Late Night, Maudlin Street

The man is knockin on my door…

The story is alot and I will post more soon, but for now…  This is a song that made sense to me today. . .

The last night on Maudlin Street,
Goodbye house – goodbye stairs,
I was born here, I was raised here and I took some stick here.
Love at first sight may sound trite,
But it’s true, you know.
I could list the detail Of everything you ever wore Or said, or how you stood that day.
As we spend the last night on Maudlin Street,
“Goodbye house, forever!”
I never stole a happy hour around here.
Where the world’s ugliest boy,
He became what you see Here I am – the ugliest man.
Oh the last night on Maudlin Street,
Truly I do love you
Oh, truly I do love you.
When I sleep with that picture of You framed beside my bed,
Oh, it’s childish and it’s silly
But I think it’s you in my room By the bed (…yes, I told you it was silly…) And I know I took strange pills But I never meant to hurt you.

Oh, truly I love you
Came home late one night,
Everyone had gone to bed.
But you know, no one stays up for you I had sixteen stitches all around my head.
Oh, the last bus I missed to Maudlin Street,
So, he drove me home in the van,
complaining: “Women only like me for my mind..”
Don’t leave your torch behind, a power-cut ahead 1972, you know.
And so we crept through the park,
No, I cannot steal a pair of jeans off a clothesline for you.
But you without clothes,
Oh I could not keep a straight face.
Me – without clothes?
Well, a nation turns its back and gags..
and I’m packed.
I am moving house,
A half-life disappears today.
With every hag waves me on secretly wishing me gone.
Well, I will be soon
Oh – I will be soon, I will be soon..
There were bad times on Maudlin Street,
They took you away in a police car.
“Inspector – don’t you know? Don’t you care? Don’t you know about Love?”
Your gran died and your mother died, On Maudlin Street.
In pain and ashamed  With never time to say,
Those special things.
I took the keys from Maudlin Street
Well, it’s only bricks and mortar!
Oh.. truly I love you…
Wherever you are,
Wherever you are,
Wherever you are,
I hope you’re singing now.
Oh I do, I hope you’re singing now…


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