Introducing Libra Mix of the Week: Lifelike – “Remix Machine” MixTape

Libra Mix of the Week.  That’s what I’m going to call it for now, even though I know later I’ll come up with a less Lame name 😉 .

Why not?  I decided just now that I should be doing this anyway.  If you go back to my last post, A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea part II, you will see one of my favorite house songs.

I looked up some Lifelike mixes and happened across this and decided, of, wtf…  I may as well share it.  It’s a NuDisco style mix, with some coolness.  Something I can most definitely write to.  But I didn’t write this post so you can listen to me blah blah all day.

Take a listen!

You can find the tracklisting and more from Lifelike over at Soundcloud – LIFELIKE ” Remix Machine” MixTape.


4 responses to “Introducing Libra Mix of the Week: Lifelike – “Remix Machine” MixTape

  1. I think I’d love this bro’.I’m totally into electronic music:be it disco(old,new),Trance,Techno,Dance…

    Isn’t Chicago like the birth place of Electronic music in America?

    • Nope. Detroit is where Techno was invented. Guys like Juan Atkins and Carl Craig and some others started mixing records together for fun and to make crazy dance music. In Chicago, later on, a guy by the name of Frankie Knuckles started playing something similar but maybe a tiny bit different in this club called the Warehouse. It got really popular and it was soon called House music. So it’s kind of like Detroit Techno then Chicago House both equal Electronic music. For some reason it took off WAY MORE in europe and other places than it did here. Go figure .

      • Thanks for the info.I meant Detroit.But I knew it was in that general region.

        It’s so funny how Trance took off hard in German and stuff.I actually thought it was created over there until I did my research.

  2. I’ve never listened to music like this before. The first run through it was hard for me, I kept feeling like I wanted to turn it off. But then I listened a few more times and found I really liked it! Especially if I could listen to it while napping – laying still with my eyes closed. I even listened to it one morning while napping in the car in a parking lot while my daughter attended a birthday party! It has stayed with me and I’ve come back to listen to it again and again. I’ll look forward to your other suggestions. Thanks.

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