Ramblings of a Drunken Libra High on Red Wine

(For Best Results, Click on the Links which may help you understand where my mind was at.  Of course some of them are music links so you may want to play them one at a time to not hurt your ears… ~Sober Ronnie)

I get it. I get it .. I get it. People are like, “I don’t know what to make of this fucking blog. I like it alot, but there’s this part of me inside that hates the part of me that likes it… Because… Well I get it. I don’t know. I have this growing list of followers, I have… Ich Habe.

I have twitter followers. Some are like, “I’ll follow this crazy cat cuz maybe he’ll follow me so I can sell him my sleep snake oil and my e-book for $237.99 on how to cure his sleep problem… Or I got some people that for sure are interested. I have followers. The posts I write where I think, “This is fucking amazing shit!”… No one cares. Then I’m half awake or hung over or whatever and I’m thinking, “Fucking what is this trash?” and people like and follow and re-blog and whatevah!

What am I doing this for? Well maybe it’s because I need some way to outlet. I wanna let my outlet out. I wanna shoot out and write shit on a page and really if people are like, “what the fuck is this nonsense?” It’s not about that. I know I know I know that there’s that one motherfucker reading my post that is like, “This craziness speaks to me!”

Did you expect to see Johnny Depp?

Am I a philanderer…? Not as much as the word, “Seduce” suggests. Look, fucking women these days can have a heart of lead. Or maybe of venom and acid. Or maybe some of the can have a heart of gold and they are like, “Oh I notice you have a heart of gold too! How nice! Can I see it?”

….Speech is may hammer, bang the world into shape… now let it fall…

And I am like, “Yes. I have a beautiful fucking heart. Look. It’s beautiful. Here… See?”

And the girl is like, “It is really beautiful. Look how nice and pure and… Innocent…” Then in a swift movement she throws it violently to the ground and exclaims, “What would happen if… I did THIS!?” as she lifts her leg and then stomps down hard on the heart I had just entrusted to her… She repeats it a couple more times.. She stomps it and that fucker keeps beating, and I’m left thinking to myself.. “This was the next girl in line who ….

Who the judges decided… are…

… Who would be my next lover and I would have the happy ending (no,,, not like that pervert…) and we would sail off in the sunset and do some cool shit. We would seal out lives together and promise each other poems.”

Keep in mind.. Oh I suppose I should tell you.. . I am about a half a bottle into some Gato Negro and I am half way through a bottle of Left Handed Milk Stout. Yummy. But now you are getting a little of the Dragon. The Dragon talks the same but different than I do.

So let’s get ready for the…. re … rea… read…. ready for the …. Music…

So at this point I’m basically saying. Look. I was a naive prick at one time that chased after the “Man Eater” type, Manoswollowasaurus. And I was hurt several times. Sure… That’s life. But as Athene says, “You’re either a Pro or you’re a Noob… That’s Life…” So I guess I decided.. “I’m gonna be a pro.” Why the fuck not.

And o my purpose in life it 2 fold. Find kickass woman to be by my side.. And SEU

(I’m sure there was more to this…  I’ll have to do this again sometime ~Sober Ronnie)

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