Random Christmasness of Glory!

Merry Chirstmas!  No time for love, Dr Jones so here are a few videos I like For Christmas.  By the way.   If anyone comes wants to get me the perfect gift for Christmas; my life would be a whole lot more fun if I could get my hands on Santa’s Naughty Girl List.  😉

The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping – A little Video Claymation and sparkly stuff.

Beware – Krampus will take your ass out and dump you in the black forest if you were a naughty bastard this year.

And that’s pretty much all I got for now…  Except for a Restaurant we passed in Chinatown after getting STUFFED at my favorite Second Favorite Chinese Restaurant ever, which is called Evergreen (which is now number 1 because I’m pretty sure the other place is out of business.)..  I didn’t know this was legal, by the way (no this is not Evergreen).

Serving People


Enjoi the Holidays.

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