Ok ok ok! I know… I’ve been a naughty boy so here’s another post.

Tsod (gotta click the video to open in on youtube and listen to it in the background, but that’s the point 😉 Watch the video later… We got shit to talk about!):

So much to write about, so little time.  My life is FILLED with ups and downs lately and, so that 35maplestreet will be happy, I have decided to write a little update about me.  But what’s there to talk about?  I could talk about my new, donated from nice people, APAP machine that I am not trying to tweak and help get my sleep help.

I could talk about how SOPA and PIPA were dropped by the guy trying to sponsor the bills, and yet despite that the bill did NOT pass the government decided to try and crack down on the internet, pulling sites like Megaupload off line.  I could talk about how Anonymous decided to fight back and knock a few websites off line temporarily.


I could talk about how the quest to follow my dreams is going well, as you know, but that my new bartending gig is held off by the inevitable delays of opening a new place.  I still am broke and not working and who should pop up out of the blue after a few months?  My landlord, who is a little angry at the fact that I could not really pay my rent and has started the process of evicting me.  Yes, I feel bad.  I am not a free loader, but I made a decision that was fucking HARD to make, and sacrifice is part of the price I am willing to pay to make my dreams come true.  Let’s hope my new bar is a smash hit like it seems to be expected to be, that I glide through the opening stages with finesse and charm and do a kickass job so that I get to be one of the people they not only keep, but work a good 4 or 5 days or nights a week.  Then I can move out and pay my landlord and everyone will be happy.  But my landlord is kind of a dick (no, I’m saying this despite the eviction stuff.  I thought he was a dick almost immediately after I moved in.  Maybe I was spoiled by good landlords in the past, but if I needed anything done he would either tell me to handle it myself; disappear and not be available, make up some ridiculous claim about getting on a plane, and not being able to talk, anytime I started to address apartment maintenance issues; not return my calls or texts if I needed something; or just lie to my face and say he took care of something I CLEARLY took care of myself, like I’m a fucking moron.) and I fully expect him to try and make the biggest shit out of this he possibly can.  But God takes care of me.  I don’t stress, because I know that good shit is coming my way  and good stuff is always happening in my life anyway, it’s just that sometimes we have to really look for the good stuff and not let the bad stuff get us down.  If I’m going to give my energy to things I will focus on the good things and let the bad things sort themselves out as best I can without getting wrapped up in them.  That’s not saying I will ignore them completely.  I will attend to them as best I can, but I will not let bad things effect my life or attitude too much.  But tomorrow, sleep pending, I plan on contacting a couple Rent Assistance Programs in the city to at least see if they can hook me up with helping me find a new place to stay.

I could talk about how I think, politically speaking, that people are either brainwashed, lazy or just stupid as evidenced by the current GOP caucuses.  I’m not really a die hard republican or democrat because I think the system is broken and corrupted.  There are powers that be behind the scenes, but people can wake up and make their voices heard and Ron Paul was a real chance, in my opinion, to really get this country back on track.  Meanwhile who are people “apparently” voting for in these Caucuses?  Rick Santorum?  Fucking Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney?  Ok so if Obama sucks now, NONE of the business as usual, old boys club neo-cons are going to make 1 fuck of a difference.  Not only that but Obama will most likely just get re-elected if any of these douchbags run against him.  Regardless of who wins, it will be the same bulshit over and over again with our freedoms being threatened, rights being taken away, being at war with this or that country for reasons only the fuckers behind the scenes are benefiting from, joblessness, fucked economy and the Federal Reserve destroying the american dollar and a whole host of destroying the constitution one paragraph at a time.  People had a choice to really start thinking for themselves.  Occupy Wall Street gave me hope that people were starting to wake up.  These caucuses, so far, are disappointing the hell out of me and destroying said hope.  Think, fucking people, turn the brainwashing news off, stop reading the big media newspapers telling you what to think and who to vote for and start educating yourselves.  You’re all being sold a big fucking lie!  That’s right.  I will post a big resource of introduction videos to get you up to speed if you wanna watch some stuff to educate yourselves and are not sure what I’m talking about.  See – Sidecar  Below.

I could talk about how the combination of sleep apnea and being a broke ass puts a huge dampener on my seduction life.  Imagine having several girls you text back and forth with but you never seem to ask them to go out.  What are you gonna do when it’s cold as shit in a city like Chicago and you have no money and want to go out with a chick and do some fun shit?  Maybe I’m not very creative that way, but even if it’s like 10 or 15 bucks, money always seems like a requirement in the world of dating.  What self respecting, quality woman wants to date a broke dude?  And I am most interested in dating quality chicks, not fucking random women that I never see again.  It gets old, trust me.  It’s fun on paper to play with a chick, make out with a chick, or fuck a chick for sport, but to me, the real quality women are the ones you build relationships or friendships with.  Kinda takes a little investing.  Not necessarily in her (like buying her stuff or trying to buy her favor or whatever) but in the shit you do together.  There are only so many women who are all about the movie and make out dates at my place and those can kinda still get old if that’s all you ever do.  It’s ok.  Soon!  My bartending thing can only be delayed for so long before it kicks in and then I truely intend on embracing the rewards of that STEP on my path to adventuring on my dreampath.  (But don’t worry, I still get my action 😉  I will have to finish my series of posts “A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer With Sleep Apnea”.)

But why the fuck do you wanna hear about all that shit?


Let’s talk about something important.

Let’s talk about my night last night.  Let me say, for the record, I did not get laid or even make out with anyone, but I did bite a girl repeatedly.  🙂  Don’t worry, she liked it.  She was egging me on and today I got a text from her telling me, “you bite like a girl”.  Here’s how it all started.  It was my friends birthday and we met at Lockdown Bar n Grill for a quick drink before heading across the way to the Empty Bottle (you know these links in here are clicky for a reason, just in case you wanna get a better feel for some of my adventures.)  Lock Down is a real live heavy metal bar but not gross and trashy like you might expect.  And it’s not cheezy pseudo heavy metal either.  They are blasting heavy metal and there are videos on the screen and it’s pretty loud.  That’s cool.  Not really my gig anymore but I have an affinity for metal since when I was in my sophomore year in highschool I became kind of a metal head, and that  kinda carried with me through highschool a little.  I liked metal.  I wasn’t so much the typical burnout kid, but I did like the music.  I was pretty normal I think for the most part.  But that’s how I am with music.  I really don’t feel the need to dress like the music I listen to.  I like some got and industrial and some hardcore punk rock (if it’s been played on the radio EVER it is most likely NOT punk, just an fyi.  Also if it sounds happy, it is not punk.), still like it from time to time, but I don’t know that I feel the need to wear black clothing 24-7 and guy-liner and get a shitload of tattoos or whatever to show the world my music preference.

So my point to all this rambling is I appreciated Lock Down, but other adventures awaited.  It was time to go across to the Empty Bottle for Hipster Soul Night.  I don’t think it was really called Hipster Soul Night but that’s what it ended up being.  We got there early when the place was pretty empty.  There was only me and my friend and his wife at first, but then a couple other chicks showed up that I thought were cute but ended up being (as I suspected) a lesbian couple.  Oh well. . . No flirting there…

So we just chatted, and I ended up talking to my buddy a little and then chatting up the interestingly cute, nerdy black server girl with her vintage glasses and her green hair.  Part of me thought she was ultra nerdy and hipster and part of me wanted to fuck her.  That’s something that’s normal for me.  Sometimes I feel like I want to fuck a girl and at the same time feel like I do not.  In those cases I usually opt out assuming that I may not wanna fuck her more than once if there are already reservations, but I bet under the right circumstances I would totally be DTF with that waitress.  Maybe I’ll go back some day and check her out again. I told her where I work so you never know.  She might even show up in my world.

Soon the bar started getting busier and people started filtering in little by little.  That’s when another girl showed up, who was a friend of my buddy and his wife.  She was cute too.  Dark hair and a pretty face and these big fake boobs (and if they’re not fake I will be even happier) and, at first, I was a little intimidated.  But that was a sign to me I liked her.  I didn’t talk to her at first but focused on just chilling, having a good time and… Oh ya!  I almost forgot to mention the drink specials.

$5.50 for a Beer and a Shot.  That’s right.  And the special for Saturday and Sunday were that you could pick any of the specials from Monday through Friday.  My favorite special ended up being Monday’s which was Bell’s Amber Ale and a well shot.  Well shots can be tricky but the bartender made it known that the well whiskey was Ten High which is actually not a bad cheap whiskey at all.  Needless to day I ended up getting pretty shitfaced by the time the night was over, which totally ruined my logistics and escalation on said dark hair girl, but…  Well let me back up and tell you the digs.

So after a bit I struck up a little conversation with the dark haired beauty.  It got a little bantery pretty quick and she was fun to talk to.  Now keep in mind I was drinking so I can’t possibly give you the play by play, and to be honest, I’m not even sure how we started talking or what we talked about for the most part.  That’s just how it is when one drinks I suppose – it’s all vibe at that point.  I know pretty quickly but now like super immediately quick, my hand reached for her belly to check it out (definitely let’s the girl know I am flirting.  I pretty much think there’s no doubt at that point.) and she deferred me away, but not in a rejection type way.  Some girls are a little sensitive about their bellies not being magazine perfect or whatever.  I thought it was nice… 😉  But it prompted the discussion of her working out on the Chuck Norris total gym and so on to my favorite girl topic, working out.

And over time we ebbed and flowed as far as taking to each other.  She would talk to other people or I would talk to someone or randomly wander to check out the crowd in the bar, which got super fucking crowded after a while.  But then, I’m not even sure how this was brought up, but later she and I were at the bar drinking or ordering drinks and soon enough guess what topic was brought up?  Her biceps.  All I remember was her telling me something about them, and me saying I thought biceps on chicks were hot and she saying something like, “Well if you like biceps you’ll love mine.” or something to that effect.  Makes me a little horny just writing this. . . Anyway, naturally I grab her bicep closest to me with both hands and she flexes it.  Not like flexing like a bodybuilder like putting on this big show, but flexing it in hands while her arm was resting on the bar.  Doesn’t matter.  I felt and I liked what she had.  I know I probably had to do it like 5 to 10 times during our conversation, probably telling her how hot it was or something to that effect, and each time she would flex it, which only encouraged me.  I guess she liked that I liked her biceps.

Annnnnddd…  After a while the conversation got more and more interesting.  Somehow I remember us talking about wresting, and Of Course, she started telling me how she would kick my ass at wrestling. . .  That’s pretty much the same to my ears as a chick telling me, “I would love to suck your cock.”  It has the same effect.  It only makes me super turned on.  I’m not some weak dude and I’m not saying some chick could kick my ass at wrestling, but even the prospect of it turns me on.  It pretty only egged me on to the point where I decided to bite her bicep.  I just leaned over and bit it.  You know…  I bite. I like to 😉  It’s a sign of affection.  And now that was the new thing.  I don’t know how many times for the rest of the night I bit her bicep but I did it a lot, and she kept staying there taking to me, though she might push me away or pull away but…  She liked it too.

But alas, the alcohol took it’s course and the Bell’s and Ten High totally kicked my ass and I left the bar feeling that, “Ahhh shit…  I’m over drunk…  Why is everything spinning?  I need some air…” kinda feeling.  But the good news is, when I got home I checked and there was a phone number in my phone with the initial T saved.  So I made sure to send her 3 drunk texts at about 3:30 am or so which read something along the lines of me telling her I think I bit her which meant 2 things:

1.  I was drunk

2.  I think she was sexy

And today about 9:30 am she responded with a little banter and cockiness. During our little text discussion I texted her “I like you.  Maybe 😉 I totally intend on asking you to coffee or wine or some random adventure soon.  And maybe let you try and wrestle me.  Fyi.  Of course this was after me texting her about her claims of kicking my ass at wresting and her response of, “Haaaaa!!  I can.”

But to my little direct proclamation above she replied, “No wrestling….you bite like a girl”  And my reply was, “I was being nice” followed a few minutes later by “My mom never told me to bite girls hard when I first meet them”

…and that was that.  No reply from her and no more texts from me, but it’s fine since she just got done telling me she was going to pilates at 10 and it was like 7 minutes to.

So the question is…  What happens next? . . . We shall see…


Ok ok ok…  I will put a movie section down below in this post as promised above.  If what is going on in this country interests you, if you are politically interested or active in any way, please check out at least one of these videos.  Maybe you can bookmark this page if this stuff interests you and come back periodically and check this stuff out.  Some are short and some are LONG as fuck, but they are totally enlightening.  By the way, as always, DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF THIS STUFF.  Do your own research on the stuff discussed and decide your own path.  Some of these cats have very similar viewpoints and then some of their views differ.  Some of the stuff is right on, in my opinion and then some is right the fuck out there, however I won’t tell you what to believe, you do that on your own.  But the story and the theme remains the same, and you can learn a fuck of a lot from these videos.  Free Your Mind School is now in session:

Ron Paul predictions in 2002  (He’s not psychic so he must know what the hell he’s talking about)

John Stewart on the News Coverage of Ron Paul

Alex Jones – The Obama Deception

Bill Still – The Money Masters (No really – this is definitely a must watch)

Aquarius – Age of Evil (Christian Based, but hey… Some of us still like God despite how uncool it may be 😉 )

David Icke – Secrets of the Matrix part 1 of 3 (more new agey and has it’s own twist but still a good speaker and full or good information)

Michael Tsarion – 2012 – The Future of Mankind

Loose Change (mostly about the events about 9/11 and terrorism)

Yummy Kristy Enos (sorry – got sidetracked)

31 responses to “Ok ok ok! I know… I’ve been a naughty boy so here’s another post.

    • ya… kinda crazy since they didn’t even pass the law. just goes to show you how crazy these power hungry bastards can be. So even though they don’t get their way they try to make an example out of a sharing site as if that’s gonna stop the REAL pirates who actually know how to download stuff off the internet from doing it anyway.

      Who’s effected? The average Joe Shmoe’s like you and me… Certainly not the pirates.

  1. So I read it all, needed to get up and get a drink and pee halfway through though – wow, lots to process.

    Okay APAP not CPAP – regardless…yeah for that!

    So thanks for the linky love – the best part? What it says when you hover your mouse over the link…. xo RL

    Pretty much what sticks out most, because I’m selfish and I come here looking for juicy shit of the RL variety, you flirt like me – seriously, it’s like reading a post about myself when you come to the part about you and the girl with the biceps. She flirts like me too, it was a little odd to read about myself! 🙂

    A) I have biceps and I actually could give you a run for your money in an arm wrestling championship. Nicely defined not steroid driven like your girl above in the video.
    B) I’d have made the same comment about kicking your ass in wrestling. I like this girl.
    C) You are bold to put your hand on a woman’s stomach. Thankfully, for me, that’s not a problem – abs.
    D) Biting is fun….
    E) Love the texts
    F) Will stay tuned to see how this unfolds….

    G) Ronnie’s back!
    H….is for hot damn – you and I should never meet – it’s much too much too dangerous!

    • The stomach thing started by accident. I remember being at a house party years ago and there was this girl there I had a crush on. She was standing there talking to me and I just decided to feel her stomach which was nice and curvy. Next thing I know I just lift up her shirt and start kissing and licking her belly and she just stood there with a smile. My buddy was egging the whole thing on saying to her, “Ya… You like that..” And it didn’t even really dawn upon me that I had hit on something cuz you’re right, MapleStreet. It’s TOTALLY intrusive, but the benefit of that is it lets her know RIGHT AWAY what game is being played. If she likes me she’ll stay. If not she will be gone or maybe just growl at me with a warning. But then at that point we both know where we stand. So lately I’ve been doing it more and more, years later after accidentally discovering it.

    • Now let’s talk about you… YOU my lady, are just trying to make me horny. I’m not sayin it’s not working or anything 😉 But I would totally take you on, on both challenges. As far as dangerous goes if you could hold your own at armwrestling me or wrestling or even get the best of me, things would heat up like gasoline on a fire. So ya. It would most definitely be dangerous. But you know. . . Chicago is a nice tourist spot and eventually most people end up visiting, and it would be a shame if you decided to come here for a little vacation and didn’t AT LEAST have a glass of wine (bottle) with your favorite Chicago blogger. . 😉 I promise I wouldn’t bite you. . . You know, at first. I mean. . . Not too hard anyway.

      • Perhaps a little playful flirting – can I help it if it gets you all horny? I have that effect sometimes…. 🙂

        Chicago is indeed a nice little tourist spot – I grew up north of there and get back a few times a year. I know I’ll be there in July…. If this girl is single, you know I’m looking you up RL! You and I and a glass/bottle of red, bicep check both ways (I have a thing for mens biceps), burritos, rollerblading, wrestlemania, six-pack ab check, playful biting (not too hard), what have you….

        • I don’t think I bite too hard. I used to play with this girl who was all NAILS down my back when she got really turned on. . . And no, not lightly. That shit HURT! I understand some people like a little pain with their pleasure but I like to think it’s a delicate balance, kind of an art actually. . .

          • Wine sipping from the belly button and oil massage of the abs and biceps was just added to the list. But this all depends on how well you keep up with me rollerblading, and is fully dependent on how good, or bad, of a wine companion you turn out to be. . .

          • Well to give you an idea of my rollerblading skills, you should know I was a Speed Skater. As for wine, I’m currently working my way through the entire wine list at work, having a glass after my shift. I’ve got a wine tasting next month and winery tour in April in NM on the books… Dig?

          • Well you score points for the skating skills. And you have wine knowledge which is good. But i’m not as interested in the What wine you can drink as I am the What kind of company do you become as we drink it . . . 😉

          • It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t a left you. Without a strong rhyme to step to. . . . . . Dance with the speakers till you hear it blow. . . . I start to think then I start to sink into the paper… Like I was ink. . . . This is how it should be done. This style is identical to none. . . ~Libra drinking lots of alcohol

    • Sometimes it really feels good to really use up a thread for all it’s worth. It’s like you can really get in deep to that thread, and slide deeper into the meaning to the point where you can feel the point coming across you so strongly you think you’ve had enough. But then you can feel even more of that large point thrusting more and more into your mind, almost like it’s overwhelming your senses and just as you thought you’ve had enough, you realize you can’t get enough and you gotta have more… And soon it’s like you just explode with all these ideas, that come flooding through your body in those places that utterly satisfy your curiosity. And then there’s that moment where you sit back and just soak it all in like, “ahhhh”. And that’s how you know that you’ve exhausted a perfectly good thread but it was totally worth it. . . 😉

        • I love me some morning threads. Especially when you wake up really early in the morning and surprise your readers when they’re still asleep, and they wake up to the surprise of a completely pleasurable and satisfying thread experience.

          • A thready experience is probably my most favorite way to wake up. I love being sound asleep and then slowly waking up because I feel this driving force that causes me to open my eyes and smile. It almost always starts from behind me, almost pushing against me, urging me awake. It slowly takes over my whole body and I know then, it’s going to be a great day in threadville…:)

          • You’re right, we most definitely should NOT ever get together. Nothing but trouble will result… But I must say I am a huge fan of being that driving force, especially from behind… One of my favorite ways to… Thread . . .

            I can just imagine how good it feels to wake up with a strong, and solid point I feel I want to make, feeling that closeness, that opening that’s created by the idea I want to slide into the mind of someone sexy, who can feel that inspiration, excitement and the driving force behind it getting stronger, and more intense.

            And as that excitement, and inspirations keeps building, getting stronger and more powerful, just begging to be released… It’s almost like you can imagine getting to that point where you just can’t resist it anymore and there’s like this explosion of ideas, and a feeling of pure bliss that just floods your entire body, almost like an electric jolt of tantalizing energy dancing upon your senses.

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