LR: HB Creole Legs

Ok, I’m a little tired today so let’s see if I can do this.  I’m going to try and cut out a lot of the meat and get to my points.

1.  I opened direct, but not what people consider direct, which is really not direct but a canned line, “Hey, I thought you were cute and I just wanted to meet you.”  I did more like what David X would say to do and whatever you like about her, you tell her, and that means EXACTLY what you think, not padded or soft. INTENT from the get go.

2.  Combined element of and INTENTION (different from intent) and Synchrodestiny.  This was a little different than how I would usually play the game but it worked fabulously.  I have been meaning and meaning and meaning to write a post on this but it hasn’t happened yet.  I will soon.  Basically the idea is stuff that people like Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer teach.  That is, also, what I have been teaching people like Boom! and Jawsome (students) a little.  It kind of just came out in my most recent bootcamps, but it has seemed to be really powerful.  That is, you got up today with the INTENTION of talking to women.  So every woman you see is actually there for you to talk to.  It is LIFE giving you a GIFT.  It is NOT accidental that you decided to go meet women, and that you see a woman you like, and that your mind is telling you to talk to her.  It is ALL the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS.  If you don’t approach you are slapping life in the face.  That’s a VERY basic run down, I will get into details later when I write the thread.

So, I was walking around near my place in a nice little neighborhood that I like to frequent, and I noticed walked into a second hand clothing store because, well 90% of those shops are women’s clothing and women love second hand clothing.  I saw this 2 set of black girls near the checkout, one was sitting on a bench and the other was talking to her.  The one sitting – I saw her legs and I was fucking immediately horny.  YUMMY!  She was also, IMO fucking way attractive, despite the fact that she wasn’t even dressed up.  She was wearing shorts and a sweat top.  I wanted to approach, but my brain reflected on something Johnny Walker once talked with me about.

We were in a diner in Lakeview and I saw a 2 set there in a booth who I told Johnny I was going to approach.  He said something to the effect that it was the wrong place and the wrong time.  It was an awkward situation, and that the girls would most likely not be receptive.  Then he made the point clear, which was, “Guys are always trying to open the difficult sets. Then they get rejected.  Then they keep doing it and keep getting rejected and they start to create a pattern of failure in their minds instead of thinking that it has to do with just repeating the same mistake over and over.”  This is far different from, “Advanced openeing blah blah” or whatever.  This is more to the point of, pick your battles wisely.

To me, that was a great lesson but I added something to it this time.  Intention and synchrodestiny.  In my mind I knew that 2 girls, In a store, NEAR the girls working the checkout.  That would be a LOT of pressure.  So, I thought to myself, “I am going to go back to my car and get my phone, which I forgot anyway.  Assuming that I am out and I am SUPPOSED to meet her, that she is actually there because of my intention, then when I come back I will meet her.”

And that’s what I did.  And when I was walking back, who did I happen to pass on the sidewalk?  The  two black girls.  And I opened immediately with, “I had to tell you your legs are fucking amazing!”

She got a big smile on her face immediately.  We started chatting.  Her friend only gave me a little shit but warmed up to me immediately after some light banter.

I made my intentions known, that I wanted to take this girl out.  But there was a lot of banter immediately with these two girls.  I was talking about how I was going to go work out, HBCreole Legs was talking about how she hadn’t worked out in 3 weeks but that she wanted to get on team skinny.  I told her how I could work out like a horse and no matter if I lost every ounce of fat on my body I’d probably be a big, stocky guy.

And she shot back, “uhhh…  You’re not that big.  I mean, maybe in your mind you are but ummmm…”  She was negging me so to speak.

I told her I could take her, called her short (she was pretty much 1 inch shorter than me) and then her friend got involved and had us stand back to back to see who was taller.  So banter was established pretty early.

Then we walked after a few minutes, and her friend actually went to where she worked apparently and left us.  I said, “let’s go grab some tea.”  She was like, “fuck it.  Ok.”

So we went.  On with the banter and a tiny bit of kino but not like clubby like since it was daygame and we only knew each other for 10 minutes.  Very soon the banter was going how I like it, racist… Wink  Not really, but I have dated a few black girls, one for over a year.  Plus some of my best wings and friends in my life were black guys.  What you learn is, when you have a good heart and the other person knows it, the “racist” banter goes back and forth.  She was talking about white people this and that.  I think the first thing was something about these cops we saw and how she made a joke about how we had to run or something.  I said, “No, you’re with me.  I’m white.  You’re safe.”

She was making silly jokes about shit, I would come back.  I can’t remember them all but the 2 that stand out were when we could cross the street, I would say, “it’s safe to cross.  The WHITE guy just popped up.”  And in the tea shop I told her she should order a “Hot Chocolate” and elbowed her knowingly.  She said, “oh is that how it is?”

The girl behind the counter had a big smile on her face and asked us if we were comedians?  I said something about how, “You know when you’re little and your parents teach you, “think before you speak”?  Well I thought that was TERRIBLE advice so I just really don’t think at all, and the words just come out.

Anyway so on and on we went, walking around the town, going into a store here or there.  Banter kept going, but so did vibe and very soon sexual topics and kino started escalating.  Soon we were walking around broad daylight and she was telling me how she masturbated before she left the house that day, how she liked dildos, I grabbed her legs, was being aggressive.  Lots of push pull kino (fractionization) and soon I had my arm around her waste pulling her to me.  I could have kissed her but didn’t.

I was headed to the gym and had no intention of pulling.  But I did want to see her again.  This girl was HOT to me.

So, that being said, I eventually stopped the interaction, and tried a timebridge, to which she said she was busy.  But she texed my phone which was in my car.

So I pinged her a couple times over the weekend, just fun texts.  She would take along time to respond but whatever.  Yesterday I asked her to hang out.  We did.

I took her for one drink, J-Dub happened to be at the day 2 bounce location and he was cool.  We sat next to him and he talked to her a bit, and then eventually he left.  I let her finish her beer, but I seeded early the possibility of going to my place to “watch a movie”.

She said, “I know what “watch a movie” means and it never means watching a movie.”  I said for me it did.

But then I said, “well I could say come see my talking goldfish.”

By the way, escalation was pretty easy, like I said.  The stage was set already so it was just kinda natural at this point.  However that also means I was actively doing it.  I did do constant kino and “let’s see if you fit” just because it kinda seems trademark at this point.  But straight to my place, straight to my bedroom, and straight to watching 300 part II.

And I was kissing her all over, and eventually…  I mean HOLY MOTHER OF GOD this girl was fucking BEAUTIFUL naked. She was trying not to let me make her cum but too bad for her.  I won…  She was like, “fuck!  I just came.  What just happened?”  It was cute.

I’m really tired today so I’m writing this, but if anyone has specific questions feel free to ask.


A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea Part I


Yesterday I woke up.  I wanted to do some grocery shopping.  That was it.  That was my goal.  Get groceries for my empty fridge.  Big deal?  Not really.  But I think most people go to their favorite grocery store and just kinda get everything at once, they pile it up, fill their cart or basket with whatever they need and go from there.  I can’t do this.  I sometimes do, but more often than not I am hitting up about 4 or 5 different venues to do my shopping.  I was actually feeling pretty tired yesterday, but still just couldn’t fathom the idea of going to one place.

(Sometimes when I wake up it might take me an hour or two to figure out whether my sleep was great or not.  I might start to get drowsy pretty quickly and get funky headaches if I need a little more rest.  Yesterday and Today I did the same remedy for that which is a General Wellness audio from Belleruth  Naparstek, kinda like Guided Imagery.  It’s basically hypnosis, and it gets me totally tranced out and catnaps me so after about a half hour I wake up with a little reboost and can go on my way.  But before my little reboost yesterday…)

I hit up this new Walmart Express near my home.  Yuck!  Definitely ghetto inside, and I doubt I’ll find much reason to go back.  Then off to Target.  Still I realized I was getting more and more tired, but to my dismay I found myself in the frozen foods section chatting up this cute little Asian gal about vegetables.  But how come I can’t have a discussion anymore with women without lots of smiles, blushes and glows being thrown my way?  I don’t get it.

I did an experiment recently with a buddy of mine who wanted to learn to talk to women he would see from day to day.  What happened was pretty interesting.  He would see women all around while we were walking through the city, and some of them he liked.  What I was trying to show him, is that despite all the cultural bullshit that assumes that talking to strangers is somehow evil and weird, it is, In Fact, very normal.  It’s not the act of doing it, it’s HOW you do it.

The problem, of course is, that he was nervous approaching these women.  That nervousness is two things, VERY normal, and VERY contagious.   Ya, fucked up when you think about it.  When we see someone that fires us up inside the natural, outdated, cave man response our bodies give us is to get all nervous, and flood ourselves with all these thoughts of how things could go extremely bad.  Interestingly enough it NEVER goes away no matter how many times you approach that random stranger that you find attractive.  So what happens?  People just avoid talking to strangers they find attractive.  Women are smart.  They have this game down to a mad science.  If they see a guy they like they do things like eye contact, or they may position themselves closer to the guy, or walk by the guy a couple times, or give him subtle signals to suggest she is interested.  Guys DO NOT always notice these signals that women think are so obvious.  Maybe life has changed throughout the centuries and at a more primitive time these signals were blaringly obvious, but with time these signals have become lost to most men.  So that does not always work.  And even if the guy likes the girl he may be too nervous to approach her.

How do I know?  Because I just tested my theory.  I saw a girl I thought I might like and my brain became preoccupied with all this bullshit about I should approach and talk to her, but it would be weird and awkward, and not the right time and place, and what would she think, and what would the people around me and her think, and would she like me or scream at the top of her lungs, “Fuck off you fucking Creep!”, or whatever….

But the only way to really find out is to go do it.  I was even a little creepy and awkward in my approach.  I sat in the empty chair across from her and alternately stared at her with a little grin on my face and at other random places around the room.  Soon I caught her making very fast eye contact but as soon as my eyes caught her she looked away.  But the funny thing is I approached her anyway and she was still warm and smiley.  I feel like I could have stayed longer but at closer inspection I didn’t feel like she was doing it for me so after a minute of cool conversation, even telling her I was trying to decide whether or not she was cute (not in a dicky way, in a fun way), I politely ejected myself.  However, NONE of the warnings my mind gave me happened.  Not even close.

Oh… So about the experiment with my buddy.  To get him used to talking to random women I said, “Go ask them what time it is.”  No no, it wasn’t going to get the girl’s heart a fluttering and making her desire him madly.  It was to get him over his fear of talking to random women he was attracted to SO when he finds himself in a situation where he spots a woman he REALLY likes he would be better prepared.  Alas, he was still getting the shit beat out of him by his fear so I decided to demonstrate.

But here’s the interesting thing.  When I went up and started asking women, “Hey…  what time is it?, several of the conversations became very obviously flirty very quickly.  These women, on some level, could sense “the wolf” as I like to call it.  The wolf used to scare women back in the day when I was just horny and not so smooth, but now women like the more charming and witty and refined wolf.  Go figure.  My buddy said to me, “I hate you.” it was so obvious.

Sexy Modern Princesses From Old Fairy Tales on

So the same thing happened to me when I was in the frozen food isle at the Target.  I made fun of the Asian gal for taking one package of frozen vegetables, putting them back, and replacing them for another package.  I asked her, “What?  Do you know something I don’t?” and soon she was smiling and very vibrantly flirting.  There is a huge, obvious difference between smiling politely and vibrantly smiley and flirty.  She even was blushing a little… (to be continued)


I’ve decided I might need to start splitting up some of my posts into more than 1 part, since sometimes I love you long time.  Yep, I completely realize I can go on and on about stuff.  That’s the danger of stream of consciousness writing.  I don’t even know what I’m writing half time time and before I realize it I’m like, “holy shit this is long!”