The Dream and the Demonologist

So last night I had a dream that seemed to last most of the night.  Even if I woke up and fell back asleep, the dream would continue.  I am writing this dream down because I wholly look at it as a healing dream or as a dream that signifies that I am, on a subconscious level, doing some LONG NEEDED healing.  I’m not gonna get into the details of what needed to be healed about me, but know that it is something or things, (Dan) rather, that I have wanted to fix for a long time, AND they were those kinds of things that were STUCK.  And I can confidently say WERE as in the past tense because I firmly believe that these dreams I have been having lately with the culmination of this last one (not describing them all in this post but just the series from last night) are the beginning for sure of the healing process I have been seeking.

This all started by listening to a flood of positive affirmations and some hypnosis, I THINK.  I think the key is, like other positive affirmations and self-hypnosis is actually listening to the suggestions that your mind gives you soon after or even during the sessions.  By the way, I was trying the FREE stuff on here.  Good stuff imo.  Yes, I have done LOTS of self-hypno in the past as well as affirmations but I am saying that the CHANGE started to happen with the audios from this site specifically.

You British fucks can benefit because she’s right by you so you might even be able to set up something live with her.  Her name is Jessica Robbins.  I’m not sure how I found her but I did.  Google, yes, I just don’t remember specifically what I was searching for or if she was top listed or I dug a little, which I am apt to do.

Well after some particular sessions I think I was getting the suggestion to go try and seek out a professional Hypnotherapist.  So I did.  I went with the same amount of skepticism as I always do with many things.  But at the same time I went with an open mind.  In other words I wasn’t just going to go in all, “I know this will work” and not question anything, but instead I would go in and let her prove she knew her shit and could make it work.

So I went for like 3 sessions.  And I gotta say I started noticing my dreams changed.  Instead of rambling on about what she did or what I think, or whatever I think the dream is why I’m writing this so let’s just get to that, but I will say if you are stuck on a particular issue or whatever, in your life, seek out a good physiotherapist near you and get to work.

The Dream:

So I just remember being stuck in old Soviet Russia, you know when the Berlin Wall was still up and they had that shit locked up tighter than an oyster.  Or if there is some other country in the world these days that once you’re in you’re in and once you’re out you’re out – that kind of place.  But I was an American so, no worries.  I was with some Russian dude that was trying to defect though, and I THINK I might have been trying to help him.  Somehow something happened and things got fucked.  He ended up having American Citizenship and I somehow got my papers fucked up so that I was stuck as a Russian Citizen and could not leave.  (i.e. TRAPPED – I.e. my repeating challenges that I seemed STUCK with in my life – if I was a dream seer and had to translate, that is.)

So I started trying to figure out how to escape.  I ended up meeting some Americans, I THINK, who had this GIANT train.  I told them my predicament and they said I could hide on their train and we could leave the county and go to America on the train.  Apparently in Dream World the Ocean separating those places is irrelevant.  Fine with me.  So I jumped in, and I just remember all this cool shit, that, unfortunately blurred here.  But at one point I remember we were coming to the border and were about to be searched.  According to the train people, the train was so large that they could never search the whole thing and if I just hid I would most likely be overlooked.  So I tried hiding.

Now at this point I woke up.  Then I went to the bathroom and fell back asleep.  Here’s the thing.  So somehow when I re-entered dream world I either did something to get off the train or I was OFF the train, and it was leaving.  I tried getting in my car, that happened to be there, to chase it, and I even tried willing myself back on the train but nothing.  Here’s the thing, though.  One of the guys on the train gave me his number earlier so I texted him what happened.  I don’t remember if I got a response or not but the idea basically was, “There’s no way in this car I am going to catch that train.”

But I DID find myself on another train.  And that was cool with me.  I was still trying to escape.  I asked someone where the train was going, and the person told me “Southeast Asia.”  I was like, “Ahh FUCK!”  Seriously?  But then quickly my REAL LIFE Ideal took over and I thought, “Go with whatever path life takes you on.  Flow.  Be in the moment.”

So I did just that, and I was chilling on the train on my laptop.  Soon we come to a stop, and apparently the train was going to be there a couple minutes, so I got off the train and took a look around.  And it was Beautiful.  I was on like a Tropical, type place, very nice, very island-ee, I remember carvings of like totems or cigar store indians and wooden signs.  Oh, it was a village.  Blue skies, palm trees, near the ocean – just what I like… 😉

The train announced that is was leaving.  I was off the train and my laptop was still ON the train.  Choices – leave the laptop (essentially cut myself off from the world I know) and stay or go grab the laptop, risk that the door would close and I would be stuck on the train and not be able to experience or explore this current destination.

Similar to this but more drab, lead, grey. Did have some designs carved in it but looked more plain and old as I said.

I decided to leave the laptop and explore.  Soon, as I was looking around this captivating village, I came across a little hut.  I remember reading the sign and it was the hut belonging to a demonologist I had heard about in Dream World before, I think on dreamworld TV.  It was like this old man, very Witch Doctor style.  The fact that he wasn’t really catholic or Christian both intrigued me, as a believer in God, or more appropriately the “Great Spirit” or Creator, but also made me a little skeptical because he was casting out people’s demons as a NON traditional, catholic or Christian.  This is a long story about why I think that, so I will just summarize by saying, part of me thinks that God is of Christianity, or even more so Judiasm, but a bigger part of me says that God is much older and has different Aspects he has send down through the ages, to different cultures etc to represent himself.  I really think scenario B is more likely, but that Jesus was the most RECENT incarnation on this planet, not the ONLY incarnation or aspect that God has used when visiting the earth to do some massive healing or enlightening work.

Similar to this but not as ornate and fancy, more just dull, lead, gray, with some designs in it. Not as shiny.

So into the hut I go.  I seek the council of the demonologist to see if I do have a demon that was harassing me.  I walk in a dark room, and the old man stands behind a desk with some fetishes and artifacts on it, all very simple, and there’s another table in front of me with a small, round ashtray looking thing on it.  It was dark gray, metallic, had 3 grooves in it like an ash tray would.  And off to his right, my left, was another man with dark hair, gray speckled, just wearing a gray shirt and looking unremarkable in appearance.  I assumed it was his assistant.

I think the first thing I remember when I walked closer to that table with the ashtray is the overwhelming desire to embrace how I felt, or perhaps how it made me feel, even if I felt like it was me doing it, not some other force controlling me. But perhaps that’s how this shit works.  I walked up, saw the table with the “ashtray looking object” and became enraged.  I shouted at the man, “What are you going to do now??” and other threatening proclamations as I violently Flipped the table forward towards him as hard as I could, maybe even throwing it and hitting him.

He was gone.  I don’t know if he left or just disappeared but he was gone.  The room was still there and his assistant was still there, sitting calmly as if nothing was amiss.  I just remember him saying calming words to me as I started floating near the second table and the assistant.  Then he reached out and hugged me, and said he understood, and asked if I really wanted to be free of the demon I had.

I said I hated it, I didn’t want it there anymore except for maybe, I always liked the floating part (I fly and float a lot in my dreams and I fucking LOVE it.) He hugged me some more, in a very caring way, this unremarkable man, and here I was thinking that what I did would be shocking to them.  But where was the old man, the Demonologist?  Soon I saw him hobbling back into the room on one crutch.  I must have injured him, I thought but still turned my attention to him.  I can’t remember at this point whether I was enraged or threatening him again or if I was just talking to him or whatever, but what I do know is as I tried to talk, he pointed or tapped me on the mouth (maybe with his cane or his crutch or hands, I can’t recall) and I felt a quick SNAP in my whole being and out of my mouth flew this Large, red/orange flaming skull type looking thing that screamed as it retreated off into somewhere.  I remember the old man chasing it, and I remember chasing the old man but I couldn’t keep up and they both were gone.  And then I woke up.

And I feel today, that, perhaps, I did release some evil shit from me last night.  That indeed some healers came.  Maybe it was on a subconscious level, or maybe it was dreamworld spirits, or maybe a little of both.  But all I can say is I feel absolutely hopeful now that I am going to be able to conquer and heal from some shit that has been bothering me for a long time…

The closest thing I could find to the old man in my dream. Also, nothing colorful or fancy about the guy, maybe dressed in all brown colors, like furs and cloth-robes or something.

Synchrodestiny – Your Excuse to Seduce Without Fear

This is an article I wrote a while back for Cliff’s List, and I figured it was about time I dropped it on my own blog, with the usual tweaks and updates.  This is another one of those articles you’ll probably have to bookmark or revisit because it’s DEEP.


Synchrodestiny –  Your Excuse to Seduce Without Fear

My life. It has been interesting, tough, had lots of painful shit going on, lots of things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy that have happened to me.

This is not a sob story though. Because I have also had a lot of cool, kick ass experiences. I went on 4 dates last week, had sex with a new girl, went out with one girl twice, ran into another girl in a grocery store who I got a number from before who I never went out with, but who wants to. My business is doing well. I’m not even really marketing, but since I tend to teach these guys who come to me how to get successful with women, from point A to point F and beyond, I get great feedback. I just talked to Handler who I haven’t seen in a while and he said he had an LTR all winter, for example. The guys who I work with are kicking ass.

I live in Chicago, I have a pretty cool life outside of pickup that I really enjoy.

Life is good!

But the point is that I could have given up long ago, really just said fuck it, life sucks… If I didn’t come across a few books that started teaching me that EVERYTHING that happens is for a purpose.

There is no such thing as coincidence! The good things, the bad things, the seemingly random things… The situations where you are tested and fail. The other times when you are challenged and you succeed. The friends you make. The people who hate you. The girls you make love to, and the ones that call you a creepy fuck. The times when you feel like you are on top of the world. The times when the pain is so bad life feels hopeless.

None of it is coincidence. There is a purpose to all of it.

The 2 things we will focus on in this topic:

1. Synchrodestiny
2. Intention

Let’s get into FIRST, a couple interesting specific scientific examples, and then I will help you apply it to your seduction game. If you can learn and apply this concept, approach anxiety does NOT EXIST. There will be a whole myriad of things that you can improve upon in this game by applying this concept I am about to tell you. But first, the mad Science!!

You ever watch a group of sparrows fly?

If you know what I’m talking about you know that a large group of sparrows can fly amazingly fast in a big swarm and seem completely in sync. The whole group of them turns, goes up, down and around super fast, and they don’t crash into each other. Quite the opposite, they move as one.

“How is this happening? There’s not enough time for any exchange of information, so any correlation of activity among the birds must be happening nonlocally.

Physicists have been working for years to discover the properties that guide the movements of birds, and so far they have been unsuccessful. The complexity and absolute precision of the birds’ behavior stumps physical science every time. Engineers have been studying the movement of birds to see if there is a way to discover principles that might translate into solutions for traffic jams.” So far, with all the technology we have at our disposal, they have found it impossible to do.

There was a study done by scientist Rupert Sheldrake where they discovered that dogs knew when their human masters were on their way home. They installed cameras to watch the dogs. The dogs seemed to know when their masters were on their way home. They would move by the door and wait, etc. Even if they took the person to a completely random place at a random time the dogs seemed to know when their master was on the way back.

As most of us learned in science class, the universe is made up of both solid particles and waves. In other words, the chair you are sitting on, or the phone you are holding or the computer you are reading this on, is made up of little atoms that are actually NOT solid. They are forms of energy. But why are they solid to us? How can I sit in a chair that is made up of small particles of energy that are not solid?

But even more interesting is the waves. When they study the particles in a wave packet (measurement of a wave) there were two questions asked that had interesting results.

Where is it? What is its momentum?

Scientists discovered you can ask ONE but NOT BOTH of these questions.

Where is it fixes the wave particle to one spot. It becomes a PARTICLE.

What is its momentum? Movement becomes the critical factor so it is no longer a particle, it is a WAVE.

It depends on the question you ask as to whether it is a particle or a wave. It is the intention you have that determines what it is. This goes deeper, even to the point where Albert Einstein studied this, but you look that shit up on your own. I don’t want to bore most of the readers with scientific jargon. But understanding this stuff may shed some light on what I’m talking about.–particle_duality

But let’s get even deeper with one last example. A scientist had swabbed his mouth and put the swab under a microscope. He was watching the cells that were no longer a part of his body. He was going to make a small incision in his finger with a scalpel and study the cells. He discovered that, even by going to get the scalpel, without even cutting himself, that the cells under the microscope were already acting erratically where they were not before. In other words, these cells, no longer attached to his body, were still worried that the body was going to be cut. Just the INTENTION affected them.

That same guy studied the cells of a guy who was looking at a naked pic of Bo Derek in Playboy. Even though the guys reading it said, “I don’t think she’s a 10,” his cells were bouncing all over. When the magazine was closed they stopped.

If you read and study up on a lot of this stuff you will start to see my point and that is that MANY things that happen in everyday life are not just surface level but they are happening on a VERY DEEP ASS level. So deep that we cannot even comprehend what the hell is going on behind the scenes.

Some have even suggested crazy shit like a butterfly beating its wings in Texas that causes a typhoon a week or so later in japan.

1 more!

“There is a fascinating phenomenon in science known as the “multiples effect.” The multiples effect is when multiple people geographically isolated from one another come up with the exact same discovery at the exact same time. By 1922 there had been 148 major scientific breakthroughs identified to have been discovered in such a way. Here are just a FEW examples:

– Evolution (Darwin and Wallace)
– Calculus (Newton and Leibniz)
– Decimal fractions – 3 people
– Sunspots – 4 people in 1611
– Law of conservation of energy – 4 people in 1847
– Steamboat – 4 people
– Telescope – 9 people
– Thermometer – 6 people

Is it really possible that all 148 major discoveries happened at the exact same time coincidentally by people who were not sharing their ideas with each other?”

There are studies that suggest we are all connected on a deeper level, too. You can simply Google “we are all connected” to delve into that.

So check this out…

What if you, reading this right now, are part of a greater plan? What if you learning Seduction is for more reasons you can even fathom? What if your intention to become better with women is part of a grander scheme of things that go beyond you?

Everything that happens has a greater purpose.

Let’s talk about that.

Say you get up with the INTENTION of sarging. Your intention is to go out and meet women. You take a shower at a certain time, you get ready, put on clothes. You pick a destination and even a time you will go to that destination. Even if it’s loosely based, you still have the intention of doing so and are taking time out of your day to do so.

What if… just what if, life was taking place at a deeper level? So let’s say you get there, to wherever it is you decided to go. You see a girl you like. Your brain says to you, “Go talk to her…” What if you knew on a deep level that all of that was meant to happen?

Not that your brain was telling you to go talk to her because you should be afraid and have anxiety. But what if you were part of something on a WAY deeper level than you realized and you were SUPPOSED to go talk to that girl, and that she was supposed to interact with you?

I’m saying, what if life was happening? Your intention to go meet a woman, and her intention to do whatever it was she had decided to do that day – what if those things were happening on some universal level to give you to the opportunity to interact with each other?

Sure, you could choose not to talk to her. Particle or wave. But what if her being there was life’s gift to you for your intention? It may be to meet her, have a cool time, make a good friend, and even possibly fuck her. Or it could be for you to LEARN something. It might even be for you to TEACH something. Maybe it’s so you take 1 minute out of her day for her to tell you, “Fuck off, creep!” but that 1 minute saved her from crossing an intersection somewhere and getting hit by a bus. Or maybe she feels bad 10 minutes later, wonders why she had that reaction, and is inspired to do something good that she might not have done.

There are millions of different possibilities.

Maybe you would like a visual example:

Run Lola Run. This is a GREAT movie everyone should watch in their life. But watch this scene with the guy on the bike and then the flash forward of what happens. Later in the movie she makes a different choice and something different happens. But I’m not one for spoilers and this is a GREAT movie so… Watch it yourself.

But what if the intentions we have and the decisions we make have a profound effect on the things around us? And not only that, but what if they are also part of a huge, deep, complicated ORDER out of the seemingly chaotic world we live in?

What if, you not approaching that girl is like slapping life in the face?

What if you not escalating, because you are afraid to fail, is like not living the gift that life has given you?

What if you go and get blown out 10 times in a row, but you learn something you don’t even realize you learned? Or maybe life was just testing you to see how you would handle it?

Because I know there are days where I go out and blow out after blow out after blow out happen, and then the very next day I do ONE approach and end up sleeping with that girl.

It happens. It just happened to me last week with a girl I had sex with last week. I can go into detail but it’s a whole other report:

I had been out for a couple days before that with nothing sticking, and boom, I meet a chick and we have sex a couple days later. This is pretty common for me.

What if, even further, your intention to be good at seduction alone is enough? What I mean is, because just by writing that I realize that seeing the women I hook up with is NOT ALWAYS when I plan on meeting them. I might be doing something completely random. Maybe I’m in a grocery store to grab some food and I see a girl looking at lettuce. The 2 choices are, particle or wave… I could let her be there, because the mind says, in this order:

1. She’s cute. Go talk to her.
2. No. I’m shopping right now. I need to get food.

But what if you just assumed she was there, at that moment, so you could meet her? Then you wouldn’t be afraid to approach her. In other words, you went to the store at X time to Y place and walked down Z isle, not because of random chance, but because THAT girl was going to be there at THAT specific time so that YOU could have an opportunity to interact with you and SHE could have an opportunity to interact with you.

Are you following me?

There is no coincidence. Not in my life. Every single thing that happens; good, bad, ugly; I feel there is a greater reason for. If we can begin to look at life around us as something we are supposed to take part of, not this old, scared APART mentality that the community has that, “Approaching is scary because when we were cavemen you could get killed if you approached the wrong girl…” By the way, I completely disagree with that. I think it’s as simple as our egos. Our egos think we are amazing creatures and by going and talking to a girl, and her rejecting us, then it “proves” that we aren’t as awesome as we thought were, and that’s a scary thing.

But what if the difference between that Tribal Leader who was fucking all the cave woman bitches, and the rest of the guys who were getting sloppy seconds OR who were not getting any, was simply that Tribal Leader guy was more apt to ACT upon the situations life gave him. Maybe instead of thinking that life was making things difficult, scary or whatever – he took it all as life giving him a gift or OPPORTUNITY, whether that be for material gain, to learn something new, to do one of a million possible things, but at least take it as a gift to ACT upon?

So I’m saying, when you see these girls from now on, start telling yourself she is there for you to interact with on some level. Start trying to see the connections around you. By the way, I can tell you now that once you get good at looking at life like this, you will start to get MAD perceptive abilities. You will start to see things before they happen. At first you won’t realize it. Something will happen and you’ll be like, “Oh, I knew that was gonna happen.” Maybe that happens to you now a little from time to time.

The KEY of this, by the way, is not to think MORE. It is to think LESS. Don’t try and think, just be.

Cute girl. Go talk. Done.

Not, Cute girl, oh but maybe she’s waiting for someone, besides I’m really thirsty and need some water, oh and she might reject me anyway, and besides we’re at a bus stop, and I’m dressed like shit….

Because if you assumed that ALL of that (those excuses) were actually part of a greater plan that, try as you might, you couldn’t begin to understand then none of those things could hold you back.

She’s waiting for someone, I’m thirsty, might reject you, at a bus stop, dressed like shit now becomes – “Well, life knew that shit was gonna be all in place anyway so THINGS ARE, AS EXACTLY AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS MOMENT. Time to go talk to that beautiful girl.

When you get all locked up with things like KINO, or ESCALATION or, WHAT TO SAY NEXT, or the 100 other sticking points that are caused by fear…maybe you can tell yourself that this is supposed to be this way. I can go ahead and escalate because I’m supposed to at least try. That’s why I’m here. If it works or it doesn’t, it was supposed to be that way. I embraced life.

Can you dig it?

Your intention + No such thing as coincidence + You seeing that cute girl = Life’s gift to you.

Make sense?..



You wanna see this shit in Action?  There’s this scene that illustrates exactly my thought process of how this all works in one of my Favorite Movies, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

She seems to be aware and tapped into this concept the whole movie which is one of the 100 reasons I love this work of art.  Check this clip out.


I’ve been having AMAZING results with my new E-Course.

Basically, man, I have been having guys telling me it is doing their lives a complete 180.  I have especially geared it for people who have Social Anxiety, Depression, and many other things I had to deal with myself when I first got into this game.  This is not a joke.  This is over 10 years of research, trial, error and success from someone who was more fucked up than you are now, by FAR, when I first started.  (I will write about that soon, I promise.)

Ecourse 1 Ecourse 2

Anyway, there are 2 tiers we can work with.  JUST the inner game stuff?  OR a combination of Inner game and a PICKUP Skills as well.  I like to say we do this for a month of Mentoring but honestly, I’m an “in the moment” type guys so I tend to lose track of time anyway…  As usual this is mostly custom tailored to what you are dealing with specifically.

Tier 1:  Inner Game Course: $500 for 1 month of mentoring over email/fb/skype.

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I suck at marketing so I don’t have a fancy email list or squeeze-page or any of that shit.  If you are interested, just email me and we can set up a FREE consultation.

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Learn to Love Yourself and a Special Event Coming Up

But here’s the thing, man. Anyone who ever wants to have some cool shit learned on this topic in a cool ass way, throw this on in the background while you are surfing the web and start paying attention to when you start hearing the chick talk…  (I have a wing and friend who told me one of the things I do best is start a conversation with someone like we were already in the middle of a discussion… 😉 )

I don’t wanna be a mass personality.  I don’t wanna be a “one-dimension”. I wanna be me.  I wanna be human.  I don’t WANNA BE A SLAVE!

We dress a certain way, we walk a certain way, we talk a certain way, we create a certain way, we paint a certain way, we… We make love a certain way.  You know. All of these things we do in a different, unique, specific way that is personally ours.

I wanna do this the way I wanna do it. I wanna determine my own destiny.

And we decided that it is time for us to take over our own lives and do it the way we know we wanna do it, as opposed to someone else continually depersonalizing us and telling us how we’re supposed to do something, because they’re viewing us through THEIR eyes, NOT through OUR EYES.

But FIRST, learn to love yourself.  That is, your REAL self.  And that’s very hard to do and I’m still trying to do it.

The process of change is very painful, and it’s very tedious, and it’s very SLOW.  The process of change comes through conflict… Sometimes, even, you know, even suffering.  Of being aware. Observing yourself.  Watching yourself.  So you can begin to LOVE yourself. And if you can love yourself, there ain’t nothin’ you can’t do, you know?  Then I say, “I love myself so much that I can start loving you, and you can start loving me.” And the next thing is to begin to try and love someone else!

But to the degree to that you give love, is the degree that you get love back.  So that if I ain’t got none in me, I can’t get none back. It don’t matter whether they’re a doctor, lawer or indian chief.  It’s not, “I am a… a.. I am an Actor.”  Or, “I am a Doctor.” It’s, “I AM!” and if I AM, there ain’t nothing else that’s important.


Coming up in The Midwest Lair

The ZAN Lair talk…

What: Zan Perrion Midwest Lair Talk

When: Sunday, June 14th at 7pm CST
Where: Skype or Google Hangouts – Stay Tuned

That’s right. The man, the myth, the legend – Zan Perrion himself will be giving a talk for us. I couldn’t be more excited and you know that it’s rare that a seduction or pickup coach impresses me. 😉 This is one of the greats who was already great when I was still a scrub-nub learning the ropes.

Zan Perrion is a writer, author of Alabaster Girl, motivational speaker, and life coach based originally in Vancouver, B.C. One of the founding members of today’s “burgeoning community of international pickup artists”, he has advocated a more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women.

How to get involved?

Join the lair then once you’re accepted click the link below link… See you on the flipside.