Flying Birthday


Today it is raining like crazy today in Chicago as I write this, but last night I was flying again.  I love to fly.  It’s very cerebral, very ‘right’ somehow….  This is far from the first time i’ve done it but it seems like i’m improving from when I first started.  I used to have to make motions like I was swimming.  It wasn’t the same as swimming at all.  I would maybe make slight movements as if I were pushing the air or ether downward and it would propell me pretty far, and i didn’t have to do it continuous either.  I might just push my arms a little and go pretty far., not like miles or yards; maybe more like several feet.

I haven’t really flown very far up yet.  I’m usually very near the ground but I fly up a bit.  Last night was different though.  It’s as if I was getting better at flying; more like hovering now or like some super advanced form of levitation.  I remember just sort of putting my right hand out, I think as a focus and some
sort of balance, and sort of just willing myself to float up rather quickly.  But it’s not instant.  It’s like pushing a throttle from the mind to the body.  I think, but not really think, “fly up” and I start to go up, slowly at first, and then the crawl speeds up in momentum, and soon I raise up.

I was toying with this new way to fly last night.  It was apparently my birthday.  I was having a birthday party I suppose, like it was going on, and were apparently a good number of people at the party, but I don’t really remember who exactly.  People I know, maybe, from dreamland.  I think I celebrated but then decided to sort of wander off unnoticed from the revelry and go flying around this building.  It was pretty large, dall, wooden, wide and tan.  For some reason as I write this I want to describe it as a very immense chinese tea house with multiple levels to it.

Click for an article on this building from Japan Property Central

Something similar to this but in a forest...

I was just flying from one tier to the next or from the ground up to one of the tiers. Practicing my new found way to fly around. I realise now that, where before I would have to paddle my arms to get air and movement, that that was very basic.  It was Noob flying 101.  And here I was always trying to impress people with it all the while thinking I was doing something cool, when in reality I was just learning.  Actually I think I happened upon it by accident by hanging out with my werewolf buddy from childhood dreamland, but I’m not sure.  (I wonder whatever happened to him.  I haven’t seen him it literally years.)  Anyway, we would jump very far back in those days.  Leaping very high up, I mean HIGH.  We would leap, and if you’ve ever leaped great distances before you know that you leap in a great arc.  To say that you don’t use your arms to balance staying up right and landing on your two feet goes without saying.  When you spring upward you sort of bolt upward, your arms to your side, until you reach the peak of your leap.  Then, of course, as you land, your arms lift out to your sides, quite naturally, in a slight arc like they are wings or supports so that you are well balanced and don’t smash your face into the pavement when you land, which would probably hurt and most likely you would wake up in your bed realizing, “Ah. Fuck. It was just a dream.”

I think the natural progression was, ok, let me keep flying up and see what happens..  So then I could float in the air and control my movements by pushing the air around.  You don’t have to stick your body out straight to fly (like superman) either.  That’s just silly.  You’re in the air.  You have the ability to fly around.  Why does your body have to be in a certain position, or lie flat just to do it?  I would float around in a sitting position or lay flat or pretty much have my body in whatever position I wanted it to be in.

But then last night was different.  I wasn’t doing the pushing anymore.  I was trying out the mental flying aspect.  I was standing up straight as a board; just putting my right arm out and maybe closing my hand a little to focus, then up I’d go.  I remember, at one point, floating up to the top of the building and then landing.  Then I wanted to step off, but I was pretty fucking high up.  My initial reaction was to think to myself, “What happens if I fall?” But then I quickly reminded myself I flew up here so I could probably be fine if I just stepped off.  I did.  And I floated, but it’s not like I just stepped off onto some solid, invisible bridge.  You actually do start to fall a little, but then focusing makes you float back up, almost in a little arc forward; dipping a little but then coming back to where you originally started wanting t fly.  I don’t know why that is; why you would return to where you started to want to fly and not just start floating where you stopped dipping but there must be some reason to it.

And that was that.  I’m actually pretty interested in how I will be flying in my next flying dream.  Is it going to be the old way or will I be practicing the new way.  If you have’t tried it yet, you should.  That’s a joke, unless you are some sort of lucid dreamer.  So far I’m not. I have to take my flights quite by chance but that’s cool. I love surprises…



What does flying is dreams mean?

This creepy looking guy has some nice insight:

He has a pretty interesting article about it here:

Apparently I have entered the realm of the Gods!  Don’t be Jealous!!! 😉


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