Pickup RAW Podcast #1 – The Game of Seduction – Do You Really Want It?

30 Minutes of my awesomeness 😉  In my very first podcast I delve into the topic of wanting success.  Do you Really want it or do you just think you want it?  I discuss the difference between guys who want to succeed vs guys who think they want to, and why only 5% of guys ever become successful at pickup or seduction.  Stat tuned.  I plan on releasing a LOT of these in the future, complete with guest interviews, some awesome insights, a little community gossip or political commentary, tactics, techniques and inner game and a whole lot more!

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2 responses to “Pickup RAW Podcast #1 – The Game of Seduction – Do You Really Want It?

  1. Hello my friend…how I stumbled upon this page is a story in itself…who knew that searching “how to fuck a libra” would find me reading about how men can improve their “game”…and how I admire the unabashed truth telling that is going on heretofore! My apologies…I digress, let me get back on track…. your podcast made me wonder, “Rachel, what is his end game? Is it the simple internal pleasure of knowing he could get deep inside the ultimate Fort Knox of women and their impenetrable cooches? Does he know what it takes to be IN a relationship? Or is this just about getting in the door? Then what? I’m sure if I weren’t so lazy I could search these archives for the answer…but I still want to see what comes next….” Thoughts? Prayers? I’ll take both 😉

    • I love your questions… I will be back later and write out a nice reply. I might even do a podcast on your very comment. Not sure yet but you will get a response – rest assured.

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