The TIMEBRIDGE – or How to Properly “#close”

You know, I usually like to talk about more Intermediate to Advanced topics but something just struck me.  There are a LOT of guys out there who are being more and more misguided about what “success” in the game of seduction is all about.  These days you got Marketers that very well could be backed by big corporations (this is a theory a few of us share that maybe I’ll get into some time) watering down the tech with BAD ideas.  Now the catchphrases of guys like Simplepickup, for example, are “Get the Number!”  You got videos of guys on youtube dressing up in Fat Suits going up and getting phone numbers from women who they will never talk to again, and yet in the comments sections the poor saps who are clueless are commenting, “Wow man, These guys got GAME!”

Let me just say this, I don’t mean poor saps as a derogatory term either.  I mean it in a way to say they are being DUPED by creative marketing.  They have no frame of reference.  Unfortunately they don’t have the experience yet to see good advice vs bad advice.  They can’t tell the difference between Flash Game and actual Seduction. Shit, when I was NEW at this game, like about 10 years ago or so, and I was NOT really getting any action from women, guys around me who were friends would watch me and compliment me on my amazing game.  Needless to say I still had a lot to work on, but to the eyes of the uninitiated I looked like a player.  So believe you me, the marketers are taking advantage of these inexperienced guys.  When I see over a million views on a Simplepickup video it is evidence of that.  The problem is, it is NOT just them.  There are a whole host of inexperienced – Both Greenhorns (old seduction term meaning having a small amount of success but not still a long way to go) and Marketers who are simply teaching watered down seduction.

So let me start on my quest to try and bring a little of the Good Stuff back by posting a CLASSIC post about Phone Numbers.  It may be a little outdated by the fact that it was writted PRE-Text game and all that but the concept still holds true, and I believe it is essential for every New-Blood to learn.  It is Mystery’s Timebridge Post.  I will post it here giving full credit to Mystery.  The premise is, if you are getting a lot of phone numbers but still not pulling any ass – well it’s probably a lot to do with your mindset and your approach.  Here it is, UNEDITED (not even spaces) from it’s original format.  (PS – I gotta give credit where it’s due…  Mystery teaches with Venusian Arts – you can check them out at


Subject: Building a Time Bridge (formerly # close)

Date: June 3rd, 2003 03:35:00 PM (EDT)


Author: Mystery

1. a # close isn’t in fact a CLOSE.

2. there is only ONE TYPE of CLOSE: SEX.

3. a KISS CLOSE is NOT a CLOSE. it’s a RAPPORT BUILDING TACTIC. just as pulling the back of her hair or biting her neck are not HAIR PULLING CLOSES and NECK BITING CLOSES. They are RAPPORT BUILDING TACTICS.

What IS a Time Bridge?


A time bridge is an OPTIONAL move in your game that you play ONLY IF you cannot follow the standard gameplan of EXTRACTION (formerly and similar to INSTANT DATING). If you both have the time and interest, isn’t it better to continue the sarge rather than try to continue it at another time? So the normal gameplan will have you saying something like, “I’m starved. Let me grab a bagle. Come join me” (day time), or “I need to grab an envelope from the post office, come keep me company” (day time) or “We’re on the guest list for a better club. Come with us.” (night time) or “I’m starved. Let’s head over to *night time eatery* for some *specific creative food* ” (night time).

Extraction BTW is the term we use when we wish to extract her from the MEET LOCATION and get her to another location (a RAPPORT LOCATION — which COULD also be a SEDUCTION LOCATION like her house but only if you have enough rapport alaready). ISOLATION happens when you get the target away from her group and sitting with you 1:1. extraction happens when you get her (and her group) out of the club or library and to another location for rapport building.

OK so she isn’t going to EXTRACT. Then what? Well, you try to build as much rapport as you can (Rapport = Comfort + Trust). You do this by performing specific comfort and trust building moves. then its time to build a TIME BRIDGE.

the purpose of a time bridge it to bridge the gap of time that keeps you apart.  You are with her NOW and the time bridge will allow you to be with her again in person so that you may continue the sarge (a sarge goes from MEET TO SEX and not from MEET TO #). Merely getting a # is NOT a bridge because a bridge must have two sides. a # does NOT have a definitive other side. you call and are left with trying to set a date to see eachother again. If only you did that in the FIRST PLACE, you wouldn’t even NEED her #. That is why one of the best time bridges is the LOCATION TIME BRIDGE. The idea: instead of getting merely a number (that is like a stairway to the clouds, not a bridge to a definitive time and place where you are with her again in person to continue the sarge) you set a TIME & PLACE to meet up again. You should be prepared with 2 or 3 OPTIONAL LOCATION TIME BRIDGES for when you can’t EXTRACT.



1. “I’m picking up some shoes at tomorrow. Come keep me company and we can window shop.”

2. “I’ve got to drop off some stuff to my sisters. Come keep me company for the drive. I’ll pick you up @ X:XX pm.”

3. “I have a dinner party in 2 weeks. You HAVE to come!”

Notice how you already have a REASON to SEE eachother in PERSON again. If you just got the #, you’d have to TRY to convince them to see you again. In a LOCATION TIME BRIDGE, you don’t even need to get her #. (If she flakes and doesn’t meet you at the LOCATION you specified, don’t think a # would have made the situation any better – at least you KNOW she isn’t interested. don’t get pissed if you get stood up; it’s better to get stood up than to deal with 2 weeks of phone blurring). So you don’t need to exchange #s. Exchanging #s conforms too much to the stereotypical DATING FRAME. If she won’t meet you again, then the problem was with your not building enough rapport in the first place.

In the above examples (if you have other example LOCATION TIME BRIDGES, please post), the first two examples do not require you to get her #. you MAY, but I don’t recommend it. Just make sure the locations you choose are conveniently near your house or where you plan on being anyways. dont go out of your way to meet a girl who MAY flake on you. In the 3rd example, you may get the #.  You’ve got 2 weeks to put together a dinner party! or better yet, call her the next day and use the phone to establish greater rapport. and maybe construct opportunities to have her meet you at a LOCATION at a specific time.

The point is, if you’ve built enough rapport to get her #, then it HAS to be enough to SEE HER AGAIN. If you get the # but she DOESN”T want to see you again in person, that’s a # that will BLUR anyways.

Now for the main reason why I began this post: I went to a mall yesterday and sat beside an old man in the crowded food court with my Made in Japan meal. He started to talk to me about this and that: how skateboards used to be just metal wheels on wood boards and not they are fiberglass and such. Well, I just wanted to eat my food. I nodded but didnt want to invest in the conversation (nothing personal, he was a nice enough man and all, just … not my type haaa). I was displaying to him IODs (Indicators of Disinterest). I didn’t want to say, “please don’t talk to me” as that would have been rude and confrontational. well, many women will find themselves in the same position (I’m thinking GWM — how he doesn’t care and will keep going til she either sleeps with him or tells him to screw off). There are several IODs and I conveyed a couple of them to this old man. I overted my eyes to him, I opened a magazine and flipped through it while he was talking, I got REALLY into my food and I answered his questions with one liner answers. Now Im not saying that you should GIVE UP when you get some IODs because you can always turn it around (the old man could have talked about something that fascinated me and I maybe would have shared a conversation with him — a note to how important it is to initiate an inherently INTERESTING conversation), but imagine if after this conversation with the old man that he tried to get my number. Think how fucked up THAT would be. I mean, I’ve gotten guys #s before. That’s how we make male friends and buds. But imagine if this old man wanted to ‘hang out’. I be like, “um, no thanks.” see, this is what a lot of guys put women thorugh. a brief 30 seconds boring talk and then they HIT ON THE GIRL by asking for her #. Women are ULTRA-SENSITIVE (at least the hot ones who have been hit on in this way a slew of times) to this. So when you DO attempt to construct a TIME BRIDGE, make it natural. have a REASON to see eachother again. build enough ATTRACTION and RAPPORT to MERIT her WANTING to hang with you again.

Don’t be the old man in this story.



4 responses to “The TIMEBRIDGE – or How to Properly “#close”

  1. LMAO you know I’ve never really been a fan of Simple Pickup.

    Just a month ago, I was gonna start a petition to get them banned from Youtube because I feel that they’re spreading the wrong shit and are basically ungrateful marketers who scam and cheat their way in this.

    I signed up on their forum a month ago and I was banned after posting an infield pickup video of mines. I mean, if you’re getting over a million views, what’s wrong with me posting a little video of mines to possibly get 200 views? So the banned me within 10 minutes of signing up. I wasn’t even violating any of the forum’s policy since video embeds are allowed.

    But I remember the days when pickup wasn’t about marketers and scammers.

      • I know. It’s sorta like a fantasy world that the average AFC lives in and he’s satisfied with just watching such videos and thinking that’s all to it and they’ll become good just from watching those dudes.

    • You know, and I don’t want to talk bad shit about some of these companies and coaches but dammit, there are a lot of shitty coaches out there – it’s the blind leading the blind.

      On the flip side though, their shitty advice does help me have a reason to share some positive stuff that actually works. 🙂

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