Quick Daygame Thoughts w CJ’s “Player in the Game” Mentality

This is a real Email I just answered and thought to myself, YEA! I could share this here.

Someone asked me:

I usually do night game. It’s kinda hard to get into the zone during the day… any tips?

So many people say daygame is easier, and yet so many people that do night game can’t EVER do daygame, or even approach during the day, which to me is my favorite.

Ya, tips. Go about your day and talk to everyone you meet that you want to talk to. Ignore your fear and just talk to them. You will get reactions from different people. Most will be nice, some will actively ignore you and a VERY FEW will be jerky.

Notice the responses you get are also based on how you feel when you approach. THATS why you want to talk to EVERYONE, not just girls.

Be a player in the game. If you get blown out or are in a good interaction (you can use this thinking at night too) it really makes no difference because girls are watching. Always they are watching. All they see is you talking to girls and ALL they are thinking is, “How come he’s not talking to me? – I’m way sexier and more intelligent and more fun and more ______ than that girl is!”

Girls are ALL playing the game. All of them. They need to see you are a player in the game and not just some opportunistic spectator trying to get some scraps because NO girl wants to be thought of as scraps.

Be that guy. Ignore the rude people because it is truely THEM and not you and talk to everyone like you are a cool, friendly guy who expects that people like you to talk to them.

Youtube some Juggler Videos (Wayne Elise) and listen to his teachings. He’s good at what he does. He, to me, is more of a daygame coach than he is a Night Game coach. he just might not know it 😉

Good luck.