Today I feel unmotivated to post.  For some reason I decided to write this.  That is all.

I don’t really even have the energy to approach the women I’ve seen that I wanted to talk to.  It’s kind of weird.  I know it’s because yesterday was a terrible sleep day and today I am about at half energy..  Yuck.  So my dating life today consisted of messaging a bunch of women on Plenty of Fish and a few on Ok Cupid.

Kinda lame, really but at least I’m doing something.  Last night I had a shitload of dreams.  Very interesting.  But to tell you the truth I don’t even have the enthusiasm or energy today to post any of that stuff.

So what to do?

I got it!  Hit Trader Joe’s.  I don’t know why but that store always seems to make me feel happy.


13 responses to “Unmotivated

  1. Funny… Just as I posted this, a hot nerd girl with an amazing rack sat down in a completely hard to get to spot. I want to go say hi but it will be obvious if I go over to her to say hi that I just went out of my way to do it.

    But I feel like life is throwing me a bone in my hour of need. Let’s see…

    • Gato Negro to be specific.

      Or what would be really nice is this Chocolate Raspberry Red that I haven’t had in a few years… Made in Michigan… Milford..? Noo.. Whats that place? Lapeer.

      No no Really. It’s amaZing http://www.willswinery.com/

      Thanks to your comment I went and looks it up and just realized I can go order a bottle of that stuff… NICE

      • Chocolate Raspberry Red? Really? Hmmmm, you send me a bottle, k?
        Hope you are feeling far more motivated now – you know, thoughts of red wine, flirting with some opposite sex… It’s fucking colder than all get up here in New England – red wine fo sho tonight – Malbec calls~

  2. I’ll buy a bottle… You come here and share it with me… 😉

    Meanwhile I highly recommend that you check some out, it’s not too desserty at all. Good for drinking on a date. I remember me and a chick I used to really really dig on drinking some and the buzz was nice.

    Kinda one of those nights that involved lots of hot making out and er riding around on my back and one thing led to another. I totally blame the wine.

    This is there store link and it’s the very first one:

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