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You’ve heard about us before, but you haven’t taken a bootcamp with us yet.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Ronnie Libra… If you are looking to get the dating part of your life handled and have an abundance of women in your life, our bootcamp, Pickup RAW , is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

We have two different bootcamps to choose from.

A 7 day Total Evolution mentoring bootcamp: We break this down over 7 total days, IN FIELD. You will LEARN how to interact and succeed with women. We cover all the steps, teach you from scratch, and best of all, we teach YOU how to be a better YOU. We can do them in one lump, but most students get fantastic results by breaking up the 7 days into 3 or 4 weeks doing 2 or 3 days in field a week, with personalized homework on your off days.

2 Day Daygame Bootcamp: Many guys have approached me over the last year wanting to learn daygame. After teaching a couple bootcamps for Daygame, and seeing our students have amazing success, Pickup RAW has decided to extend this to the public as one of our regular programs. This is a 2 consecutive day bootcamp, IN FIELD, with personalized homework assigned.

There is no method or system that is a 1 size fits all approach. All our coaching is custom tailored to who YOU are. We will teach you how to capitalize on your strengths and obliterate your weaknesses (turning them into strengths as well).

We will take the personality you already have, and show you how to evolve into the most attractive, sexy, kickass version of yourself possible… Actually not the “MOST”, now that I think about it, because with the skills you take with you from what we teach you will continue to improve after you are finished with us.

What makes us different?

A Personal Approach: All of our teaching is custom tailored to you. We quickly zero in on your strengths and weaknesses. We show you how to use and improve those strengths, we hammer out those weak-spots and create new strengths, and help you succeed like never before.

Results: Our students have success. Success to us means these guys are usually having abundance sex lives once they are done with the bootcamp. Many of them enjoy fulfilling relationships, some with monogamous relationships while others play the field a little and date multiple girls.

Cost Effectiveness: We are not marketers. You would be hard pressed to find my picture on youtube or some website, because I am out actually playing the game. My anonymity is as important to me as yours is to you.

However, what that means is, we charge significantly less for our bootcamps than other major marketing outfits charge for theirs. And our students are seeing significantly better results!! (See Below) Most programs are charging $1500 to $3000 MINIMUM for 3 days, half of which is classroom, theory and presentation. Our Bootcamps are PRIMARILY in Field. Our Classroom is in the field. We teach you the RAW realities of dating in the real world.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle:  Several of our students have tried other Major bootcamps and came to us because they didn’t get the results they were hoping to get.  Maybe you’ve tried other bootcamps too.  Good! Now it’s time to come to us and do some real work.

Our Programs:

2 Day Daygame bootcamp: $1000 

1 Month Mentoring over Skype, Email, Facebook: $1000

7 day (1 month) Total Evolution Mentoring Bootcamp: $3000

Regular Ongoing Courses:

Chicago Bootcamp

Detroit Bootcamp

Cincinnati Bootcamp

Online Mentoring Bootcamp

Which, by the way let me talk about real quick.  Basically, man, I have been having guys telling me it is doing their lives a complete 180.  I have especially geared it for people who have Social Anxiety, Depression, and many other things I had to deal with myself when I first got into this game.  This is not a joke.  This is over 10 years of research, trial, error and success from someone who was more fucked up than you are now, by FAR, when I first started.  (I will write about that soon, I promise.)

Ecourse 1 Ecourse 2

Anyway, there are 2 tiers we can work with.  JUST the inner game stuff OR a combination of Inner game and a PICKUP Skills as well.  I like to say we do this for a month of Mentoring but honestly, I’m an “in the moment” type guys so I tend to lose track of time anyway…  As usual this is mostly custom tailored to what you are dealing with specifically.

Tier 1:  Inner Game Course: $500 for 1 month of mentoring over email/fb/skype.

Tier 2:  Inner and Outer Game Course: $1000 for 1 month of mentoring over email/fb/skype.

I suck at marketing so I don’t have a fancy email list or squeeze-page or any of that shit.  If you are interested, just email me and we can set up a FREE consultation.



OR you can hit me up on FB:


For a free consultation to get started!

What people are saying: 
(these are all REAL Verifiable testimonials. Many of these were not asked for, no discounts or other favors were offered. I will be happy to give out references of past students to those who inquire.)

Jawsome: “Your bootcamp definitely helped me more than Lovesystems, but I was curious what the mainstream was teaching. Now I know. Everyone should take your bootcamp… …Single day daygame lay only took 4 hours. I fucking love you guys. No homo”

BOOM!: “Ronnie helped me make the necessary tweaks to put me on the right path. For those of you who feel like you’ve encountered a massive sticking point, go ahead and take his bootcamp! It’ll mentally exhaust you but you’ll come out the other side stronger.”

Justice: “”I remember basic training. When I did something wrong, my drill sergeant made sure I never did it again. That method WORKS SO

Picture of one of our students on bootcamp.

Picture of one of our students on bootcamp.

MUCH BETTER than most approaches to learning. Now, Ronny never screamed in my face, but he didn’t beat around the bush. He showed up, we interviewed each other, agreed we would give it a shot in February, and long-story-short I’m getting laid a lot more than I did in January. Coincidence? Please… Three girls in three days (albeit one was a repeat customer). Seriously kids, if you’re a n00b like me or a vet that wants some work and you HAVEN’T taken Ronnie L-Train’s bootcamp yet you are doing yourself a disservice. Seriously, open up your purses and give him a shot.” ~Justice

Evolver: “Took a two month contract in Minneapolis. I think I may take a 100% travelling job with all of the women that go through these hotels. There is currently a women’s apparel conference going on right now….it’s like fish in a barrel.

In the meantime I’ve been spending the weekends at a different woman’s place – they pick me up on Thursday and drop me off Sunday. It’s great because the yoga instructor has a petit blonde roommate and we hook up Friday morning when she leaves for work, so that particular ride from the airport I relish quite a bit. It’s also great because I can keep distance. The only tricky thing is that they all know the yoga instructor, and I’m just waiting for this thing to explode. One of the women had her clit pierced – very innocent looking girl but she’s a total freak!!

I really can’t believe my life right now. I still require some sort of context when it comes to a hook up – the hotel has an attached convention center so its easy to crash happy hours (“So what brings you here blah blah blah”). As far as the weekends I really move around social circles and make friends no matter what. I also spend some time reconnecting with old friends/family in Minneapolis during the weekdays if there is nothing going on at the hotel, but usually a hookup is in the works (cell phones are the best things in the world!). There has been one hookup with a woman that is also on the same project as me. I think we will be hooking up some more before this project ends.

I just made a major life adjustment this year in terms of women, and I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. I’d much rather forget the sticking points that I’ve overcome and remember the new habits I’ve adopted. I need to do that for myself because this whole “pickup thing” is becoming a part of me. All of the technical stuff you taught me is now receding into the background and becoming a part of me altogether.

I owe you a lair meet/greet to tell people about the results I’ve gotten from your bootcamp!”

Text by a recent student: (Day 3 of 7 Day Bootcamp): “Sry 4 being MIA last night. I was up all night drinking and hooking up w/ my downstairs neighbor. 100% would not have pulled tht off before bootcamp.”

Comment from a student that ended up signing up for more coaching after 3 days: “I ended up meeting this girl at a bar and approached her, but she was with her friends and they rejected me. It’s funny because we ended up working together the next day. Who would have thought! I ended up asking her to lunch and then we went out again later and we ended up having sex. She told me the thing she liked about me was that I was confident enough to approach her and her friend in a bar. Thanks man!”

Another satisfied customer.

Cage: “I was in Chicago for around 4 months from August to early December, and me and Ronnie clicked, went out for a lot of nights where he did give me a lot of feedback on what I was doing wrong. Some stuff we worked on: talking sexual, being creepy, a lot of approach experience, knowing how to time bridge, setting up day 2s, killer mentality, it just goes on and on.

I learned a shitload from him, way more than the Asian playboy bootcamp i did which cost 1500 dollars for 3 days.

While in Chicago I did get laid, and once I got back here in the Philippines I can setup dates much easier than I was before. Ive had sex with people from cold approach, and that’s the whole point of this right? It’s a skill set that’s great to have, because I know if I really put my mind to it I can make a good attempt at going out with a chick that I actually like, even if I just see her around randomly on the streets. And my day 2 is very solid.

And because we did it over the long term, that’s where the real change in you will happen. Not like the superficial film of “game” that you see on other 3 day bootcamps.”


And you can check me out on FB with MORE testimonials I am adding all the time..  Click here.

I am all about discretion and keeping everything cool so no one needs to know your business if you’re not comfortable with that. If you have questions or comments, or would like a FREE CONSULTATION, feel free to email:



Ronnie Libra

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    • Good to know that you can come up with such underused and underappreciated flames such as, “I’m just happy that you moved out of your mom’s basement (finally!)”. It’s not like that keyboard jockey flame has been used thousands of times all over the internet. Keep trying sport. One day you can come up with something original all on your own! Thanks for trolling! 🙂

  3. Im laidback luke and i approve this message. Ronnies been in the game for a solid 15+ years in the Detroit and Chicago areas. That alone should qualify him Hes laid more pipe than a team of plumbers. His nightgame is superb. Hes truly an old school game guru. you can even see his posts on mASF. Spend your money on RSD if you want but you wont get personalized service like this.

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  5. Geesh.. one creepster created literally 8 multiple “anonymous” accounts to make comments and vote LOL!

    Meanwhile I Still Am willing to let anyone talk to my past students who actually aren’t afraid to tell you who they really are unlike my anonymous stalker dude.

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