Round Two!

Tsod off:

Ok ok ok…. So I realized something that was pretty interesting about my ability to write. I recently decided that I wanted to have an excuse to make myself get out the the house so I can force (encourage…) myself to be more social. I decided I didn’t want internet in my apartment any more. (Of course what really happened is I couldn’t afford the cable bill so now I’m without internet… Don’t tell my ego that.) But here’s the thing about that. When there are a lot of people around, my mind is distracted and I can write pretty much nothing.

Go figure… You may notice it has been a while since I posted a nice little report like this. 😉 So then I decided, here’s what I have to do.

1. Write my stuff at home all by my lonesome and then go upload it later when I’m sipping coffee.
2. Make a little list of things I need to write and then keep writing them when I am inspired. (so many things are happening but I haven’t been posting about them. I think this blog would be far more interesting if I just had the automatic ability to record the events in my life and was able to generate posts automatically off of said events.)
3. Finish posting the stuff I start writing instead of letting it get lost in the ether of non-posting. (For instance, and yes this is sad, for instance, I have a very sad update about Mr Poop that, while writing this actually brings slight tears to my eyes. I have written a lot of it but wanted to make sure it is written nicely and well done before posting it.)
4. Don’t make unnecessary lists like this. 😉

So it’s time to get back on. I don’t want to make this post about all the stuff that’s been happening. Rather, I would like to make this post about – “Hey, Ronnie. Get the fuck back on the Bandwagon and start posting your shit again.”

Round 2! (hey. I actually think maybe writing that list shortened my post.)


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