Phat Dope Shit (or I don’t have time to think of a catchy title)

I have about 20 minutes to post this.  I feel a little worn today.  My brain is just a tad tired.  As for me, I just wanted to write a quick update.  I could go on and on about the specifics but I will get into the good stuff.

I feel like crap, I am battling this sleep apnea with a new diet plan consisting of a high veggie diet.  Yesterday and today I ate fish salads.  I had a couple bowls of granola as a midnight snack which I am trying to avoid but my sleep was shit last night.  But I slept alot to balance it out, almost 12 hours in bed.  But guess what?

Where there is bad news, there is good news.  I will try to right a post about what is happening with the sleep apnea and all my whiny, bitchy, painful shit later, because right now, I have something more important to talk about and I only have a short time to write this…

…because I am on my way to a private VIP party, where I am one of 3 bartenders out of all the bartenders at my new bar that have been picked to work the very first event at my new bar.  Go figure.  Maybe no one else wanted to work that day or could.  But what they told me is they liked my enthusiasm and all that.  So who knows?  Last night was mock service.  We basically practiced how service would work.  I was tired as fuck, but the good thing is I can pull out and push past that shit.  I felt like I was in a fog, but I was totally making the girls I was mock serving smile and laugh and was owning it.

Tonight I have more energy so I should be able to dominate.  And then they want me to work the very first opening shift, Friday am.  That will be a challenge maybe.  Early hasn’t been my strong point lately.  I don’t have to be there till 10:45am but…  We’ll see.  I gotta come to terms with the fact that in Key West that was about the same time I was going to work every day.

So the good news is, we’re off an running.  Stay tuned for an update pretty soon and hopefully more details.  Keep the love comin.  You’re only encouraging me. 😉

22 responses to “Phat Dope Shit (or I don’t have time to think of a catchy title)

  1. Well let me be the first to love on you then! I’m all about encouragement! 🙂

    So pumped you are bartending tonight! You are going to do great, I know it. You have been waiting waiting waiting and tonight, it’s show time. I’m not surprised they asked you to work on the opening day, you’ll dig deep and don your Capt’n Veggie Cape and show ’em how it’s done! If I survived work today with a half cast you can do this!

    As for fish salads and granola – good job. Have you tried greek yogurt yet? I love it, with granola and fresh fruit. My favorite salads contain a fruit, a nut, and a cheese. If I was there, I’d make you a kick ass salad, some homemade dressing, and serve it up wtih a big bicep flex and a smile!

    Are you wearing the mask at night still? I’m confused why sleep isn’t happenin’.

    Knock ’em dead RL –

    And hey, if you want in at my new “location” send me a request over there. MS has been shut down….

  2. Why, MyLife? I’m so surprised to see you here? LOL heh… (datz funny. I’m just teasing you)

    You go boy! Show’m’whatcha got! YES!!! I’m glad to hear you’ll be going to work and it’s starting up, that’s one less thing for you to worry about!

    Own it boi!

      • Wait, howz that go? 🙂 Raa Raa sis boom ba? (giggle) Lemme see if I can do a scorpion… Yah… no. Just pulled an ass muscle. LOL 🙂

        • I never was of the sis boom ba cheerleading era…I cheered freshman year of high school, then it was on to pom pons, THE half-time entertainment! Me? Wanting to be where the attention was? I know, hard to wrap your head around…. 🙂

          • hahahaha! Everyone likes attention and we go about it in different ways. Course, there’s the kind we need and the kind we attract on accident or for well… some are the wrong reasons. The good news is you are paying attention to the kind of attention you “need” that makes you feel good… does this make sense? I hope so… 🙂 LOL hard to wrap my head around … hahahaha … Oh my goodness honey. 🙂

        • You know when you talk about pulling an ass muscle on my blog my reply will be something along the lines of, “You know what? I think what you need is a good ass massage. Maybe with some hot oil. . . :)” I’m soooo tired. I have to get to bed.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Ronnie! Hope you are well. Life has been fucking insane. How was the VIP gig? Are you officially open for business?

    So tell me, if you were in a relationship, what would you do to make Valentine’s Day special for your girl?

  4. Of course we would have to go out and do the food and drink thing, but that should be something to finish the night. Because food can make one tired and lazy and sap important energy that should be used for…

    …Maybe a bath. You know, a girl’s gotta bathe with some wine or champagne or a martini, and I would be more than happy to help. Then maybe mutual massage for a while, with oil. I almost think you should know this already, love.

    There would probably be flowers and chocolate covered strawberries involved in this process somewhere along with some sexy grooves the like of Portishead and Tricky.

    So the massage and so on would end up most likely in sexy, orgasmic, love making. But here’s the thing. I might ask the girl, “What’s something that you’ve tried that you’ve absolutely wanted to do again, or something that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet, as far as a fantasy. Skys the limit. And then of course we do that. 😉

    Unfortunately I am all alone this holiday, battling the sleep demons and so on and trying to get my energy back on point, but I think I’m coming around. Yesterday was horrid, but also at the end of the day, very powerful and I will write about that.

    I want to go out and see if there are any single women about, but at the same time I want to stay in and relax since I have to work tomorrow and I need to iron out how alcohol is effecting my energy. The last day I worked I was DRAINED from being hung over as hell, but that’s a story I will save for my post.

    I need some lovin, though, but lately Sleep has been shit and I’ll try and fill you in on the details of that as well.

    I have a feeling things are lookin up again real soon. Already the girls are noticing me and I haven’t even been working a week yet… I have at least 2 popular bars in the city I can go to where cute chicks will probably at the very least give me free drinks and intro me to their friends…

    Alright, you’re making me write too much, dammit. I have to save my blah blah for my post!

    • …but I missed your blah blah so thanks for writing some of it out for me!

      So I truly enjoyed your description of what you would do for your love-love if you were in a relationship on Valentine’s…it’s nice to know what guys are thinking in their heads about various topics. I know your thoughts on quite a few things now…

      It’s funny, the music you post is stuff I’ve never heard of – I had to you tube Portishead and Tricky. But I can see where there could be some sexy-ass movements being made to their music….

      Massage…I need one so bad. Damn that would feel soooo good. I’ve only had one guy give me a massage that truly made my toes curl – and it lead to a lovely round of fun after – I think it would be so much better now though, I was so young then… just haven’t really met anyone that can give a decent massage….I’m waiting still to have that – women that get that are truly lucky. The thing is, I’m giving and good at massage – why can’t they learn from what I am doing?

      You’ve piqued my interest on all the new doings of RL – I look forward to your new post my dear…..

      sleep well and know I’m sending nothing but warm thoughts your way!

      • Tricky off Maxinquaye and Portishead off Dummy or Portishead specifically. . . . I would massage you so well you would melt into the mattress. Believe that. Literally melt. Or what would happen is eventally you would be feeling so goood you would just spontaneously turn over revealing your front side to me to massage, a little kissing would ensue and then of course my tongue and mouth would have to get involved with the massage process. . . I’ve been told I have healing hands. I dunno if it’s that really. I think it’s more that I love love to touch a woman’s body. Maybe I even love to feel a little like I’m serving her by giving her pleasure and making her feel uncontrollably good in my capable hands. But in essence it’s serving myself, because I love to know that I am making her feel that good. . . Those moments where a woman gives herself over to me completely are the things I love the best. I want her to have that gift of letting go and embracing her desire completely.

        • Damn RL – sign me up for Melting Into The Mattress!
          I love when you can just feel so comfortable with someone that you can totally give in to the experience and enjoy everything about the moment without any inhibitions.
          Of course I also love a guy who loves to make a woman feel good, I know what you mean – I love to make a guy feel good…turns me on to turn him on or make him feel good….
          So what the hell would happen with two giving people… I shudder at the thought…
          We need to add “time” to our list now… 🙂

          • Definitely add time to the list. When was the last time you just let go and shared an entire day in bed with you, someone like myself (means sexy) and maybe a bottle of something delicious. Just chilling, sipping, talking, touching, rubbing, feeling and just doing whatever comes naturally. . 🙂 ?

      • By the way, by the way… Of course if your biceps are as nice as you say they are they would get a little extra attention… 😉 The thought of just rubbing oil all over and feeling that hardness… Just get my blood pumpin if you know what I mean… Maybe even IF you could (this is a big IF by the way) manage to push past feeling overcome by all the relaxing languor flooding your body, you could try and flip us over, get on top of me and pin me down which would be super hot. I LOVE it when a girl does that and there’s only been so few who have… I might resist a little but it would be hard to do being overcome with all the flood of pleasure flooding my body… Imagine how hot this whole scenario could be. I’m going back to bed. 😉

          • You talk so sexy and sweet to me 😉 . . . Of course if you can actually flip me over I’d want you to. . . Anyway look. My comp is on the fritz. I can only write from my phone and I most certainly can’t post. This sucks. . . So looks like the only thing I can do is comment on my own posts till my computer is good to go. I’m trying to run something that I hope will fix it but it’s going VERY SLOW! 😦 . . .

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