My Humiliating Dream

Before you continue reading, know this is a pretty vulgar and maybe a little disturbing post, so if you are easily offended and don’t like dirty words, language and situations then read a different post or come back for my next post.  Ok..  I warned you.  Don’t be mad at me if you read this and say, “Oh that’s fucking wrong!”

I have dreams every night, and mostly they are vivid.  I have created a happy land of adventure and cool shit where sometimes I fly, sometimes I do magic, sometimes I go on random adventures with interesting people; mostly, I think, because of my sleep apnea and because of the fact that I have been forced to spend so much time sleeping or trying to recover from shitty sleep.  (But now I have a mask and machine after finding out what they hell my problem was after years of having it and not knowing.  So Good News!)

Mostly they are good dreams.  I can’t recall having many nightmares.  Once in a while I have disturbing dreams that make me feel all weird the next morning, but they aren’t usually what I consider nighmares.  And this dream last night was no nightmare either, but it was fucked up and make me a little pissed that I had it.  (So if you were reading this thread expecting some Pick Up version of Martin Luther King… FAIL.  Sorry about your luck.)

Dreams, to me, are like Monty Python or Mr Show with Bob and David sketches.   Basically one situation flows into the next seamlessly.  So I won’t get too much into how I got to where I was in the dream, but I will get to the Seduction Based part.

I was in this room, chilling, waiting for some people to get back that took off to go do something.  For whatever reason these two cute girls show up, and as usual, I start flirting and am, as usual, doing well; being charming and fun.  They are attracted and smiling.  I’m thinking to myself in the dream, “Ok… things are going well.”  I side hug one of the girls and am feeling like attraction is building and everything is going along splendidly.

Soon a group of average, everyday dudes kind of show up out of no where and surround me and try gaming my chicks out from under me.  Maybe there are like six or so of them.  So I play back and lightly take the piss out of them saying something like, “Wow, it’s like a couple girls show up and you guys act like you’re drowning and you’re trying to get to an island.” (Something like that.  I’m not for sure exactly.)

One of the guys laughs, and for a split second I thought he was laughing with me like, “good shot,” but then the next frame of the dream is me seeing the chicks I had just thought I was doing good with sitting on the couch next to the guys.  I’m thinking to myself, “these guys wont get anywhere.  They’re chodes.”  Something like that.

But soon enough I see the girl and guy I’m focused on.  I see where the girl I like tries kissing him and he pulls away for a second, making her chase.  I feel a little disappointed.  This average douche (which is what they guys were in the dream, typical average douchebag guys) was getting further than I was in the same amount of time.  He was actually making the girl chase when I was just being “friendly side-hug guy.”

And something grabbed my attention for a split section so I looked away.  But then, loudly, something else happened that jerked my attention back.  The guy had climbed up on the couch, pants dropped around his knees and was fucking this girl in her mouth, with her just sitting there going along with it.  It happened really fast, and the thing is, the guy next to him was kinda doing the same thing with his chick.  Here these douchbag guys come out of no where and, where my game is just getting some fun vibes going with the chicks, these guys have, just as quickly, gotten down to using these chick’s faces as fuck holes, and the chicks were eagerly going along with it.

And then to top it off, I go back to watching the girl I like and the dude.  The dude ends up blowing his wad all over the girl’s face and, I guess, a little got on him.  She had a big smile on her face and she started wiping the cum off of him with her hair.  And then she was all nice, and affectionate with him, kissing him and trying to please him… To which he basically got up, and threw up all over her head.  Like, he literally vomited on her head as if, “fuck this worthless bitch.  I have no respect for her and I can use and abuse her as I please and she’ll love it.”

And it pissed me off.  I woke up right after that thinking all sorts of shit.

1. Is that the reality for guys out there?  Am I playing with these chicks and thinking I’m doing so well when in reality average dudes just come along and fuck chicks.  In other words, am I being a pussy?  Am I settling for trying to be charming, and fun and attractive to these chicks and trying to seduce them and really it’s a fucking sad excuse because really inside I’m a pussy, and if I were a real man I should just be able to go fuck some chick in the mouth a minute or two after meeting her? . . . Like this is the reality of what happens behind the scenes with girls and the men they are attracted to?
Am I being too much of a nice guy?  Am I not a man?  Am I a pussy?  That’s sort of the thoughts that went through my mind…

I’m not saying I want to throw up on a chick by the way…  Facefucking a chick is fun and everything, and maybe aggressive can be too, but it’s the point that I guess the question in this dream I was facing is, despite all my years of being in this game, learning a lot, being pretty good with women, am I just a piece of shit and in reality the average guy out there not only does better than me, but blows me away as far as seduction?

Are women, in turn, all just dirty sluts waiting to get fucked by someone who’s man enough to seduce them and get them horny?  Is it that, regardless of how she acts towards me, regardless of who she is, regardless of her status in the world, if a real man comes along she will throw all pretense aside and just wanna give herself over COMPLETELY to him even to the point of being degraded and humiliated?

Is this the shit that’s really going on in my subconscious mind?   Huh

Anyway…  Anyone have any thoughts or questions or does anyone have any specific knowledge of dreams?


Humiliating Dalai Lama Joke

22 responses to “My Humiliating Dream

  1. I don’t think you’re a pussy. Quality ladies appreciate some flirtation and seduction before the action commences. And you do say you’re looking for quality ladies, so there you have it!

    • You’re right. I am looking for quality but at the same time I am looking to know my abilities are there for any situation… What you imply is that it is possible for stuff like that to happen if the girl is NOT quality. I guess the thing in my mind I wanted to know of is, if it was possible for them then I should have been able to tap into that sexual side of those women just as quickly and effectively, and I didn’t. THAT’S the part that bugs me.

      • I think, to some extent, that raw sexuality exists in most women, but it’s not always “turned on” so to speak. In my experience, it’s usually not in the man’s hands to “bring it out”… It depends much more on how that particular woman is feeling in that particular moment.
        Another thing I’ve noticed recently, at least for myself… I tend to first evaluate a man for relationship potential… I play it that route first. However, when a man makes it clear to me that he is not interested in a relationship, or when I realize that a man is not someone I would want to be in a relationship with, then it moves on to the secondary “man meat” evaluation. Is this man someone I’d just like to have some fun with? Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it’s no… and usually that answer is much more dependent on personality than it is on physicality (for me). In any event, not sure if that offers any real insight or not, but that’s how I roll 😉

        • Yes emdashwood, that’s exactly the insight I am talking about. EXACTLY. There’s the “do I like a guy” side and the “do I wanna fuck this guy” side, from what I know about women and from what all three of you have said in your own way. And it even seems like they don’t even necessarily have to be related. They can be, and I’m willing to bet that’s the sweet spot we all want, that balance of liking someone and also just wanting to bang that other person porno style, but I wonder if, a lot of time, people in GENERAL have a hard time connecting the two in their relationships. Which is kind of unfortunate if you think about it, because I think all of us have sexual drives and desires that need to be fulfilled. Like those wives that mysterycoach mentioned. WHY can’t they get that monster sex at home with their husbands instead of seeking out truckers? Is it because they can’t get that sex from their husbands? OR is it MORE because that is a part of their identities they keep separate from their marries lives?

          • They definitely don’t have to be related. I do think, however, if they’re someone you’re interested in as relationship material, then the sexual attraction is there. Really that’s the first step… If that buzzer doesn’t go off, then you never even make it out of the friend zone or into a flirtation stage. Women can be hesitant to be too aggressive or animalistic (as you put it) right off the bat, though… we’ve been trained over the years that *good* men might judge us poorly if we’re too overt. So, if you’re still in the “potential relationship material” category, you may not see that “animalistic” side for a while. On the other hand, if you’re in the “definitely not relationship material” category, then you move directly into the “would we have fun in the sack” category, at which point all bets are off and our inner porn star comes alive 😉

            Also, I know it’s a concern for me personally, that by opening up that more overtly sexual side of myself, I’m possibly stunting the development of an emotional connection… For example, a guy I’ve been seeing recently… We crossed that line fairly early… oral on a first date, the whole shabang on the second date. We’re soooo compatible in this area that neither one of us wants to spend much time outside the bedroom… We see each other roughly once a week (his availability is limited as he has kids) and 90% of our time together is spent between the sheets. I mean… after a week’s worth of anticipation, there’s really no holding back when we see each other. But I actually like this guy as relationship material, and I worry sometimes that because I gave into those desires so quickly, other areas of our relationship have suffered due to lack of attention!

            As for the housewives… I would say it could be either case… Personally, I spent 8 years in a marriage where I was very overt (it’s in my DNA, I can’t help myself!)… but my ex was disinterested, at best, and certainly didn’t give me the pleasure I was desperately in need of. I never ventured outside the marriage, though… just became very adept at pleasing myself. On the other hand, I know there are women who never break through that fear of “*good* men might judge us poorly” and as a result probably have desires that are never expressed and end up going unfulfilled with their partner.

  2. I have a few things going through my head, naturally, as a woman. First though, what the fuck did you eat before you went to bed?!!! Secondly, I’m feeling a little torn over the fact that I rarely remember my dreams yet somehow am a little thankful after reading about yours…. 🙂

    I can only speak for myself obviously and I should refererence the fact that I’m a woman who has only been back in the dating circuit for six months after a long hiatus. My eyes have been opened quite a bit since this adventure started last August for me, as far as the vast amount of sexual expectations that are now sort of assumed in the dating world. The first guy I dated, he didn’t make it past two dates and even then that was honestly two too many, but he was the lucky recipient to get me back on the horse so to speak. He was a very sexual guy, so fucking comfy with his sexuality, shit I learned a lot. He had a whole protocol in place for what he expected sexually on the first date, second date, third date – which the order of operations did not apply with me, that went out the window – as I often break the mold guys have in their silly little heads.

    So back to your concerns about how you think you stack up to these nasty guys in your dream. I think there is obviously a delicate dance that is done between men and women with flirting. I wouldn’t be reading your blog if I didn’t like the stories you share and of course, your style. I like a guy to be witty, confident, playful, and push boundaries a little. BUT there is a fine line with that boundary pushing. Face fucking me and then throwing up on me after just meeting me? Probably not ever going to happen in my world for numerous reasons that I am thankfully in control of. Now, what you have going on, the side hug, the stomach touch move you specialize in, the bicep squeeze, the biting, these are working fine for you. They are flirty and playful and you seem to have collected enough “data” to know the body language a girl gives off symbolizes where you stand in your chance of it going to the next level.

    You seem like a nice guy Ronnie, you are not a pussy – I hate that word by the way so consider yourself lucky that I typed it just now. The difference between you and the guys in your dream? They wanted to fuck, that was all that was on their mind. Find a girl and fuck her. You want someone longer than one night, ultimately – but you are only human, with needs, and sometimes you get sidetracked and just want to fuck. Like when I tell you about the amount of pushups I can do…but I digress…. 🙂 But generally, the impression I get is that you want to find THE girl. If you wanted to just fuck, you could go get that I’m pretty sure. These guys, there was no respect – dropping trow and face fucking then throwing up on her – what the fuck is that? That’s control, degrading behavior, and totally disrespectful. The girls in your dream clearly had deeper seeded issues than your dream could ever give you insight to. BUT – again, as a woman, with an extensive history behind her, these girls were struggling with self-esteem issues big time. I’m pretty sure I could tell you about their childhood abandonment issues, their eating disorders, their feelings of not being worthy of a guy who could respect them for the smart yet sexy women they are. That’s not the kind of girl you want to get wrapped up with anyway Ronnie. They need counseling to work through what brought them to the place to allow that sort of behavior five minutes in. God I hope they get healthy! 🙂

    You are on the right track Ronnie. Always go with your gut, trust it – if it feels a little icky, it probably is. You have a heart and I know you have integrity, you would never do what those douchebags did in your dream. You are classy. Don’t go changin’ my dear Chicago Blogger!

    • So the question I have to ask is, with the really sexual 2 dates guy, did you guys actually have sex? The reason I ask is sort of implied in the dream a little. You obviously didn’t make it past date 2, but did you get turned on enough in those two dates to go the distance? Because what is implied in both your, and emdashwood’s replies is the concern of my dream. It’s not about the girls being quality or not, it’s about ME? Why didn’t I see that they were chicks that would just go at it that quickly, why didn’t I tap into that sexuality? Was I afraid? Do I try too hard to be charming or nice and completely overlook the most important part, sexual energy? If so. . . Why? So I suppose in the context of the dream was implied that perhaps those guys were the type of sexual men that women really want while I was just the playful boy that women like, but don’t get fucking horny for. . . And despite my genuinely good nature and all that I most definitely do want women to be ravenously fucking horny around me.

      • Well I did. But you have to know the back story. He was the first guy I went out with after my divorce, we’d had a lot of sexual chit chat – I think we both knew exactly where things were headed. I had a mission so to speak, pent up sexual frustrations that needed to be worked out after not having sex for a long time. So I used him and he gladly provided. I thought I’d be able to hold out but shit, I’m a sucker for good kissing and the train left the station and couldn’t be retrieved. It was what it was and I was okay with it. I needed for that to happen to be able to get to the next level of my life so to speak. He was just in the right place at the right time. I don’t regret it but I would never sleep with him now! Hookups happen.

        For me, there was a process that had to be sussed out as I launched myself back into the dating world. I teased it out and now am at a place where I feel pretty comfy with how I roll.

        I think more women than not want a playful guy like you – I think that to be rather sexy – and if there is chemistry well then, nothing is going to stop that from playing out. AND – don’t you agree, the sex that doesn’t happen at first meeting is usually a lot better. Nothing like having a taste and then getting to come back and dine on a kick ass meal!

        • Not necessarily. I think sex that happens at the first meeting is a beautiful thing… I was asking because the guy you talked about with the sexuality blah blah sounds a little like me, except I don’t have a bunch of rules. But back to what I was saying. I think Some of my best relationships were with girls I had sex with, or could have had sex with (but didn’t for one random reason or another) the very first time we met. I feel that is the uncontrollable passion that, as a man, as a seducer, I want to tap into. Hit er hard and hit er fast. If I go out on three dates with a woman and we haven’t gotten gotten at some stage of naked, in my opinion, it’s doubtful we ever will and if we do, it will be completely on her terms which means I failed to do my job and the seduction is Imbalanced. Likely at that point the relationship will continue to be imbalanced. So needless to say I don’t usually go out with a girl more than 2 or 3 times UNLESS something sexual is involved.

          • Well it did happen at the first meeting and again at the second. But I walked away from the second pretty much disgusted with him and everything about him except his penis. That’s pretty much all he had going for him. He was very sexual and not afraid to say a damn thing but in the end he lacked a personality, dimension, and many other things.

            The not having sex at first meeting isn’t to say you weren’t close – but for some reason or other, location perhaps….it’s just not gonna work. You know what’s happening next time and you’ve had a taste – you can’t fucking wait. That’s what I’m talking about.

            At this stage of the game, you get an idea of what you’ve got with the person from first meeting, your having sex with them is either to satisy a need or you think you two click and shit yeah, you should probably just scratch that itch – you know things are good between the two of you.

            I follow your logic… 🙂

          • You see what I’m sayin then. Personally I would rather have a girl that desires me sexually than I would rather have a girl like me as a fun guy she can be buddies with. Now that’s not so say I don’t like having female friends. But I feel like it’s a bullshit wash if the girl and I both know that one or the other of us is attracted and we aren’t acting upon it. If we’re pretending to be friends when, in that situation, then our relationship is a lie. So there in lies the secret to my dream. It’s not about the other guys or the girls at all. It’s about my failure to realize and capitalize on their sexuality. PS. I NEVER judge a girl for her sexuality. Maybe they are fucked up from whatever experiences they had growing up. But guess what? We all have experiences of pain and fear that define us and evolve us into who we are. And I’m willing to bet each and every one of us has that deep dark side of us that we’re thinking, “holy shit. If people knew I thought this why they would be like, “what the fuck?”

          • It just boils down to conquering for you a little bit I think. You want to tap that shit and know you had the skills that got you that. I get that a little I guess. We all want to know we have skills and we like a little feedback letting us know we were in control of that happening.

            I doubt you EVER miss a sexual cue RL – NEVER. I think you just want more sex in your life and your dream made you think you were doing something wrong in your quest to tap ever bicep, flat stomach chick in the windy city! 🙂

            Ease up on yourself. You are a seducer, you are good. Let it be what it is. When you get behind that bar on a regular rotation and get your confidence going – shit RL – you’re going to be sore.


          • More sex? Is there such a thing as too much sex? I mean, I think I’ve had a lot of sex, to the point that It would be difficult for me to remember all the names and faces. I have tried doing countdowns before, in my mind, and I ALWAYS forget this girl or that girl, who ends up popping up in my memory a couple-few days later, and the thing is. . . Well I could ALWAYS have more sex 😉 Maybe that’s what I want right now. Maybe I want “Too Much sex.” Maybe what I wanna look for is the girl, or girls, who wanna give me so much mind blowing sex that I’m just like, “Jesus Christ. . . I’m having way too much sex…” 🙂 If that’s even possible in my case 😉

  3. Maybe it’s more about what kind of game you’re playing vs. the ones these guys were playing in your dream.

    Does that really make you a pussy? They got laid and you didn’t? You have a different technique and if I remember correctly you like it when a woman is playful like the story you told some where around here with the woman with the big chest and you’d pull the zipper back up on her sweatsuit hoodie thing.

    Aggressive is one thing. Having a woman literally feel good enough to “play” with you, like you’ve referenced before is something totally different. To me their different mindsets.

    Maybe you can ask different questions. How would them doing what they’re doing make you a pussy? Because they got laid?

    Personally, absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to give herself completely but not in this degrading way you’re saying where they toss their self worth in the toilet to be treated like a blow up doll for a little while. I watched a video years ago where they guy was doing this to some girl, the show “cheaters” I think had it on and they video taped it through the window what they were doing. Minus the throwing up part this woman tolerated the same treatment. I couldn’t figure it out, why would she go back for more from this guy?

    Maybe your perception of the dream needs to shift … Maybe comparing methods isn’t a good idea. Depends on what YOU want from a woman and how you go about it and how they did it … Maybe the question is about what kind of woman do you want? One who will walk away from a guy like that or one who falls for it and doesn’t toss all hell to the wind.

    Whose to say?

  4. Oh and too, I scrolled up and read your other responses, if women didn’t get horny for you, what was up with that woman who flipped it up for ya and was all playful? I think she was horny. LOL … if I read that correctly.

    It sounds like, dominance vs. mutuality in the bedroom. I mean it’s like if you want to be dominant you take turns and play, I think you’ve referenced that before as well. Personally, your way is better because playing is more fun opens more doors and it depends on the woman too. Depends on what you’re looking for …

    I think you’re interpretation of the dream is like, way too personal in the sense where you’re looking at it from a perspective of you’re not doing “something” but in the end, is that what you really want to compare yourself too? I’m just saying…

    • Degrading shit aside, I think what I’m trying to put into words is the RAW animalistic sexuality of it that I failed to tap into. So let’s take out the other guys and say they never showed up. My point is, I’m with these chicks who are obviously down for some sex. Take away the how or the why. My thing is, am I missing these queues? Am I missing something that taps into some women’s purely animalistic, sexual drive? Why did I NOT tap into that side of them if it was so easy for some random dudes? THAT’S the stuff that bothered me about the dream. So it’s not really, in my mind, about the girls OR the guys. It’s about me. . . What could I do to be more seductive and engage that sexual part of the woman? You dig?

      • Yes. Now I understand what you mean. You know? I don’t know what to say because your playful approach, to me, would be better than these guys in the dream.

        I don’t know if you’re missing it, I guess the question is what would trigger that and other than the degrading shit, maybe it’s the choice of woman as a whole.

        I tell you something interesting, my brother told me stories how housewifes bored with the sex from their husbands which was “meh” would sleep with his friends (they were truckers) and they’d probably act all like these girls in your dream. Then they’d go back to their mini vans. So to speak.

        I don’t know if you’re missing something … you know what? LOL 🙂 I’d google that mess. I would, ask google a question see what it says. OR do a search even here in WordPress. I bet you’d find lots of information.

        • Google what mess? Lol. No. I know how I tap into women sexually. But I have always done so in the playfully sexual way. So it’s like the girl from my last report who I kept biting. I think it was pretty fun and even sexy that I was biting her but maybe a deeper part of me was like, “Dude that’s child’s play shit.” And I’m not even saying that there’s anything wrong with the way I do things, but maybe the message is (by the way this is assuming there’s ANY message at all. Keep in mind I completely realise this was a dream. BUT it inspired me to think, something I Love to do.) I could do things More Right… At least sexually. Like your wife friends and the truckers. WHY do they feel the need or desire to embrace that animalistic side of themselves? Is that a part of some women that they need to embrace and can only do on some “fantasy” level? And, of course, if so how could I tap into that animalistic side better? 😉

          • “Mess” just a word with no meaning 🙂 More right, I think depends on the woman completely… someone said I think her mindset at the time and other variables too. Personally? I’d like to meet someone playful like you, not only to play with but to keep. I like that slow progression of things, where you’re all comfortable and playful with each other. I remember one fella, we started out playful (fwb situation, years ago) and then we got into the whole throw each other around the more familiar we got with one another.

            That was great, 🙂 If I could do a repeat performance of that, but get to keep the guy (not into any one nighter stuff) that would be excellent.

            You know… some guys, they like… lemme think about the whole anamalistic thing. I’m not sure how to describe it. They FEEL different, there’s a vibe there that makes you narrow (or me) your eyes at them and you just gotta have that… it’s a vibe thing. The last person I went out with had it… and we had a thoroughly good time together. That’s all a’m saying about that 🙂

            It’s just a vibe thing. I think the most fun guys sexually I’ve been with are those who can shift from one to the other and it’s just “there” between you. That’s when, for me, it’s the best. I’m at work… Hope I’m making sense! I’m hurrying my response.

          • Don’t get me wrong, love, my progression is anything but slow… 😉

            I know the vibe and I get it. I like both though, playful and sexual all wrapped up into one hot little package.

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