The Trifecta


April 16 2007 – From my private  Journal…

Remember.  All the names here have been changed to protect the innocent.  All except for Chuang Tzu. 😉 

I have just finished reading Chuang Tzu.  Not to mention that I have had one of the most fantastic weekends of my entire life up to now.  Finishing Chuang Tzu helped me to realize something.  Lets tangent off so I can put things into perspective and explain my point.

Thursday night:  I spent the night with J.  We watched Run Ronnie Run after we watched Borat; two of my current favorite (credit A.D. Rock) comedies.  I was very tired so we went to bed and things heated up and my tired was suddenly gone.

In her bed we started making out and I was pleasing her and thus pleasing myself.  I’ve kissed J. so much lately that I’ve fulfilled a long time fantasy of kissing her again.  It was wonderful and erotic and pleasurable.  Pure bliss.  We messed around for quite some time then I suggested we face each other and masturbate.  That’s exactly what we did!!

Soon after watching her and helping her some I got completely excited and came.  I then focused my attention on her and used my thumb to rub her clit and fingers in her g-spot and soon she had a massive orgasm.  Good times.  The secret is I love giving orgasms.  They make me happy.   Ya weird huh.  I’m a guy that likes pleasing a woman as much as I like being pleased.  Ok ok…  Almost. 😉  Anyway, after a peaceful sleep we went and ate breakfast at a local diner.  Great chick and great start to the day!

Later that night I was supposed to get a call from Amanda.  What a fucking Doll she is.  I nicknamed her Rock –n- Roll because of her Avril Lavigne style rock look.  God she’s hot and 22!!

We hook up and go get some drinks at the French Laundry then on to the Cantina for some Mexican food.  As usual, there was an hour wait to get in, so I poured the charm on the Hostess, Jenna, who “just so happened to have one spot that just became available.  So cutting, with permission of course, in front of everyone in the line we were escorted to a table.  Amanda called me amazing.  I figured I would bonus the cute Jenna girl with 5 quid for the extra effort.  Of course I was also thinking of a way to tip her in other ways maybe later on down the line.

Amanda and I ate, chatted, had a good time.  And then she says she has a party to go to.  Inside I felt a little disappointed.  I’m thinking, all this charm and fun and a cool vibe and she’s cutting out right after we eat?  Grrrr…  But oh well.  I told her I was a little disappointed but I understand.  I guess that was good enough for her because that night at about 3:30am I get a text from her, right after doing a little sexting with J.  She wants to come over and spend the night.  So she comes all the way out to my house from fucking Burton having never been here before and gets completely lost.  I had to go rescue her.

Her:  “Where the fuck is your house?  I’m lost!”

Me:  “You’re not lost.  I’m part barbarian.  I never get lost.”

Her:  “I’m in the forest.   Everything looks the same here.”

Me:  “What do you see around you?”

Her:  “I don’t know.  There’s a barn.”

Me:  “Ok.  I’ll be right there.”

I go get her and she follows me to my forest lake cottage deluxe.

Kissing. Making out.  Fondling her fantastic tits.  Kissing her all over her body.  That amazing ass on her athletic body.  Those tits felt great!  So firm and even a little big but not too big.  Remember.

Then there’s the part where I G-Spot her.  She would lose control of her body and lunge upward at me looking at me like she didn’t know where she was, and yet at the same time looking at me with a look of passion and wonder.  I would kiss her and go on for a moment like this as her eyes rolled back into her head, then I would allow her to rest.  Two or three times I did this to her, the last time even getting a little worried.  She was motionless.  Her eyes rolled back, even when I stopped touching her.  She even seemed to be convulsing a little.  I guess you could say it was both sexy and scary at the same time.  Eventually she came to.  I let he sleep the next morning.  I was in the living room listening to some house music.  She came in and started dancing.  Cute….

Of course, she had to leave.  That didn’t stop me from making her drop all her stuff at my door on her way out, putting my hand in between her legs and kissing her.

Later on that night me, Seeni, Farshod and Byron went to Roosevelt’s.  I run bullshit game on the waitress just for fun.  Byron and I are jawing back and forth.  He’s been working out these days, I think maybe getting into some MMA shit or something.  We end up armwrestling, and surprisingly he’s pretty tough but I end up winning anyway…  The fun art about it is he tells me he hurt his arm.

Later on in the night we’re up and about checking out the place, and I decide to excuse myself to hit the bathroom.  Amanda was texting me and apologizing for giving me morning blueballs.  I start telling her about Morrissey and Tuesday night, a concert I want to take her to, but she starts talking about a job or something an gives me the “we’ll see.”  We finish the texting and I walk out of the bathroom and to my happy surprise the fellas are chilling with this tall, hot, older milf with large tits and kick ass legs holding up her tall frame.

I spied this chick earlier but thought, for some reason, she was with her husband.  Inspecting the hand, something I am quite terrible at, I notice no ring.  I try not to flirt with her because Seeni is trying to work a little magic of his own, but it’s hopeless.  Her boobs are mesmerizing me and soon I find myself gaming her a little, but quickly regain my composure to be a good wing and let Seeni have his shot, after he gave me the signal that he was going for her.

We were headed to a party in a bit, about 30 minutes drive away in Ann Arbor at Dan’s place, and to help a brother out I did invite Sharon along.  The goal was to get her and Seeni to ride together so he could have plenty of time to make a connection.  I figured it was going to happen or he was going to blow it but he needed to have his fair shot.  I’m sure in the back of my mind I was wanting him to blow it, but the thing is, I am a good wing to the point of being pissed sometimes.  I may have to sit back and let my friend go home with some hot girl I think I could have, but then again, this game is all about sharing and caring and I probably wouldn’t have any cool wings if I spent my time fucking them over.

So we get to the party.  Seeni and Sharon show up and I can tell right away… It’s not happening.  Eventually Seeni pulled me aside and gave me the go ahead to go for it.  And that’s exactly what I did.  Long story short; she ended up following me another 30 minutes drive Further away from where we first met her, to my lake cottage of solitude deep in the forest.  I am always amazed at this.  It really is beautiful here but at night, you’re a girl, it’s dark outside, and this place is located deep in the middle of a forest.  I could be some fricken psycho killer type, and yet, these girls keep coming back here.  Only one stopped when we got close and I had to assure her everything was cool.

So we get back to my place where Amanda had just shared my bed the night before and Sharon and I fucked.  And I mean Fucked.  I was a little drawn out from two nights of playing so I figured, just to be safe, I would pop a little Viagra half.  Jesus H Christ (excuse my language) this was one of my favorite fuckings so far.  She knew what she liked, knew what I likes, had an amazing body and was taller than me, which is Super fucking hot.  I love tall women.  LOVE them.  The only draw back which was not a draw back at all was that she had the older style Silicone implants.  She said it herself, “The look amazing but feel like shit.”

But the look on that body outdid the feeling by a long shot, and besides, her pussy, complete with it’s little ring piercing, was super hot.  I alternated between eating her out and fucking.  Back and forth and we went at it for quite a long time.

It was funny too.  I remember back at the parking garage in Ann Arbor right before we left to go to my house she asked bluntly, “Is this going to be worth it?”

I answered her, “Absolutely.  You’ll love it.  I read books on it and everything…”

And back to the present moment she said something like, “Those books sure did work out for you!”  There’s great sex and then there’s GREAT sex and I felt like I could not stop fucking her.  Maybe it was the Viagra…  Who knows.  But at the end of it all I just remember burying my face in between her boobs and snuggling with her.  I’m such a big baby.  Really I just want to curl up and be nurtured and feel safe.  Funny how that happens.  Burying my face between a nice set of boobs is one of the safest feelings in the world.   She liked it too.  I remember her cradling my head there with her hand.

But the inevitable happened in this situation and it was time for her to go.  I’m never the kick out guy.  I will let them stay as long as they want.  I suppose it’s the chivalry part of me.  I’m not trying to be a jackass.  I’m trying to have some cool memories for when I get old, and I’m trying to send these women home with a big glowy smile on their face before they have to get back to reality.

Of course time has passed and I suddenly realized one big problem I seem to have.  I still didn’t allow myself to relax, having a weekend like this.  I still felt a little anxious or unsatisfied on the inside.  I still wanted more.  Even after 3 women in 3 days I feel like something’s missing.

I looked at the phone to see if anyone texted me.  And then I took it, and turned it off.  I decided to meditate.  I was like, I should be feeling great about this.  Now and for the rest of this week I need to relax and be thankful I had such a kickass weekend and try to get past the WANT.

Of course if I get more, GREAT!  If not, though, I should be cool with it.  My phone is still off as I write this.  I have a feeling once I turn it on again the magic will continue.  We shall see…

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