Smokey Posted on Facebook:
Dear “When I Grow Up”,
i refuse.
Dear “Get A Life”,
make me.
Dear “Life”,
i made it all up. ehhh now what do you have to say?! ehhh ehhh that’s riigghhttt! go run away like … ehhh emmm like … well… YEAHHH and there’s more where that came from! humpth i am nottah ‘fraid of you! what! ohhh there’s big bad life, here to teach me about stuff! and be all “that’s life”… and smug! well… two words for you: “Facts Of Life”… ehhh wait, emmm that’s three words! ehhh smaahhh. i stick to my story!
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4 responses to “Life

  1. I … what? LOL 🙂 THANK YOU FOR MY SONG THIS MORNING IT WAS REALLY COOL AND THE VIDEO WAS AWESOME!!!!!! (I literally clapped my hands together like a little kid who just got a pony… snicker) Thank you for thinking of me Ronnie. I appreciate it.

    • No no. I probably do. I just haven’t had a moment to chill and write anything at the moment. LOL. Sorry, love. Right now life is a full time job trying to find a job and figure out how to not get evicted from my apartment, or at least stall it long enough until I can save enough money to find somewhere else to go. I literally had thirty one resumes on me as of monday and as of last night I had 1 left. That doesn’t even count the number of resumes I’ve sent out over email on craigslist of through filling out online applications for places. I know you nominated me for something, and I will try my best to take a look at it today and see what I can see. As for embarrassing stories, I have plenty and it seems I keep them updated quite regularly. . 😉

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