I’m a Cheap Ass and Decided to Use My Comments Section for This Post


(What is all this Insolence? – That’s right – I decided to reply to the craziness of the comments section over at my last post, Texting a No Into a Yes – The Rockabilly Girl, so if you’re like, “What the hell is this post about?” I recommend reading that post and the comments and then just so you get the point of this blog, go read my page above: What Is All This Insolence!?)

Hahaha. I am having another Zombie day today. Not so good but you guys did bring a smile to my face from the replies (which incidentally is hard to do on Zombie Days), and that IS good.


@ 35maplestreetI actually take the longest showers out of anyone I know. If there’s hot water I can stay in the shower for like and hour or more. I have told people if I ever get rich I’m going to have someone build me a shower with a built in laptop, phone and pretty much a whole office – all waterproof.  I LOVE long showers when I really think long and hard about it.  It’s like as I write this, I can Imagine that heat working its way through every part of the body, and then there’s like that moment, right before sliding in.. to the shower, when you can just let go completely and let that pleasure take you completely and it’s like… ahhhhhhhhh…  😉

@ mysterycoach:  No Phone number. I’m winging with a new wing and we both picked the wrong girls. I should have went with my instincts and went for the girl sitting across from him, and he should have taken the girl across from me, but my wing said he thought the girl sitting across from me was into me, and I totally disagreed but decided to play it like she was and see. I was right, he was wrong. Unfortunately, but that’s what I get for not going with my instincts. So it’s my fault. I liked the other girl better anyway and he liked my girl better. It’s just the hazards of winging with someone new. We haven’t worked out he kinks yet.

@ emdashwood:  As far as internet connection – I’m broke. hahaha – job not starting for a few more days and not really officially starting for another couple weeks. But also I like to get out of the house and do some stuff. I can spend way too much time in the house if I have an internet connection. If I’m out doing computer stuff somewhere public when I DO have energy (non-zombie), and I happen to spy with my little eye a pretty gal I wish to flirt with, then that’s a Winning Situation.


On days like today when I am a Sleep Apnea Zombie I flirt very rarely, and tend to dress like a homeless man in the most comfortable clothes possible.  The difference between Zombie me and Normal me (dress wise) is HUGE.  I’m sure people might not even recognize I was the same person.

emdashwood said: Love the “confident enough to show her sweet side” response, but the “sex is sticky and gross” response is a little much, I think.  Why would you put the words sticky and gross in the same conversation as sex?  And to imply that you would be anything other than “yourself” around us… well, I don’t think you want to show your cards quite so clearly 😉  I think your word choice could use some work on that one 😉  And the non-response (or “sorta the same as #1 cop-out) to #4 is… well… cheating, and perhaps borderline chicken, I think, since two of us clearly stated that is the response we would choose!

mysterycoach said: The last one is all like, “I bet you don’t even like sex” … which would what? LOL  Have her say, ooooh no, I’ll show you, how could you say that about me?  Her little mind starts ticking because, she doesn’t know the guy and the pull would be “why would he think that?” Most men/women want to be liked so that would up the chances she’d/he’d want to show the other person just how wrong they were about them.

What mysterycoach said 😉

As far as the “…confident enough…” I came up with that on accident one day with a girl who was being kinda pissy through text, really sarcastic.  So I decided to neg her a little. Neg=negative compliment.  It’s a compliment with a little bit of something “missing” to make her go…  Hmmmm?  It is Not an insult or being dicky, and is usually said with a smile of your face (which also would be the same smile I would have when talking about sex being sticky and gross).  So I complimented her on being sarcastic and then told her I liked a girl who was confident enough to be herself even better.

It worked.  The next texts she was being fun and cool.  I think it works wonders when a gal gets sassy to keep your cool and not follow.

And then there’s Whole foods; I probably mentioned this is some other post, but this one has 2 bars in it and you can buy beer or wine and walk around the store and drink it, or pay your 10 bucks for a bottle of wine, take it to the wine bar and they will open in and provide the glasses for you, and even pour it if you are sitting up at the bar.


Now then… Where were we?

Oh ya – soapy bubbles and a warm penetrating shower head…


16 responses to “I’m a Cheap Ass and Decided to Use My Comments Section for This Post

  1. Poor baby – why oh why are you not hooked up to the sexy sleep apnea machine on the nights you are alone my dear? Oxygen is good for you – get some and some rest. Zombie is no way to operate… dressing like a homeless man…probably the only part of you I’d be diggin’ right now…yeah, the scruff….I know you’re sportin’ it – Zombie’s don’t shave.

    Showers….oh sweet jesus I’d love me an hour long shower followed by a two hour full body massage, three glasses of wine, and a fireplace. I need a shower head that is removable…..and better water pressure….

    • I just found out that I had it not too long ago and currently I am broke. That means I gotta get some scratch to get my machine. I’m working on gettin help.

      I could have stayed in bed and tried to sleep all day, but on days like this its better to push through and try to get a normal nights sleep tonight.

      Anytime you wanna have a 2 hour body massage after an hour’s shower come out to chicago and let me know. . . I might know someone who gives amazing massages… 😉

      • Some scratch….I have just the itch….

        Oh wait…you mean money! 🙂

        I get your push-through logic, I hope you sleep tonight….

        I hate that you aren’t sleeping well, sleep apnea sucks. I’ve never wanted a bartender to start his new job so soon! Let the tips roll in quickly for you and lets get you that magical CPAP

        I wanna see you make that look sexy! It’s all about reframing it…. ;-P

        Mental note made about the offer – you and I could get in the sweetest of trouble. But you’d have to promise to rollerblade and get me a burrito after!

        • Sweet trouble is my Tonic. You gotta deal. 😉 Incidentally the rollerblading for food didn’t start at Taco Burrito House in Chicago, it started at a place that made Cubans in Key West. I totally miss Cuban Mix sandwiches. You have no idea… But I’m sure I could definitely Rollerblade for burritos. What would you trade me for one ? 😉

          • Well everyone who knows me knows I exude trouble of the sweetest variety….

            You’re right I don’t have any idea because I’m a vegetarian… but I had a good friend who never stopped talking about the cubans he could get in Key West..felt as strongly about them as you I think.

            Well we could rollerblade together for something totally new – find our own thing! 😉 Ed Debevics for the world’s smallest sundae or what have you…. but I do love good mexican food and soooo miss it – tough to find some authentic taco love in New England. When I was just home, 90 minutes to your north, I ate mexican every fucking day, sometimes twice a day! Joined only by margaritas or a “tequila sippy cup”, tequila on the rocks with a double lime…

            Trade? Oh hunny…..

          • I have some mexican friends here and they have given me the low down on one of the best authentic mexican restaurants in Chicago. They say, “closest to my grandmother’s cooking”. And WOMAN, is it good…

            I recommend the rollerblading before we drinks. Rollerblading and drinking don’t work so well together…

            So our typical day could be like this. Exercise first, then rollerblade, then eat mexican food and drink until we tie a buzz on, and then get all naughty and feel like doing our second round of exercise, where we would probably work up more hunger and then, well. That’s where the burrito comes in.

            Or we could just grubhub everything and stay in all day and “exercise” all day… Doing a lot of cardio, followed by deep muscle massages followed by more exercise. As you can see I’m all about lots and lots and lots of fitness, working those muscles deep, getting all sweaty and sticky… make you feel like a whole new woman.

            Oh wait. But you DO have clam chowder in New England and I seriously don’t think I ever had any kickass home made clam chowder… Ever.

          • Yeah, rollerblade before we drink for sure, I don’t want to have to wear a helmet and risk having bad hair….my “safety first” is not about a helmet while rollerblading….

            Our typical day…is this a relationship we’re forming? Can I count on you to be the communicator I need you to be? I sure as hell hope this typical day you describe is our daily routine…cuz my current guy I’m crushing on is not cutting it like you in the communication department….I have questions for you about that…but later… Exercise first. Um, yeah, I love morning exercise. I like the sound of this typical day you describe – plenty of exercise and plenty of mexican food. So do I just waitress where you bartend and we time our breaks for the same time? 🙂 We can even scratch our names in the bathroom stall….

            Staying in all day and exercising all the live long day…yeah, now you’re talking…it’s about time someone made me feel like a whole new woman….

            Oh we’ve got Chowdah alright…I went to culinary school….

  2. I am well aware of the negative compliment idea. So, here’s my question as you are so obviously gifted in shifting a young lady from what she’s doing to what you want… Is this all for hit and run purposes? I’m just curious…

    Oh and as to going with the “instinct thing” NEVER ignore you instincts. I know, you say you just got served but… don’t. 99.5% of the time they are correct.

    • Hahahah – I was gonna right a post on the “Why” but I haven’t done that yet…

      In my drunken ramblings post you can get a hint but I don’t wanna give away the surprise yet.

      And ya. Instinct is everything, but my main purpose in listing to my buddy was to gauge the accuracy of his on the fly assessments. . .

      Now I know..

      • A’m so not buying it that you were testing it out. You boys were working out the bugs like you said and that’s cool. Personally, never did the wing man thing because it’s like, You want him? Have him… there’s more.

        A’right, you have a drunken ramblings post… uuuhm… I don’t see it? but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’ll take your word for it. Could be your blog is set up in a way, maybe it doesn’t show up on the side there.

        I didn’t ask “why” specifically. I asked you if it’s for hit and run purposes. I mean you’re obviously verbally gifted. I am always curious about such things.

        • Ya. Honestly I do better without wings. But sometimes it’s nice to have someone there on the home team. . . As far as the hit and run thing, thats gonna be covered in my post. The short answer is yes and no 🙂

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