The Seduction of Rainbow Dash – Finale


(this is the JAKE she’s referring to in our FB exchange later.  Apparently I remind her of him.)

Alright, you wanted it, you got it.  The final installment of the Seduction of Rainbow Dash.  If you want to get a total Break down of how to make a Difficult Lay take place, (assuming you’re a guy reading this though I do so love my female readers), definitely check this out but go back and read part 1, part 2 and part 3.  When I write my Lay Reports I’ve always broken things down in to specifics.

Of course you can always check out the whole list of my Awesome LRs and Seductions (always growing and there are still so many I haven’t even put up yet) on my page The Seduction Chronicles – A Collection.

Enjoy the final installment, my reports can be on the long side but they are ALWAYS packed with great stuff! (from what people tell me…)

Again my replies will be in Italics while everyone else’s will be in normal.  Here we go:

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It’s pretty awesome. I hate to be all mushy about this but last night was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time. It was the HB Rainbow Dash’s birthday.

Maybe I had a sort of childhood where I took everything so serious, was alone a lot and didn’t have many friends, at least cool chicks my own age. When I was in my 20s I always wanted a chick like this, since the first time I went to Club X back in the day and realized these types of chicks existed, especially after going to places like Leland City Club which is a much cooler  version of NEO/The Exit.

However, not to confuse things, Club X was more of a Club/Club, like the Mid where as Leland (less cool people call it the “City Club”) was more like a goth/industrial club. I ALWAYS had a crush on the hipster, rocker, punk. goth, dyed hair types with tattoos. Always. And to this date I haven’t filled my meter on fucking those types of women. Maybe I need to get emaciated and skinny and get a lot of Tattoos and dye my hair black… OR maybe I would (Dan) rather just be better off catching them outside their club environment. OR Like in THIS case, she wasn’t quite club age yet, 20 going on 21 in a matter of a week.

Whatever; I don’t wanna get too off track, but all I have to say is that this was a cool last week for me. Yesterday, I woke up and immediately started teaching students. We went and did daygame. I was TIRED when I woke up, damn sleep apnea shit. I came back home from that to my place and we held the Round Table. Needless to say by 8:30 it was time for me to go meet her and pick her up. She happens to be a Rollerderby chick as well which I like. Yes, many Rollerderby chicks are not as cute as you may think but some of them are pretty hot. She is a Jammer not a Blocker. Jammers are the ones that go fast and score points so they are usually slim and lithe if that helps.

She is soo hot to me IMO though, body is fucking so nice from top to bottom, beautiful smile, AMAZING ass, I mean… AMAZING ass, and her tits are nice D sized cups but not HUGE, but she has these perfectly suckable nipples.

And piercings and Tattoos and rainbow colored dyed hair cut short.

But she was pretty smart. She goes to some pretty prestigious college for her chosen major and apparently all the kids at that college are smart kids. But she also has that fucking youthful exuberance. That’s what I loved. She was so fucking… I dunno, so much the chick I always wanted when I was younger, and have only had a couple times since then, but usually they were bad girl types. This one was/is the good girl type.

She was singing songs, talking about interesting shit one moment and cartoons the next (which are still interesting to me anyway ) We were arguing in my bed about politics then making out and fucking right after, she was just so full of life and all that.

Youthful Exuberance. And to be honest, I LOVE that shit.

Needless to say we fucked and did all sorts of other naughty type shit from about 11pm till almost 6am. It was soooo hot.

But what does this do to me in the long run? It instills a little more confidence in me that I’m not too old for these younger chicks. I mean, I’m 39 and she’s 21 now. This is almost like permission to go ahead and seek out and bang more younger chicks. Not that they are the only ones I want to bang, but I was getting worried there for a moment.

Anyway, she was just so fun. She would alternate between shy and confident – one moment she would be quiet as a church mouse and composed and the next she would be be shaking her ass, or gyrating her body doing stripper moves. Oh, and isn’t it interesting what you never know about someone. She apparently was a Stripper for a short while, but said she didn’t like the lifestyle so stopped, HOWEVER she still does Pole Dancing exercise to keep fit. And she is, solid from head to toe. Not ripped but solid, great body and all that.

So I am good to go and I have a few other chicks to follow up with. She is going back home to her home state in a couple days. We may chill again, not sure yet, but regardless – it was fun while it lasted.

I sent this after what I thought would be the last time I saw her...  Nope!

I sent this after what I thought would be the last time I saw her… Nope!

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Obviously I’m still a rather young buck, but am starting to be curious about the scene when I’m in my mid-late 30s too.

How did the age discussion come up, how did you handle it? Do you think that bc she’s already a bit of a punk-rocker that she is more open to things like dating a 39 year old then maybe a 21 year old sorority girl? Was there any expectation of spending money on her, and did you spend money on her? (not to question beta-ness at all — I’m just curious how the scene looks and how expectations are).

Congrats again man — I know I just nailed a 21 year old and I really felt like I was getting something extra young and tasty and I loved it… and I’m only 28. I can only imagine how much better it must feel for you. Major props!

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The discussion came up first in the texting. Then it came up later when I was kinoing her. Resistance, resistance resistance. And here’s what’s funny. If I would have given in and said, “Ah Fuck. She’s telling me I’m too old for her and it’s creepy,” which is sort of the vibe (and what she said) she gave me when I commenced kino, then I wouldn’t have fucked her. Funny enough, I don’t know if this was backwards rationalization OR if she already felt this, but she started telling me later how she always liked older guys and how she thought the idea of it was sexy.

Now WTF? But at first that’s NOT what she was saying . So in the texts you can see what I do, then in person I didn’t make a big deal out of it, maybe just “How old do you think I am? I’m definitely NOT 40!” Implying I am Much Younger but I’m being honest. She said 35. I said, “That’s a fucking Great Guess.” That’s all. She would make comments about me being 35 from time to time but I never denied her. Then she found me on Facebook, friended me and found out I was 39. I will link in with the photo of that text exchange at the end.

But the key to this was the El Topo shit I played with her. I was planting in her the suggestion that she is the type of girl who has 2 personalities fighting against each other all the time. I told the 2 wolves story, then right off the bat followed up with, “It’s like when I touch you. Part of you is like, ‘Whoa! This guy is older than me.’ and all the social programming, like news and tv ans shit has you believing that’s true. But then there’s the other half of you that likes it and thinks it’s hot. I can tell, you’re the type of girl who has innocence and shyness, but then there are times where you probably have gotten pretty fuckin wild, crazy and naughty and let loose and those are some of the best, most memorable times you’ve had.

Like I bet some of the shit that you think about in your mind, like.. it’s fucking some crazy, wild shit that if you told your best friends about it they’d be like Holy Shit! But that’s what I like about you. You have this sweet innocent side and then you have this naughty side to balance it out. That’s hot. I can appreciate that because at times I’m like that too.”

So breaking this down I instruct her what she is to be like around me, then I connect it to me and tell her I like it. Done. Then I just moved on to talking about sexual stuff for the rest of the dinner. Going back it’s simply amazingly hot to see this super shy girl at dinner, and then finding out just how fucking naughty and dirty she is/was when we were together. Jesus, this girl was doing all sorts of shit, shaking her ass in my face so I could watch, naughty stripper shit in my house, I mean not to mention all the actual sexual stuff we did. It’s just amazing how that works because it’s TRUE. All these girls these days have the naughty side, it’s just OUR responsibility to bring it out. Safe?

Do you think that bc she’s already a bit of a punk-rocker that she is more open to things like dating a 39 year old then maybe a 21 year old sorority girl?

That’s a good question. She told me repeatedly I was NOT her type. (I don’t know if I’m any girl’s type lol). She said she usually likes the young, effeminate, slim, good looking types. Guys she mentioned a couple times as her type was:

Billie Joe, lead singer for Green Day

Robert Smith – Lead singer for the cure

and Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp). I am, in appearance and manner, not close to any of those cats. But it didn’t stop her from calling me sexy and hot a few times…

I bet, EVEN with a sorority girl it’s simply a matter of pulling her out of her world and into yours. A sorority girl may be all about fitting into her social mode, but I’m sure it could be done. This is why, for a guy like me, Daygame is the shit. I can catch these girls AWAY from their social circle, and environment. If I were the 39 year old dude in a College bar those girls might have a hard time being converted to fucking me, at least in front of their peers, however, if we can keep it on the downlow and bring her into our world, I see no reason why it can’t be done. I will have to experiment more I suppose and maybe target some sorority type chicks.

Was there any expectation of spending money on her, and did you spend money on her? (not to question beta-ness at all — I’m just curious how the scene looks and how expectations are).

Well I do what I want. Here’s the plan as I see it. We talked about getting wine because I wanted to chill with her and I tend to like having a drink or 2 with chicks I go out with. Not to get drunk, but to get the social lube thing going. It’s (for better or worse) been part of my seductions since way back. I am the guy with candles, and incense and cool music and wine and that’s my bag. She is vegan and so I thought to myself after the first date (ok. I need to get her to my place. She doesn’t turn 21 for a couple of days so where can I take her that is Vegan, byob, close to my place, etc. So I did a little research and we found this cool Ethiopian place.

I spent $6 on the wine, and maybe 30 bucks on food. I said this in my other post about the texts but I ascribe to the belief that David X has which is if you want to buy the chick drinks or dinner fucking do it. But in order to do so you have to be Alpha about it. You pick the place, you pay, you take responsibility and you don’t do it to buy her favor, you do it because you want to do it.

And so, I do. But she offered dutch, and when we went to Chicago Diner a couple days ago she actually paid. But when she offered dutch I said no. Very Alpha in a very backwards way. I took her out to eat, and I owned it. I knew going into dinner I would be going to my place next and fucking her. This was not to BUY her favor or time, it was strategic and logistical.

But would I say she had expectations about money being spent? Nope. I led the entire time. Date 1 – no money spent. Date 2 and the close, maybe $40. But I can say this, there have been younger chicks I banged that I spent almost no money on. One comes to mind that I knew that we had 1 drink at the bar and then back to my place for sex. It was my fastest close ever. I think we were fucking with a total of 30-45 minutes of face time and I spent maybe $6 on her Jack and Coke.

Congrats again man — I know I just nailed a 21 year old and I really felt like I was getting something extra young and tasty and I loved it… and I’m only 28. I can only imagine how much better it must feel for you. Major props!

Ya man. She’s one of my favorites.. But then again… I say that about all of them… But then again, I think that’s because I MEAN that about all of them. There’s something about picking high quality chicks and then !closing them, having them dig you and digging them back that feels really good. I know I may never see her again since she’s flying back to Florida, but that’s short time is one of the stories I hope I can look back to when I’m and gray and replay in my memory banks.

I’ll tell you this much, it’s the shit like this that makes all the hard work, rejections, loneliness, frustration, going out and sucking all that blah blah in the early stages (the shit that so many guys we see -come and go- being conquered by), and even mid stages, that makes all that fucking hard work so worth it.

This is why I try to tell people, man, it’s not an easy game, but NEVER give up, because one day this shit really does pay off. I can safely say pretty much ALL of the chicks I get with these days are chicks I REALLY like. That’s a cool motherfucking feeling to have.

1 more FYI. After the FB exchange below she came back, we hung out, and we fucked again anyway…


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Congrats on the LR, but don’t you think you are over-analyzing this a bit and backwards rationalizing too much of what you THINK worked?

You are focusing

only on your age as the obstacle/the negative….

but have you ever thought that to a 20 year old who is ADD and hasn’t seen much of the world you are amazing because….

you appear to have your shit together, have a cool job, have money, have your own place, have stories about life….


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Not so much looking at my age as a negative. When I say it’s refreshing to pull another young chick, it’s like I have a clock in myself that is ticking and each young girl resets it. Most of my lays have been probably girls in the 20-28 region. I remember a time when I was like, “Every girl I pull is 23. Wtf?”

I didn’t even start gaming till I was 31 – from SCRATCH (well, maybe like 10 to 13 lays). So I have always been pretty good at getting girls younger than me.

That being said, I feel it’s always important to break down what happened. I don’t think shit together, money, etc, would have been enough to reframe this chick (Texts, In-Person resistance) and get her back to my house and naked. Trust the Tech. Sometimes I think some guys try TOO hard to say, “You don’t need Tech at all, just be yourself!”

However, the tech fucking works. I agree with the “get out of your own way” stuff, but I think it ONLY works when guys have taken the time to internalize the Tech. Then it becomes a balance. Maybe some guys who’ve been in it for a while forget that. They think they are the same person they were at day 1, not using the tech at all, and have just magically figured out how to get out of their own way, but… BUT I tend to doubt that’s the case.

I’m willing MORE to bet that after seeing and experiencing things working again and again those things just stuck – Conscious vs Unconscious Competence.

Take a total noob and tell him, “Get out of your own way.” It WONT WORK – he needs the tech to make that journey and experience to make it happen.

PS – The End 😉