your boobs than you already are with that shirt on. I wont be responsible for my actions!” (Implying that her shirt is already suggestive and that she’s trying to get me to look at her boobs. You can say this for something as simple as her leaning forward or leaning back or hunching her shoulders forward and thus pressing her boobs together. ANYTHING.

There are so many guys that talk about this in different ways from Swingcat to RSD to Captain Jack to 60 to… The list goes on and on. She’s getting sexual. You ARE sexual and it’s Her seducing you. You can even tell her, “I think you’re trying to seduce me.”

You’re not apologizing for your sexual desires but you ARE making it her fault. She’s the aggressor; the one pursuing you.

Overall this was a good start to my stay in Key West and made it even more possible to be motivated about buckling down and looking for work; so I haven’t really ACTIVELY sarged yet since. I will, but I’m down on the cash right now so my focus is now WORK and getting my own place.

This is a NICE place. I will have fun here.


Push – Pull – Think of Plusses and minuses.  Giving then taking away or playful pushing away (banter) followed by a compliment.  This can also be dome simultaneously i.e. “I hate you!” while you are hugging someone.

Kino – Touching

SOI – Statement of Intent

SNL – Same Night Lay

C&F – Cocky and Funny

IOM – “It’s on” moment.

LMR – Last Minute Resistance

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A MUST Visit in Key West is Grand Vin. Probably the absolute coolest and most fun Wine Bar I’ve been to as of yet anywhere.  You can click on the link in my article to go to the Yelp Reviews.  Nevermind all that, though.  Just go yourself.  😉

6 responses to “The Eye Shot

  1. Good job adding a glossary. I was going to message you for some clarification but then I came to the end and ta-da.
    I think this is a little TMI.
    Yeah, I know your cool. Yeah I know you can pick up chicks. But damn. TMI.


    You either didn’t share with her enough to tell about this blog: or you did and she is an exhibitionist.

    Enjoy your champagne jam!

  2. If there’s one thing you can expect these reports to be it’s TMI. They are meant to be detailed reports. That was their original purpose.

    Meanwhile, none of the girls in these stories will know they are written and I wont ever use their names. You know, change the names to protect the innocent and all that blah blah.

    I am discreet and I have respect, but that doesn’t mean I wont tell a good story…

  3. “You shot me in the eye.” and I started Laughing out loud.

    Years later, a woman obviously over the age of 18 came into the bar I was imbibing at and approached the bartender. She looked around, then back at the bartender, and said in a very loud voice “I’m looking for the man who shot my ma!”

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