Learn to Love Yourself and a Special Event Coming Up

But here’s the thing, man. Anyone who ever wants to have some cool shit learned on this topic in a cool ass way, throw this on in the background while you are surfing the web and start paying attention to when you start hearing the chick talk…  (I have a wing and friend who told me one of the things I do best is start a conversation with someone like we were already in the middle of a discussion… 😉 )

I don’t wanna be a mass personality.  I don’t wanna be a “one-dimension”. I wanna be me.  I wanna be human.  I don’t WANNA BE A SLAVE!

We dress a certain way, we walk a certain way, we talk a certain way, we create a certain way, we paint a certain way, we… We make love a certain way.  You know. All of these things we do in a different, unique, specific way that is personally ours.

I wanna do this the way I wanna do it. I wanna determine my own destiny.

And we decided that it is time for us to take over our own lives and do it the way we know we wanna do it, as opposed to someone else continually depersonalizing us and telling us how we’re supposed to do something, because they’re viewing us through THEIR eyes, NOT through OUR EYES.

But FIRST, learn to love yourself.  That is, your REAL self.  And that’s very hard to do and I’m still trying to do it.

The process of change is very painful, and it’s very tedious, and it’s very SLOW.  The process of change comes through conflict… Sometimes, even, you know, even suffering.  Of being aware. Observing yourself.  Watching yourself.  So you can begin to LOVE yourself. And if you can love yourself, there ain’t nothin’ you can’t do, you know?  Then I say, “I love myself so much that I can start loving you, and you can start loving me.” And the next thing is to begin to try and love someone else!

But to the degree to that you give love, is the degree that you get love back.  So that if I ain’t got none in me, I can’t get none back. It don’t matter whether they’re a doctor, lawer or indian chief.  It’s not, “I am a… a.. I am an Actor.”  Or, “I am a Doctor.” It’s, “I AM!” and if I AM, there ain’t nothing else that’s important.


Coming up in The Midwest Lair

The ZAN Lair talk…

What: Zan Perrion Midwest Lair Talk

When: Sunday, June 14th at 7pm CST
Where: Skype or Google Hangouts – Stay Tuned

That’s right. The man, the myth, the legend – Zan Perrion himself will be giving a talk for us. I couldn’t be more excited and you know that it’s rare that a seduction or pickup coach impresses me. 😉 This is one of the greats who was already great when I was still a scrub-nub learning the ropes.

Zan Perrion is a writer, author of Alabaster Girl, motivational speaker, and life coach based originally in Vancouver, B.C. One of the founding members of today’s “burgeoning community of international pickup artists”, he has advocated a more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women.

How to get involved?

Join the lair then once you’re accepted click the link below link… See you on the flipside.


Why Would She Single You Out?

Question and Answer time…  I guess I’ve been slacking for a while, but this is a little discussion we had over at the Midlair.  The reason I’m reposing it is special request.  Let’s just jump right in.

Guy says:

So something very strange happen to me. I FB closed a girl while playing warhammer at my comic book store. She was cosplaying for free comic book day as sexy Darth Vader. My friend and I had taken a table in the far back corner away from all of the ruckus of the event. She came to the table and asked what game we were playing. we explained to her what it was, her eyes glazed over and then excused herself. About 15 mins later she came back and watched for the better part of an hour she left again after we started to ignore her during a pivotal point in the game. She returned once more after the game finished and asked us our names added us on Facebook then asked if I would be willing to teach her son the game. And left the store.

I fully expect her to flake.

My response:

Well then, unexpect it. If you expect things to happen, you are training your brain to look for ways to make sure it happens.

What is better? To always think things are going to fail? Or to be a little on the delusional side with your thinking that things are going to succeed even under the least favorable circumstances.

She came back to the table for some reason.

Yesterday I was talking to a chick who was in line at whole foods. She was talking to me, then she’d step back in line away from me, then she’d come right back towards me and start talking, then she’d go back in line again away from me. Then once again she would step away from where she was in line towards me once again, and this was a couple feet.

There could be 2 mindsets I have for this.

1. I’m interrupting her. She wants to get back to being in line so she can check out and go about her day.

2. I am so interesting that DESPITE this chick trying to just be in line and focus on her shopping, her body and mind are taking over and breaking her auto-pilot so that she keeps returning to talk to me, even though her conscious is trying to just go about whatever she was doing before we started talking.

Which one do you think I picked?synchronicity

The thing is, I didn’t move with her when she would step back towards the line, and I didn’t move away from her either. I just stood there rock solid.

I ended with, “Do you got a facebook or something? That way you can give it to me and I can pretend to be interested in (what we were talking about), but really I’m just going to ask you out.”

She smiled from ear to ear and gave me her facebook information.

Assume the Sale.

Assume Attraction.

There is no such thing as Coincidence.

Stop listening to your head – Listen to what life is telling you or SEE what life is SHOWING YOU. If you are in your head you can’t see what is right in front of your face.

Go back, review the experience in your mind, and try to eliminate what your ego voice is telling you, and try to see the experience from a 3rd person perspective.

WHY would she SINGLE YOU OUT, after returning again and again to the table after already leaving, to have you teach her son Warhammer? Why you? Why not someone else? Why not your buddy? Why such an interest in your specific game and table and the players at it?

Would it surprise you to learn that women are EXTREMELY calculated to what their social actions are?

Until next time…