Sometimes I Just Want to Play Video Games


I can be so lame. I have all these grandiose schemes, plans, dreams and desires: I want to be famous. I want to write tons of blog posts. I want to seduce women. I want to be successful at business. I want to tweak my blog, and seo it, and connect it to facebook, and all the other random blogosphere social networking sites that can skyrocket my blog to the top. I want to study and read about my favorite topic.

Right now, I am trying to study three different styles of seduction. That’s right. There are schools for this type of stuff, just like Martial Arts (or I guess these days we should say BJJ or MMA or something). The schools of thought I am working on are as follows:

1. El Topo (Steve Mayeda) – A master of teaching guys how to express the good and bad qualities of themselves, to create deep connections with women. No pickup lines or bullshit here, this is all about being more YOU but in a good way. He teaches you how to go from light conversation to deeply seductive and sexual, and I mean dirty; “Do you like how my cock feels inside you? Can you feel how big you’re making it get inside your pussy!? Do you like that?”

2. Woodhaven (Vin DeCarlo – He doesn’t go by Woodhaven anymore but too bad. I like nicknames) – He has done an extensive program called Pandora’s Box which breaks up women into different types of Categories. Very handy. Did you know that you can approach some women with, “You are so sexy… I would kick myself in the ass all day if I didn’t come over and meet you.” and they will totally appreciate it?  However, saying the exact same thing in the exact same way (and I mean being genuine – not using a line) to a different type of woman may be too much for her and she may not be diggin on it.  Different women you meet have different qualities, personalities and thus, approaches to seduction that they will respond to.

Yes, this should go without saying but listen, women. Most guys do not know this. That guy who smiles wolfishly at you and says, “Nice ass!” or even better yet, “If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together.” is saying that because he doesn’t know what the fuck else to say, and is hoping it works.  He most likely says the same thing to every woman he comes across. It is a shotgun approach that most men are left with because we can’t figure you confusing and frustratingly mysterious women out. But now, thanks to Pandora’s Box I can finally fucking Calibrate for once and know what cards to play while going in.

3. Tantralogic (James Amoureux which I know is not really his last name) – He has a workbook program I have only dabbled with so far that is like keeping a detailed account of my progress as far as goals, mostly specific to seduction. It’s like a journal that I can use to find out what my negative and positive points are with regards to my goals. That way I can focus on a plan of action to tweak my personality or ‘game’ or whatever, and thus really find the type of quality interactions, relationships and sexual experiences that I thrive for. For example; using his workbook I have discovered 1 of the three goals I want to work on is, “Satisfy the Deviant.”

In essence I have a deviant side with some wild fantasies that is just begging to be explored. I actually believe part of the reason I created this blog was to explore that side so in the future…. So get ready for a Wild Ride!

Just for a Plug, T-Loc (his name on the streets)  is also the Author of: How to Start a Kinky Relationship.  A book about, I hope you guessed it (hint: the book’s subject is hidden cleverly in it’s title).

Oh what a Tangent. You probably forgot what my point was to all of this. While I have all of these things I would like to do, study, explore and delve into, sometimes I just want to play videogames.

I just came across this game called Potions and Swords (I swear my blog is not monetized and none of these bastards I am “puff piecing” in this article even know I am doing so.) on my favorite, free game website:

I’m sure many of you (assuming you’re a big dork like me) have played a role playing game where you, at some point in the game, have to visit the trusty shop-keeper and trade goods like armor, swords, axes or whatever. Sometimes that shop-keeper might even have a quest or two for you. Well someone came up with the ingenious idea of creating a game where you ARE the shopkeeper. That’s it. You own the shop, you hire people to create your goods, you sell your goods to guards, warriors, barbarians, thieves, priests and the rest of the adventurers that happen upon your shop, and that’s the jist of it. The thing is, is that it’s addictive. I lost yesterday; my shop went bankrupt, but I totally wanna go to a coffeeshop and play some more (since the dame game requires me to connect to a server).

So that’s what I plan on doing this evening. I am going to go up to the coffeeshop, grab a seat, connect and post this and then waste my life playing this dame game. I’m sure I will get bored soon enough, but for now….


I just really felt the need to express this here. I have had two thoughts about my themesongs of the day. Should I post songs that are somehow relevant to the topic at hand, or should I just post songs I like. You may notice that this particular themesong has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post I have written.

I think the answer is, depends on the day. Sometimes I will have a song in mind and say, “Yes! this song is the themesong to this post. Other times a song will come on at an appropriate time and say to me, “Ronnie, please share me with the fifteen people who read your blog.” (soon to be 1000 once I have a publisher, my seo is tweaked, I have written my first novel and I have connected my blog to all the social networking sites out there. I’ll get to that later, after I play this video game real quick, then study seduction, seduce more women, have at least one or two solid women I am dating in my life (yes, at the same time, silly) make sure I have a good flow of money coming in doing something I love, and…. Oh bloody hell.

18 responses to “Sometimes I Just Want to Play Video Games

    • Did you kinda get sucked in and keep playing it or was that just me? Another game I can load up and play at home (since it stays loaded on the browser) is Rebuild 2. It’s entirely strategy but involves the ever popular Zombie Apocalypse theme. Basically you start with a few ppl and a few squares of the city and you have to try and expand your population and city blocks and not get overrun by zombies. It’s pretty in depth as far as things you can do and ways you can win. Easy mode can get boring but if you play it on the harder levels it’s a pain in the ass surviving. Fun

      • Yeah! I played that too. I play all kinds of Kongregate games. It’s kind of an addicting site. I never got sucked in while playing it though. One time while I was playing Neverwinter Nights, though….

  1. Lol reminds me of myself at times with grand ideas.

    As far as gurus,El Topo has been 1 of my favorites.We had a mini feud on Facebook 2 days ago(he’s an FB friend of mines).

    Wow,I never knew Vin Dicarlo was woodhaven lol.As you said,he doesn’t go by that pseudonym anymore.

    Vin has been my most influential Guru in the community.He had the Vin Darlo escalation ladder method based on KINO.That shit got me laid like a rockstar years ago.

    Now that I actually coach,I still credit Vin for making my game solid(KINO).

  2. I think I read over the Kino ladder once. I’m in of just a Kino Plow really. Last night I was with this beautiful woman on our day 2. The first time I met her I was touching her belly, which is sort of my “I like you” touch. She kept pushing my hand away. Same thing last night.

    She pushed my hands away all night so I made a game out of it, which she enjoyed as much as she resisted it.

    We ended up kissing before I dropped her off but, (speaking of Woodhaven) she was an invester, denier, Idealist is what I’m thinking (pandora’s box). So she will only sleep with a guy if she thinks he’s worth investing in. She is OBVIOUSLY a denier and her idealist side makes her want a kickass relationship. So sleeping with her on date 1 wasn’t gonna happen but the fact that I just kept plowing playfully with my kino, I think was essential to showing my interest in her. I added, “the truth is, I totally would fuck the hell out of you, given the opportunity, but all that aside… all that animalistic shit aside, you’re a cool chick and I like hanging out with you.”

    I totally want to flirt with this girl that just sat down two seats from me in the coffeeshop and she knows it, but I need to catch up on my writing dammit!!!

  3. Um…wait…what is all this dungeons and dragons business?

    I am totally intrigued that you are actually on a life mission of seduction. I would truly love to see this played out in real life – oh to be a fly on your wall Ronnie.

    THIS is seriously good stuff for a single woman to read….do keep sharing boys….

    • Hahahaha. Sorry. Been kinda mia. Life is sooo funny right now – totally yin and yang. Good things and bad happening at the exact same time. I actually am getting ready to hook up my little sleep apnea machine for my first roll tonight.

      • You have been MIA and it’s really not working for me…so get your shit together and start posting! 🙂

        Hmmm, good things and bad things….I hope the good is kick-ass good and the bad, well, just a wee bit bad..or of the naughty variety… well then that would fall under good though….so yeah, hope the bad isn’t too bad.

        But you got your CPAP? Well???? How is it? Can you sleep?

        How’s work? Good group of people? Like it?

        So much to discuss Mr. Libra…..Talk to me!

        • Oh – ya.. I have been in slacker mode. Funny enough… Playing video games and doing nothing. Work has been delayed but I know they plan on opening soon since they have a big party with some playboy centerfold scheduled for around mid february.

          My writers inspiration has gone out the window. It happens sometimes. I will write an update soon. Thanks for naggin me. I need it right now… 😉

          • Well won’t you be one happy bartender when you’re pouring for a centerfold…if the writing ideas don’t blossom by then, I’m sure that will ignite something in you!
            I miss you! Write me something or make me a mix tape at least! 🙂

          • You’re awesome. I’m working on getting my energy back. I woke up today feeling ok. Maybe I’m starting to get the mask dialed in. We’ll see what happens tonight. If I can get a couple good night’s sleep in a row I’ll have energy momentum and I’ll be writing again. 😉

          • Yeah…I am awesome…’bout time you figured that out RL 🙂
            Was hoping you’d give me a snippet of info on life as Darth Vader – so glad to hear things are improving with the CPAP!
            Get some sleep, maybe a few more dreams about me wouldn’t hurt your creativity process…

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