What to Get Your Man for Christmas… What Else??


There is no better gift you could EVER get your man for the holiday then a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Ok but really, I will tell you straight up, if you have a sex life at all with the man you are currently dating or playing with or seeing or whatever, most definitely you could NEVER go wrong getting some sexy lingerie for him to see you in.  Be that model! 😉

Better yet, here’s my idea from me to you.  Take him with you to shop for lingerie, to your favorite Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood or whatever place you can think of that sells sexy things for you to wear.  Best of all, DON’T tell him.  Take him to “lunch” or something and then make it a surprise to shop with him.

Tis the Season

You want to see how excited he gets?  I’m telling you.  I love shopping for lingerie, I love seeing her try on different lingerie, I LOVE when we finally pick something I like and I love it even more when she surprises me again very near in the future by wearing it for me.  Look, naked is hot and everything but they didn’t make lingerie for no reason.  Lingerie is a super hot way to wrap your presents and what better time than the holidays.

A couple quick tips:

1.  Make who pays irrelevant.  Don’t assume he will.  Remember this is your gift to him, however if he insists let him do it.  Money should be almost a non-existent point.

2.   Let him pick.  You are wearing it for him.  He knows what he likes (hopefully) and nothing will turn him on more than seeing it on you.

3.  Don’t be afraid to try it on for him in the store and have him look.  The shopping experience is part of the gift, if you do it right.

4.  If you see some other stuff on the side like lotions or toys or whatever that you like, grab one.  Don’t get crazy unless you know you already are and you’ll actually use the stuff you get, but getting a little extra “stocking stuffer” or two is totally encouraged to spice up your egg-noggin’ a little. 😉

Trust me.  If your man doesn’t love this gift then…  Well he’s either gay or ready to be DXd for a newer model.



I had no intention of posting this post until I came across this ad online on accident and thought to myself, “Yes, this is exactly what I want for Christmas this year.  A hot, sexy woman in Lingerie.”  Figured I’d share the love with a little experience that always makes me hot for a woman in my life.


18 responses to “What to Get Your Man for Christmas… What Else??

    • OK… Well.. Then that’s not such a bad thing then now is it 😉 ? Honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion your man might forgive you.

      Here’s how you can even present it to him, “You know, I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’m wondering if I would come across as just trying to buy myself something… What do you think?” This is of course AFTER you take him into the lingerie store with you and start looking around together. Seriously. Try it. I am picturing your man’s face as his thoughts say, “Dude. She just said she would let you pick out lingerie for her and she’s worried you might think it’s for her…

      Wait… WHAT?! She just said she wanted me to help her get lingerie to wear for me. What are we waiting for?!!”

      By the way. When you do this, I totally want a field report 🙂

  1. I’ve asked my husband if he would enjoy me wearing sexy lingerie but he always says, “as long as it’s flying through the air I don’t care what you wear.” So maybe some straight men really enjoy sexy lingerie and some men are more indifferent to it.

  2. Hey Mr. Libra, maybe you can give me some advice on men. If a man is a selfish narcissistic asshole and seems indifferent to meeting my needs, what is the best way for me to tell him to go fuck himself?

    • Well you could say, “You know. I’ve always felt you were a selfish, narcissistic asshole and feel like you’re indifferent to my needs. Go fuck yourself!”

      And then walk, and never look back.. But then again, why bother? If I were you I would just cut the dude off and move on. Never look back. Don’t do the chick thing where you keep going back to the guy thinking he will magically change…

      But let’s take a step or two back. Are there specific needs that he is not meeting or is it just an overall thing? Have you told him specifically? Men and not as good as women and picking up subtleties. Sometimes we are pretty much preoccupied with what is right in front of our noses, unless we have trained ourselves (or are curious enough) to look outside the box.

      So the question might be, Does He Know?

      • Ha ha that’s funny. I have definitely not done the chick thing where I thought he would “magically” change. I actually did the opposite – and it has nothing to do with magic. and Yes he knows exactly what I want. So you’re advice is for me to cut him loose and never look back?

    • I’m like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to lingerie. Or actually anything a woman can wear that makes her sexy. That can be from some expensive, lacy and frilly lingerie that accentuates her best parts to a wife beater t-shirt, with her hard nipples poking through the front, with some sweats on her legs.

      The sexiness of the woman, and a little creativity can go a long way…

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