Libra Mix of the Week Volume 3 – Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain


Yann Tiersen - Image via Wikipedia

So in essence, I try to plan these things but cannot.  I wanted to make this a Libra Mix of the Week, like an every Friday kinda thing.  But I am far too fucking spontaneous.  I can’t do all that orderly stuff.  In other words, when the time is right the time is right and right now the time is right now.  Say it fast five times, I dare you.

So this week I am posting something that is a little out of the ordinary, but you may or may not be familiar with it already.  It is one of my favorite soundtracks out there, and if I want to get into my theories on Magic Music, well this is one of the Magic Music CDs I can think of offhand.  Right now only 2 come to mind and this one is probably a little higher than the other.

Magic music comes from blasting it in a car with a great stereo after having a pretty solid Red Wine Buzz and feeling it’s effects on your body as you absorb it.  It’s a pretty magical feeling.  But don’t let me waste anymore of your time with that theory, if you want to know what I mean, the instructions are pretty much written at the beginning of this paragraph so I urge you to try it yourself.

The music is from the movie Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, which is one of my favorite movies for sure.  My last post, A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea Part IV,  kinda got me thinking about how I haven’t heard the soundtrack in a while and so I am listening to it now, as I  type this out, despite the occasional chill it sends through my body.

Yann Tiersen is a badass composer.  He is the producer and composer and whatever of this music and so…  Enough blah blah.  Here we go.


15 responses to “Libra Mix of the Week Volume 3 – Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

  1. Okay I feel a little bit like getting my polka on listening to parts of this….
    Course I have zero red wine in the house and I’m listening to it on my computer, which does have six speakers though….
    But I kinda like it…

  2. I like it!

    (oh shit, I just saw the little comment you have above the comment box. LOL!)

    I love the first song … man give me a muscle car, booming stereo and my tunes… I’m out of here … It’s my favorite thing to do, drive to no place in particular. I used to do it all the time.

      • LOL I guess not … I just noticed it this morning! I like this music he put up today. I’ve been on YouTube since the other day looking up violin with a beat and I’m surprised how much there is like that.

        You know I like it … ROFL! :mrgreen:

    • Me and you both. I’m a big fan of music in a car. Some kickass times have taken place with me, a bottle of wine and someone else just chillin in my car… or whatever.. 😉

      • LOL 🙂 That sounds like fun too. I remember my boyfriend and I were in the car yeeeeeeears ago and a cop pulled in behind us, we hid the beer and I told he cop both our parents were home and we never got to be alone.

        He said, don’t stay too long… 🙂 My boyfriend was like, I can not believe you just said that and got away with it. (Me neither)

        Yah, or whatever is fun too LOL 🙂

        • And it’s funny too, because I have a feeling it worked because you said it. I think if the guy said it, it probably wouldn’t have worked so well. The cop would say, “That’s too bad, buddy.” But ya. I remember one time this girl got a bloody knee from rubbing it on the seat belt buckle unknowingly over and over, if you catch my meaning. I was like OW! Talk about being caught up in the passion. .

          • Rug burns. That was the first thing that flew into my mind after you mentioned seat belt. LOL 🙂 So ya, I know what you mean on all counts.

            Me and that boy got caught so many times (okay, just twice) by the police. The last neckin session in a vehicle I had, that boy flipped me up and over the front seat … I was like, how’d I get back here? We didn’t “really” notice that but my side, from the armrest (truck) was soooo tender the next day, like for DAYS after that, kind of like the seat belt burn only it felt more tender.

            What I didnt’ know was the armrest flipped up and out of the way… (damn) Yah. It’s official. I need someone playful … He and I didn’t work out, he literally didn’t have the heart for any relationship. Which was a perfect waste of … so many things. That’s all a’m saying about that.

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