7 Ways to Speed Up Aging

Hey, so I ran across this article because, well…  Let’s just say I do 2 of these things and have for a long time.  Now, in this time of my life, I guess it’s time to stop.  Maybe you do some of this stuff, maybe you do not.  Needless to say, here’s a little article I decided to share, written by:

…and of course you can link up to his blog by clicking the nice, fancy thing with his name on it, above.  Also I will link up to the original article at the bottom.   Here we go:

7 Ways to Speed Up Aging

August 8, 2011

Not getting enough sleep can definitely cause more facial wrinkles, but here are 7 more ways to make sure that you get even more wrinkles, have more aches and pains, feel old, or even die sooner.

1. Eat or snack close to bedtime.

Going to bed on a full stomach may help you fall asleep faster, but once you’re asleep, you’re more likely to have reflux into the throat, leading to more frequent breathing obstructions and arousals, leading to inefficient sleep.

Most modern humans have dental crowding and smaller jaws. Since soft tissues such as the tongue and nasal septum grow to their genetically predetermined size, the airway gets crowded. This leads to more frequent obstructions when on your back (due to gravity) and especially when in deep sleep (due to muscle relaxation). The more juices you have in your stomach when you go to bed, the more likely it’ll come up when you stop breathing.

Your stomach juices include not only acid, but also bile, digestive enzymes, and even bacteria. These substances can cause even more inflammation and swelling in your throat, leading more more obstructions and arousals.

If you want to gain weight, continue eating late. Lack of sleep quantity or sleep quality has been shown to promote weight gain, which leads to more narrowing in your throat.

2. Drink a night cap before bedtime

Alcohol may help you to fall asleep better and faster, but it causes your throat muscles to relax and you’ll stop breathing much more often, preventing you from achieving continuous deep and REM sleep. Not sleeping deeply can increase stress levels, making it difficult to shut down your brain when you’re trying to fall asleep. Drinking alcohol before bedtime can help you to go to sleep, but you end up aggravating this vicious cycle. Alcohol also irritate the stomach, creating more acid production.

3. Sleep on your back

Modern humans, due to smaller than normal jaws, are unable to breathe well during sleep when supine due to the tongue falling back (due to gravity) and especially in deep sleep (muscles relax). The more crowded your mouth is (if you needed braces), the more likely you’re going to be a natural side or stomach sleeper. Anything that prevents you from your normal preferred position will increase the number of obstructions and arousals, leading to less efficient sleep. One way to make sure that you sleep on your back is to get injured or undergo surgery—this will definitely lower your sleep quality.

4. Undergo rhinoplasty

Whenever the surgeon narrows the tip, cartilage in your nostrils are weakened, and years later, are more likely to cave in whenever your inhale. If you have a deviated nasal septum, or allergies, the weakened nostrils are more likely to collapse inwards, leading to a vacuum effect in the throat, with more frequent tongue collapses (especially if you have small jaws, eat late or drink late). Look for a surgeon that doesn’t take the steps needed to prevent this from happening if you want to have more breathing problems later in life.

5. Bottle-feed as an Infant

Dentists have shown that the physical act of bottle-feeding changes your bite and dental structures, leading to a higher incidence of malocclusion. This leads to crowded teeth and narrow dental arches, which can increase your chances of developing obstructive sleep apnea later in life. If you want to make things worse, use pacifiers whenever possible and encourage thumb-sucking for as long as possible.

6. Undergo jaw surgery

Jaw operations are commonly performed to correct bite or occlusion problems, but one thing that surgeons frequently don’t address is the fact that any time the upper or lower jaw is pushed back, the airway can become more compromised. As a result, your smile and your bite can improve, but your ability to breathe properly at night will go downhill. Not sleeping efficiently can significantly increase your rate of aging.

7. Don’t treat your sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common condition that becomes more common as we all get older. People with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly at night, without even realizing it. This causes a major physiologic stress response that wreaks havoc on your body. Even growth hormone levels are diminished. In fact, about 1/4 of men and 1/10 of women are thought to have unrelated obstructive sleep apnea. After age 60 to 70, some studies show that the vast majority have obstructive sleep apnea, especially if you have chronic medical conditions or are institutionalized.

Efficient sleep (quantity and quality) is essential for healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Ignoring your breathing problems while sleeping is a surefire way to age faster. If you really want to have more facial wrinkles, wait until you’re much older to address any underlying sleep-breathing issues you may have.

There you have it.  To check out more of Dr Park, you can link up to the original article at: 

http://doctorstevenpark.com/7-ways-to speed-up-aging/

Ohhhh Yeah! Blog Me Baby!

So here’s where I give some loving to those who love me first.  If you kiss me then I kiss you back.  😉

I noticed in the last month that not 1 but 2 people have reblogged my posts.  It’s funny too because sometimes I write shit and I’m thinking, “This is SHIT!  Who’s gonna actually even read this garbage?” and then someone comes along and BAM!  They not only like my post, but they like it enough to take the responsibility of posting it on their own blog… 😉

That being said, this post is not about me, (well not directly anyway.) this is about those brave souls who decided to spread me some love, opening up their blog to me so that I could penetrate deep into their reader’s thoughts with my sometimes long and stiff writing, despite how hard I may be on it from time to time.  (Ok… enough…)

So first up we have sweetopiagirl from her blog Inspiredweightloss who reblogged my post Sleep Fucking Apnea.  Her blog is about empowering women to lose those extra pounds and get in shape!  That’s right!  (Yes, I am aware that women like reading my blog.  Another blogger and I talk about how many women most likely read my blog, especially the seduction stuff, though they might never admit it 😉  )  Now here is a little quote from her blog (what better words than her own to describe the awesomeness of her blog?) from the section About My Weight Loss Blog:

I am here to share my journey and to help other women to succeed at losing weight along with me! We will be sharing our thoughts, ideas and menus that will actually work for us throughout this process. Having tried a gajillion diets, I understand how when we want to lose weight, we tend to look for the answer outside ourselves. We want a magic solution, a secret formula. I use to wish  somebody would just tell me the answer, show me the way. Someone did! But I’ve also learned what Glenda, the good witch, told Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, ” You always had it. You always had the power.” You know the real secret is within you.

Very cool.  If you are trying to lose some of that flab, get over there and check her out for some inspiration.

Next up to bat we have the Hello100blog that decided to repost my article I just wrote (needless to say it is my article that has gotten the most comments so far) What to Get Your Man for Christmas…  What Else?  Trust me when I say, ladies, that you cannot go wrong with the advice I posted in that article.  The Hello100blog seems to be a blog that reposts VERY FUCKING AMAZING blog posts from all over the web.  (I mean, my blog post made it over there so I’m just sayin.) But, you could also learn how to make Russian-style honey-based gingerbread, or read up on a Christmas Poem called Paracelso (and a whole lot more!!!)

Anyway, it was a little exciting for me to see some people breakin me off a piece…  (Of their blog, pervert!)  So I figured I’d share.

By the way, if you haven’t been listening to my Themesong’s of the day, you better start.  There will be a Pop Quiz coming up soon!

Cheers and…



Long ago, in a time far far away, I was chilling with a chick I had a HUGE crush on.  We went to a Concert at the Shelter, which is the Basement of St. Andrew’s Hall in Downtown Detroit  By the by, this is one of my favorite concert venues EVER!  Now, I’m not sure if it was Veruca Salt or The Breeders but here was the biggest problems with me trying to seduce her; she was a lesbian.  That’s right.  She liked other women, and I just so happen to not be even remotely passable for a female.  But it was going cool, we had a little vibe going on so I wanted to make my move.

I talked to her about how her last girlfriend ended up seducing her.  (By the way, I will post on this later.  Some of the best seduction stuff you can learn is from other women.  Don’t – I repeat – Do NOT confuse that with ADVICE about how to seduce women, because that can be TERRIBLE if it comes from a woman.  We will get into that in another post…)  Anyway, I asked her what happened, I think I even asked specifically, how the first kiss took place.  She told me, “She said to me, ‘If I kiss you will you kiss me back?’ and I looked at her and said, ‘Yes.'”

Needless to say it didn’t take me long to figure out how I could seduce her.  I think it took me another three seconds to look at her in the eyes and say, “If I kiss you will you kiss me back?”  and she said, “Yes.” and It was WONDERFUL.  We then went on the People Mover which is Detroit’s sort of Pseudo train for the city and made out on it while we rode around the city, until a security guard got on and kicked us off.

People Mover @ The Epoch Times

THAT is a memory worth remembering!!  😉

Life While Asleep

Example of dark circles

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Today is another wasted day in my life. I am lying here on my bed writing this after having just eaten tater tots and a sausage and egg biscuit from Dollar Tree. Or was it Family Dollar? I have really no idea because to get there to purchase food that would be super easy to prepare and that would shut up my cravings for bad food I had to go forth to the store in a Zombie Haze. I went to bed last night about 2am. I had to really just get to sleep, because I knew today I would wake up and have some issues.

I have some sort of sleep problem. I’m not sure what it is yet, but am hoping to find out soon enough. You see, I would love to just go get tested to see what’s happening with me, but it costs a lot of money to get tests and treatment. I’m not going to turn this into a sob story. Here’s what is happening in my life right now. I am having, on my days where I do get enough sleep, this wonderful appreciation of life that is growing upon me. I am coming to the conclusion that much of my life is being wasted (unfairly?) on this sleep deprivation issue and that during the times where I have energy; I need to use my life wisely and to the fullest, embracing every moment and discovering who I am; and what I am here for.

…Which is kind of a scary thought right now because it has literally pulled me away from my job that I had as a leasing agent in Chicago. My thoughts are, I am NOT a sales guy. Sales killed my father, literally. It made him a miserable wreck for years and wore him down and then eventually, 3 days after a major deal he worked on for 2 years fell apart, he had a massive hard attack and died.

I had never seen him like that, the day I came home to see him. He needed to talk to me, he said, and when I saw him he was shaking, and crying. He said he didn’t know what to do. All his fucking dreams of retirement, and finally catching up on his debt and being able to finally settle down, crushed by some corporate fuckface (or group there of) who decided that his work wasn’t good enough, or relevant to their plans or whatever happens in the corporate world.

I should have stayed around and kept watch but I did not. It was getting on Valentines day and I had a girlfriend who was beckoning for my attention. I went to her instead, and when he needed me most – I let him down and he died.

And now here I am, living my life half asleep. Days like today I can accomplish nothing. I just got a call from someone who wanted to schedule a showing on one of my rental properties and I played it off, told him I would get back to him, having no intention of doing so. That sucks too. I have my rent piling up. I am 2 months behind at this point. I quit my last job at a rental company here in Chicago because of creative differences. I fully intended to start working at another company that recruited me, but the problem is, things have sort of went down hill since then and for one reason or another I have had my sleep deprivation kicking up again, reminding me that life is short; and startlingly enough Killing off my drive to work in Real Estate.

I feel like there is some other reason I am here. Not to be, as so many people have referred to me over the last few months, “a salesman”. I abhor the title. “Ronnie, the thing “so-and-so” said is that maybe it’s because you’re so much of a salesman that….”


“You’re such a good salesman that people are making decisions before they really even know what’s happening.”


“You’re not my brother, you’re just a salesman!”

That last one was with a landlord who’s property I had rented out a year ago. I was negotiating with him over another listing he was going to give to me, before the switch from one company to the next, and he said those words to me on the phone. i was so pissed when I heard that, I basically killed the deal at that point and told him nevermind without telling him to go fuck himself, which, before my time as a leasing agent, I probably would have.

It killed me inside to hear someone refer to me as that. It was good to hear people telling me I was good at something but it was NOT good to hear that I was a good salesman. And then yesterday I had, what I am starting to call, an “energy day”. Energy Days are days which are probably normal to you. They are your everyday day. But to me they are fucking GOLD! I am starting to relish them. I am writing this right now excited at the prospect that tomorrow I might wake up and have some energy and be able to go out and do something constructive with my life.

I think this could be one of those mixed blessings. I really hope so, because I am frightened a little that soon I will be out of house and home – but I am simultaneously having dreams of returning to Key West and sleeping on the beach until I discover whatever the hell it is my mind is trying to formulate for me right now. My last couple sleep days have been pounded with Visuals of returning to Key West and I just might hit the road when I get my final $1000 from my last job. Maybe there is a better place to go. I love writing and I love women and I love… Oh you know what? Winter is almost here and I also love skiing. Maybe I need to do the opposite. I could imagine myself working at some ski resort doing a job there too, but – well, I’m not exactly in my 20s anymore and I really need to find my path in life. I really feel like I have so much potential that is being wasted.

Which brings me back to the point. My wish, right now, is that somehow I can get treated for whatever sleep condition ales me. That I can find out what it is that is causing it and get some treatment that will make my “energy days” my normal days.

Some shittier news: (LOL Trust me when I say this is not going to be some depressing, shitty blog where I whine and complain. There are, and will be, so many more good times that I will share i the future.) My dog is old as fuck and half-blind and senile. He is prone to fits of growling, barking like he wants to kill and snapping. He has bit me a couple times, once really hard. I love him, and yea, yea, yea I know some people reading this will be like, “Well you should put him down if he’s old and biting.” Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind. But the other thoughts that cross my mind are how he has been my buddy, been there with me since he’s been alive. I’ve been with him longer than any girl I’ve dated. Actually he’s been around through several girls I’ve dated, and I still see part of his nice side coming out. He’s there. He loves me. He wants to be petted and hugged and I can snap him out of his frenzies if I can get to him before he tears my hand off.

I mean, maybe I can tolerate him more because I know what it is to live life with some sort of thing that makes life suck from time to time. At most times in my life there have been something wrong with me that have tore me up either physically or emotionally and through all of them I have persevered. So my buddy, despite his issues, deserves a little leeway. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me or I kill him because of it, but I have a feeling that in life, things do turn out happy in the end. I still, despite all the bullshit I have had beat the shit out of me in my life, feel that there is still a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; that there is a happy ending at the end of the fairy tale. I’ll find mine.