Setting Up the Date: Texting Made Complicated ;)

Been a long time since I posted.  Sometimes I give, sometimes I take.  It is mine to know which and where.

So this is Hilarious ADVANCED level shit right here.

I NEVER want to forget this text exchange.

Back story, I was with one of my students (you know who you are) and I saw this cool, young chick with Rainbow dyed hair and I opened her and got the number.  (More back story, so much has happened in my life I didn’t even post.  I am starting to wonder if, I just didn’t find it interesting enough to share even though so much of it was completely relevant to my DreamPath.  Maybe one day.  Meanwhile now in my life I am coaching guys, teaching them to date.)

I was supposed to hang out with her a few nights ago and she flaked. She’s 20 – it’s expected.

Then she didn’t but she texted me and I was able to reframe her earlier shit into another date which is supposed to be tonight.

So today I sent her a text for fun since we made the date like 3 or 4 days ago. I don’t always recommend this unless you can do it the right way, because checking can KILL the seduction since you come across as Needy and Weak.

This is the kind of shit I do with women that I wish I could ALWAYS share but then I forget and regret it later when I never get around to it and forget or the texts get erased or whatever.

Here we go. See if you cats can pick out what I’m doing. I will be happy to explain it later. If you can break this apart and pick up all the subtle nuances you will be a text fucking MASTER.

Me: And yes HB Rainbow Dash . . . To answer the question that is buzzing around in your head from time to time, We are still on for 8pm tonight


HB Rainbow Dash: I don’t think I’ll be meeting you tonight, , , I’m sorry if you changed your plans around for it but I think this whole situation is just kind of weird. The couple of people I told you about think you are probably a drug dealer.

Me: HAHAHA ! That’s Hilarious! This is a GREAT story to tell my friends 🙂 Drug Dealer . . LOL It’s so ridiculous I can’t even be offended you just said that

Her: Why else do you have clients at night, know tons of women, and won’t tell me anything about yourself. . .

Me: Wait. How am I supposed to tell you about myself? We met for like 5 minutes . . You want me to text you my life story?

Her: No, but it’s also the fact that you’re twice my age and asked me out as a complete stranger. It’s just out of the ordinary

Me: And fyi. I work Day AND Night w my clients . Not just Nights. And I don’t recall you even asking me What I do? you’re so cute and funny all at once

Her: I have things planned for Saturday anyway, from 5 until 10 or so

Me: How am I twice your age? Lol . . We never even talked about age. Actually I’m 4 times your age. 79 I just look Really Young for my age . . 🙂

Her: Haha. Because you look way older than me. What is it you want from me anyway. 😉

Me: Hahaha. This is AWESOME! You have this whole Fantasy built about me from meeting me for 5 minutes and 5 texts 🙂 You TOTALLY watch too many movies

Her: No I don’t! People get abducted and raped, and how am I to know you’re not a creeper

Me: I’ll tell answer your question in a second but let me get this straight. So I’m a Fifty year old Drug Dealer who lives a secret night-life surrounded by women and my seedy underworld clientele. And you scientifically came to that conclusion how exactly ?

Her: Hahaha/ That’s basically what my friends have chalked you up to, yes. But 40, not 50. So you think there is absolutely nothing sketchy about an older man approaching a young woman as a complete stranger, and asking for her number and to go out to clubs?

Me: Hahaha! Could it be that I’m just a cool, social guy? Might it be that simple? I mean sure, that sounds a LOT crazier than Underworld Drug Boss. BUT might I just be a normal, cool, attractive guy with a lot of friends who just lives a fun life?

Lol. Yes it could, but I’d rather not risk my life in an unfamiliar city with a strange man who could easily drug and/or overpower me

Me: Ok. So to answer your question. What do I want? I saw a cool looking woman with orange hair. (Rainbow apparently) so I started talking to her. Pretty normal, right? So then She seemed like she might be kind of cool and fun so I did the normal thing and exchhanged numbers with her. She texted me 15 minutes later and told me I seemed like a nice guy.

Her: “Hmm, he SEEMS like a nice guy” – Tommy Boy

Me: So the next rational step I could think of was, “Hey . She seems cool and she seems to think I’m cool so we should go adventure in the city. I could show her some cool shit. I could take her to Wicker Park and maybe get her into some place to watch some punk bands or whatever and she could relate and go “Cool! I didn’t even know this part of the city was here!” And we could do the normal shit 2 cool people do together and have this fun.

Her: Ah, shush. Alright alright. I need to get some research done first but I can meet you at 8. I’ll probably be at the coffee plac then anyway


Me: Apparently you have friends in the FBI and they must have found out about my Nefarious Underworld Connections, and that I’m not a cool guy at all but Really I’m one of the 5 Bosses of the Notorious Chicago Drug Cartel. I am surrounded at all times by my bitches and hoes and my collection of Gangster Clients.

Her: Ahahahahah, wow. Okay, now I think you are entirely too amusing to not talk to again in person

Me: HAHA! I’ll make sure to wear my big feather hat and purple fur coat.

Me: See you l8r. I’ll try to keep my bitches in check

Her: Lol. Don’t forget the cain!

Me: Oh you mean my cain with the big crystal and gold rose at the top of it? . Ya. I’ll make sure I have it with me. That how I get RESPECT !

Her: Oh – Kay. . . Lol. Where are me meeting again?

By the way, to see the BREAKDOWN of SPECIFICALLY what I was doing in this text conversation scroll down to the bottom of this page to click the next article arrow on the bottom right called “The Seduction of Rainbow Dash Part 1”  In that is the specific mindsets, ideas and tactics I used to get this chick out with me.


5 responses to “Setting Up the Date: Texting Made Complicated ;)

  1. So ironic that I just happen to see this tweet on the feed but never received notification via e-mail. And it just so happened that you linked to 1 of my articles. Cool!

    Good point you made with the flake. Guys need to realize that most girls will flake at least once or twice; especially if she’s under 25.

    I definitely get what you’re doing as I follow the text dialogue. Would like to hear if any other guy can see it.

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