Why Nick Diaz Will Beat George St-Pierre in UFC 158

This conference call kicked ass already.

Or the TL;DR version:

Let’s pick up the conversation I was having on an online forum.  I may be of the minority that thinks or even wants Diaz to win.

http://mmaversus.com/2011/10/30/bj-penn-vs-nick-diaz-fight-video-ufc-137/ – This is Nick fighting BJ Penn and ripping him apart like no one has ever done.

I watched his fight against Carlos Condit Next which I know he lost by decision but many people think that decision was bullshit. I think Condit played more his game than Diaz did his, so sure, Condit should have got the decision in my opinion but it was hardly a good fight.

Which brings us to:

George St Pierre is to me like one of those arrogant pretend nice guys who thinks his shit doesn’t stink and I can’t wait to see him get destroyed by Diaz. GSP needs an ass kicking to tell you the truth.

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Where’s the “dislike” button? I started liking GSP when he dominated Frank Trigg. I actually think GSP is a very humble guy and carries himself in a very respectable way. Loved watching Josh Koshcheck talk a bunch of shit, GSP maintaining his composure, and then Koscheck getting his ass kicked.

The Diaz brothers are a couple of fucking pricks. I like watching them fight, but I wouldn’t want to have a beer with either of them.

GSP is going to mop the floor with Diaz and he’s going to be the classy gentleman he always is while he does it!

he Diaz brothers, Ken Shamrock, Brock Lesnar, Chris Lebon… All a bunch of loud mouth, trash talking, dicks.

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Wanna make a bet? Ill take GSP.

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haha guys believe me I want Nick Diaz to win this but this fight is gonna be a repeat of the Ben Henderson Nate Diaz match. the Diaz brothers dont move their lead leg and get the shit kicked out of it.

I was a little unexcited bout this fight’s but now cause this conference call, it’s gonna be awesome!

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I want Chael Sonnen to fight again. He is the best trash talker in the game. Super entertaining. It’s a shame he couldn’t back it up to Silva.

He could but in BOTH fights he made amateur mistakes that you simply CANNOT make against a guy the caliber of Anderson Silva.

1 mistake in BOTH fights is what cost him the win. I have no doubt that pound for pound he could take Silva IF he didn’t make the bone head mistakes like he did.

Diaz wont make boneheaded mistakes.

Also, Chael Sonnen is a Grappler. He does ground and pound but he doesn’t have much ability to play the striker game. That limits half of the game right there. When you go against someone like Anderson Silva OR Jon Jones (there have been talks about Chael vs Jones), you can’t just rely on grappling skills. You gotta be able to have some stand up game.

Now yes, Chael hammered Silva for 5 rounds in the first fight but then he was beat at his own game and submitted. If you’re relying on 1 type of game, you can’t let people beat you at it. In the second fight his poor grappling skills LOST him the fight when he tried 1 spinning backfist on Sonnen and missed and FELL. Dumb. Silva just hammered him.

Nick Diaz was a fantastic Grappler, and his first few fights that’s ALL he did. Then he picked up striking and became one of the best strikers out there, bar none.

So I doubt Pierre with his Superman Punch is going to be that effective. They are both great fighters but Already Diaz is getting into GSPs headspace and that’s where Diaz can start fucking with other fighters.

The REASON Diaz will win is because he’s hungry, while GSP is a pampered, spoiled brat.

See Rocky III

This conference call is great.

Can’t wait for the 16th.

Also Nick Diaz is doing GREAT push pull.

Also for you guys talking about Nick Diaz being an asshole or disrespectful prick. I used to have a friend of mine tell me this, he said, “Ron, you’re an asshole. But you’re an asshole to all the right people.”

http://mmaversus.com/2011/09/03/nick-diaz-vs-hayato-sakurai-fight-video-dream-14-2/ – Talk about respect…

He respects people who earn it. He doesn’t bullshit or pull punches. He tells it straight and says what’s on his mind. But when someone earns his respect he gives it.

Check out that fight above… That’s total respect.

You got Pierre saying this shit about, “Being on the dark side” for this fight, and Diaz handles that shit perfectly, by making fun of him and talking about, “I’m just keeping it real. You gotta have people tweet for you, talk for you, powder your nose and now you’re talking about all this Dark side shit.. Can’t you just be real and come out and fight?”

And GSP is saying Diaz is NOT getting into his head but if you listen to the press conference it’s apparent, that he really is, probably more so AFTER the call.

I also think the difference between Diaz and GSP is this:  (the following analogy is going to make sense mostly to people who practice pickup.)

GSP is a TRAINED fighter. You can tell he comes from probably not ever having to starve, probably always had opportunity, and never had it rough. He’s like the kid that has NO skill when he got into pickup but also came from a good place, so he started learning pickup, but EVERYTHING he knows is from training and practicing.

Diaz is like the Natural kid. He already WAS a scrapper when he got into this. You can just tell, he already probably naturally got into fights when he was younger and as a matter of fact probably would have a shitty life of just going around getting into trouble and fighting IF he didn’t have his martial arts training and mma.

That being said, Diaz is like the Natural kid who starts to learn pickup, not because he needs to get better with women, but because he loves what he does already and just wants to be better at it, and understand it better.

So in my opinion, Diaz is the more dangerous opponent. He has natural game AND practiced/learned game. While GSP is just a guy who learned by practice and is NOT natural.

GSP knows that out of all the matches he had in the past that if ANYONE stands a chance to beat him it’s DIAZ. Right now, GSP is playing Diaz’s game:

  • Being called out by Diaz after Nick beat Penn
  • Falling into it and asking for the fight and saying, “Diaz is the most disrespectful person blah blah blah”
  • Getting emotional and saying he’s going to put the biggest beating on Diaz he’s ever had. (GSP is a boring fighter. I don’t see that happening.)
  • Everything GSP does, including trying to change his mindset to sound scary, mysterious, “darkside” is a REACTION to Diaz
  • Diaz makes fun of GSP on the phone which is his NATURAL style, and GSP gets mad and reacts which is NOT his natural style
  • Diaz also Pulls on the phone cycling through pushing and making fun of GSP then saying nice things about him – again I don’t think it’s calculated, I just think it’s Diaz’s natural style.
  • Diaz makes fun of and Counters EVERYTHING GSP comes up with (you have to listen to the call to know what I’m talking about)

So Diaz and GSP are BOTH playing Diaz’s game right now. Sure the truth of the fight will happen in the ring. But Having played both martial arts and hockey growing up and being very fucking good at both of those sports, I can tell you Mental game is HUGE!

I can’t wait till this weekend.

What do you think?

Who do you think will win and why?

Share your thoughts!  I wanna hear what you have to say.

David Bowie the Hobo Slayer – Hilarious Amateur Web Comic Deluxe

David Bowie the Hobo Slayer

This is a good excuse for me to try out the “Publish Link” option on WordPress.  That’s so I know what to expect and how I can use it in the future.


That being said, this link is to a Hilarious Web Comic known as David Bowie the Hobo Slayer.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or are already offended by reading the title, good!  Go read the comic.  It’s funny, childish, the art is crappy-awesome and you can tell the author, who goes by the moniker The Nonsequitaur, spends a lot of time on these.

I can totally appreciate this, because when I was little, like in 7th grade I started doing a comic, just for my friends and I to read called, “Superdope”.  Basically it was a goofy, funny, hilarious comic where the hero, Superdope, got powers to fight crime by doing things like smoking a joint, or snorting cocaine or basically, doing some sort of drug.  Maybe this sounds a little Non-PC for a kid to be writing about in 7th grade, but it was meant to be funny and ridiculous, much like David Bowie the Hobo Slayer is.

The thing is, my friends started writing their own comics and we would share them.  That is until the evil Villainess, Sister Thomas Mary confiscated an unfinished episode from me, read it in a boomingly unpleasant voice to embarrass me in front of the entire class, and then called my parents to try and have me expelled from school.

Needless to day my parents even sided with me, but it sort of put a dampener on my comic days because I quickly left that school and went to a public school where I didn’t have many friends to share my comics with.

Who knows, if I was encouraged vs discouraged, I might have become another Stan Lee…

But fuck all that sad shit.  This guy is the next generation of goofy, amateur comic writing.  So GO NOW and check out his site.

I said NOW!!!

David Bowie the Hobo Slayer - Web Comic

Click Me!

Haters Gonna Hate..

It’s funny, because just recently mylifetakethree had an incident where haters found her blog and started to infiltrate, spread their filth and bile and vitriol and crap on her comments section, and so she decided to lock the doors and move to another location.  I was like, that kinda sucks.  Don’t these cats have anything better to do?  Don’t they have their own lives to live?

Apparently not.

And now, it would seem, I have collected my own hater groupies who spend their life, time and energy thinking about me.  No really.  It’s kind of flattering by the way, if you think about it.  Someone else out there in the world, or maybe even a few other people, are using their energy, spending time coming to visit your blog, thinking about all the nasty things they can say, formulating attacks against you, and probably even spending a lot of time imagining in their heads what kind of reply you might make to their attempts to discredit or slander you.

They are, essentially, giving YOU their TIME.  They are giving you their energy.  They are spending moments of their life living it for YOU.  Kinda sad, yes, but it is real all the same.  And I think if it’s happening to you, you should do 2 things.

  1.  Avoid taking it personally.
  2. Be Flattered.

Of course Kat Williams said it best.  Haters want good shit, they don’t have good shit and so they want to hate you for having good shit.

There are other types of haters too, though.  Some people want to create a personality online.  They want people to think of them in some light.  They want a reputation.  They want to feed off other people.  They spend their time in the world of the internet, not really living a real life.  They are usually, at least as far as you or I can tell from reading what they write, experts in this, that or the other thing.  Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

But the thing is they are very protective of the presence they create online.  They full well realize that the world they created is smoke, mirrors and illusion, and that the slightest disruption of reality entering into their fantastic creation could ruin their reputation or discredit them in the eyes of others.  Once more, they do not like to think others are doing “better” than them.  Really, it is based on the fact that they aren’t really doing that good themselves and need seek out the refuge or fantasy, so they are quite vigilant against those who may be succeeding, or whom are attempting to succeed, in reality.

They, whether you know it or not, consider you competition.  They want you to fail.  They want to beat you.  They need to be better than you.  Regardless of whether you are aware, or even care, that they are having this competition with you is irrelevant.

So what am I rambling about?

I belong to a local community in Chicago where men talk about dating women.  I was given the responsibility early on of setting up talks and events for speakers in the dating world to come and give speeches or presentations.  I did my part.  I set up some great talks.

But more recently, since I have taken a short break from the dating scene (Lemmee explain.  Obviously you all know I am on a quest to get into the Bartending scene here in Chicago.  Many of you may know of my current hardships.  I have a huge support group of people giving me lotsa love at the moment, and one of them is an Indian friend of mine.  I always like to assume Indian dudes are pretty wise.   Maybe It’s from reading the Bhagavad Gita or Diamond Sutras or Golden Zephyr or whatever.  OR maybe it’s because I know so many of them that come from nothing and end up here making it and doing pretty well for themselves.  My buddies and I just had drinks Saturday Night at a new friend’s $2000 a month, highrise, 1 bedroom apartment that overlooks a very popular nightlife area of Chicago in Lincoln Park.  That tells me something.  But check it out.  So a different Indian friend says to me a few weeks ago, “No more sex for you.  No more dating.  No Girls!  I don’t want to hear about another dating, or this girl or that…  Your full time Job right now is to find employment until you are working and your finances are sorted out.”  He also told me he knew good things were coming my way and that, “Lady luck is on your side.”

I agreed with him,  I figure, what’s the point?  None of my recent girls are sticking around.  Maybe they can sense I’m jobless, or something.  Maybe they aren’t taking me seriously.  Maybe they are just using me for sex and fun because they can’t consider me as a serious beau.  Maybe they tell me, “You are really special, but I don’t see you as the relationship guy.”  And I understand.  I get it.  So I figured, OK.  And I decided to take a short hiatus from Seduction and Dating.).

However, one night while I was sort of meditating I had this idea.  It is not a very complex idea and is definitely a borrowed idea, but up until now no one has put this idea into action here in Chicago, or really anywhere else I’ve been. I decided to conduct sort of a Men’s dating Mastermind, Roundtable.  The purpose is to get guys together to talk about their experiences in dating with other guys of like mind.  Some of the guys are more experienced and some are less experienced.  I figure, over time, more and more of the guys will start to get more experience and share those experiences with the rest of the group.  The purpose it to learn and to teach so that guys can get out there into the battlefield that is dating, and have bigger and better successes, whatever their personal goals are.

So I did the first one a month ago…  And it was a success.  The guys in the room were all very enthusiastic, and immersed in the experience.  I could see it and feel it in the room.  Some great advice and experiences were shared.  Afterwards a few guys thanked me and told me they looked forward to the next one.  Since then I have had a few texts and messages from other guys asking me when the next one would be.

So I did the next logical thing, and decided to schedule another one (of course posting the event on the forum the same way I did the very first time.).  However, I checked with the person who’s place we would be holding the event at, and he informed me he was going to be out of town that weekend so I needed to reschedule, but my life took hold and I kept putting off rescheduling the event for about 2 or 3 weeks, and finally when I did get back on the forum to make the change what did I see?

There was about 2 or 3 guys who did not even attend the first event, who were hating.  They talked bad about the event itself, the name of it, the date it was on, the way I advertised it; they were even taking personal shots at me.

They were talking smack about me being a 38 year old man who wanted to be a bartender.  They took shots at me having sleep apnea.  They talked about my eviction shit.  They talked about me.  They basically said any guy attending this event sucked at dating women.  I mean one guy posted multiple, very detailed, bolded, highlighted, colored text posts complete with photoshopped pictures so he could take shots at me.

The funny thing is, the thread had grown to about 2 pages long and I wasn’t even participating in the thread.  Not one reply or comment was from me.  There were a couple guys defending me too, or at least defending the idea of the event.

And when I got there I laughed.  I thought to myself, “These guys don’t even know me.  They’ve never even hung out with me in real life.  And yet here they are spending their time, and energy, writing long, professionally done posts, scouring my blog for items to hate on, (no no, they self-admittedly said they read my “crappy” blog – I guess if it’s so crappy I have to wonder why they know so much about my life story from scouring it.  Go figure… 😉 )

But I really didn’t have much to say.  Why should I defend myself or whatever against people who don’t really even know me?  Does it hurt to read their personal attacks against me?  I’m overweight; a loser who has no other aspiration in life other than wanting to be a bartender; I’m getting evicted; the title of my event was the wrong color, wrong name, wrong idea, wrong person conducting it blah blah blah…  Does all that hurt me?  No.  Not at all.  It’s a matter of perspective.  They are spending their energy on me, sifting through my posts on the private forum to find weapons to try to use against me.  They come here to my blog to see what they can dig up.  They are basically just twisted versions of groupies.  And if that’s what they want to do with their lives, who am I to argue with them?  Why even bother addressing the virtual ebooks they may write to try and incite me to fight back or defend myself?

So instead I would write a couple of short paragraphs, mostly about the event, but maybe with a tiny poke, so I could see them open up with more fodder to send my way…  Because to me it’s sort of like one of those dolls with a pull string in the back.  You pull the string, and the doll talks.

Same thing with the haters.  I take about 2 minutes to write out a reply, maybe post a funny picture or two it took me a moment to find on google, and let them spend another 30 minutes, hour, two hours, whatever spending their energy on me.  After all, that’s what they want to do.  They want to give a portion of their lives over to me.  They want me to be their Celebrity that they hate.  So why not?

Sure, sure, sure…  I’m sure they would be much, much happier if I wrote a big reply trying to defend myself, but I’m not ashamed of my life.  I want to follow my dreams.  I can’t help it they are too afraid to follow theirs, and must resort to pretending and hating.  Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time hating on other people, they could actually try and create the kind of life that they want the other guys on the internet to believe they are having.  They can have this post.  Here is my gift of energy back to them.  But really this post isn’t about them at all, it’s for any of you out there who have had, or do have now, haters in your life trying to hate.  Just understand the definition of a hater and relax knowing they are mad that you have what they don’t.  Whatever it is, don’t even bother trying to figure it out.  Just let it be.  You are doing something right.

A hater is someone who is jealous and envious and spends all
their time trying to make you look small so they can look tall.
They are very negative people to say the least. Nothing is ever
good enough! When you make your mark, you will always attract some
haters…That’s why you have to be careful with whom you share your
blessings and your dreams, because some folk can’t handle seeing you

It’s dangerous to be like somebody else…

If God wanted you to be like somebody else, He would have given
you what He gave them! Right? You never know what people have gone
through to get what they have.

The problem I have with haters is that they see my glory, but
they don’t know my story… If the grass looks greener on the other side
of the fence, you can rest assured that the water bill is higher there

~Maya Angelou http://www.zimbio.com/Maya+Angelou/articles/33/Definition+Hater+Maya+Angelou

As for me, I will continue to be a “loser bartending, apparently overweight, asshole for having sleep apnea, guy who loves sex and women, is trying to help other guys succeed in their dating lives, 38 year old” whatever whatever, and live my life the way I want to.

Some of us make things happen, or are out there trying to make awesome lives for ourselves.  Others feed off of those of us who do.  So cheers to you mylifetakethree, and others of you out there who have haters, because just remember, they are really just a twisted version of your fans.  Keep living your life the way you know you wanna, because, after all, some people need you to do that so they have something to do with their lives.  Let them watch from the bleachers and cheer against you.  Let them be the kids at the punk rock concert that paid for a ticket so they could say your band, which they are watching play, sucks.  Remember people, if you have haters, take heart, because you know you are doing something right…  😉

“We dress a certain way, we walk a certain way, we talk a certain way, we create a certain way, paint a certain way, we make love a certain way.  You know…. All of these things we do in a different, unique, specific way that is personally ours.  And we decided when it is time for us to, take over our own lives and do it the way we know we wanna do it; as opposed to someone else continually depersonalizing us and telling us how we’re supposed to do something, because they are viewing us through Their Eyes…  Not through OUR Eyes.” ~One of my favorite Quotes ever.  Author unknown