The Wedding Crashers – Cocktail Version

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Check it out, I know I should have fancy pictures of these but I don’t.  I came up with some cocktails for one of the Owner’s wedding at the restaurant where I am now bar manager.

Ya, funny thing.  Go back and read my past and look what happened.  Things change so fast but that’s another, future post about the past.  (Also, if you’re more into the seduction stuff I got a bit of that to possibly share as well, but right now I am all Cocktail.)

So where were we?  One of the owners was having his wedding and wanted me to make cocktails.  I had 1 day to come up with 2, since he hand picked the drink Corpse Reviver.  The instructions were, one needed to have Hangar 1 Vodka, and the other needed to have Very Old Barton 100 proof.  I had to come up with these drinks very quickly, but I know he wasn’t worried, after-all, I created virtually the entire cocktail menu, and every drink on it gets rave reviews from the growing number of people that frequent our fine establishment.

But my goal, more was to balance the special cocktail selection for the wedding.  Corpse Reviver is a middle of theroad type drink.  It’s not too sweet but it’s not too stiff either.  You gotta balance.

So without a bunch more Blah Blah, this is what I came up with.  By the way, if you can guess which one was the 1st, 2nd and least popular I will give you a prize. (maybe)

Corpse Reviver:  (credit goes to Cocktail Enthusiast Magazine – although, as usual, I made my own little tweaks)

1 oz Death’s Door Gin

1 oz Lillet Blanc

1 oz Leopold Bros American Orange Liquor – (GOLD MEDAL 90 points The Beverage Tasting Institute)

1 oz fresh lemon juice

3 drops Mansinthe Absinthe

Garnish with 1 Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherry

Add all ingredients to cocktail mixer filled with ice.  Shake and strain into a cocktail glass, then take spoon, get your cherry out of the jar (not really being too careful if you grab a touch of the syrup) and drop it into the glass.

There was a guy there, who apparently loves drinking these, and he said mine was great and ordered about 5 of them all night.  I tried one of these at Sable made however they made it, and it was OK.  But this one I made was fantastic!  I know, I know…  I made it so I would probably say that anyway right?  Wrong!  One thing you will learn about me is that, the reason cocktails I put on a menu get rave reviews from people is because I am my own toughest critic.  If I make a cocktail and think, “Meh!” I will be the first to dump it.  Not only that, but there is not one cocktail I put on a menu that several people do not try first (and that I get feedback from).  Guess what, try this version yourself and give me feedback.  Be Honest. I love feedback.

Chocolate December:

2 oz Hangar 1 Vokda

1 oz home-made chocolate ganache (if you want the specific recipe, ask me and I will find out for you)

1/2 oz frangelico

1/2 oz half and half

Take a cocktail glass, rim it with orange juice, and then some home made chocolate shavings (we just took chunks of chocolate and put them in a blender till they were nice and small and a little powdery).  Then drizzle some ganache into the glass and make little fancy shapes out of them.  I used a stir stick to do this.  (Be creative, there is no right way.  Just let it do it’s own thing.  If you need some inspiration watch some Bob Ross.)  Add all ingredients to cocktail mixer filled with ice.  Shake and strain into the cocktail glass.

I mean, there are chocolate martinis and then there is THIS Guy.  I wouldn’t drink a whole one because I’m trying to be at least semi healthy but the little sips I had here and there… Delicious!  Be careful if you make one of these in a room full of ladies…  Or not. 😉

Old Red:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

2 oz Very Old Barton 100 proof bourbon

1 bar spoon of simple syrup

1 bar spoon of fresh cranberries (prep by adding 1 cup of water per lb of cranberries and bring to a boil, then lower the heat to low for 5 minutes until they are soft.  You don’t have to strain the water out.  The red juice in the cranberries is perfect for coloring this drink.  Also you don’t have to make a lb of cranberries at a time. 😉 )

1 orange wedge

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

In a rocks glass muddle the simple syrup, cranberry, and orange wedge.  Fill glass with ice, then bourbon and bitters.  Stir maybe 8-10 times just to get the mixture in and the cocktail cold.  The simple syrup I make is 1 part water to 1-1/2 parts sugar fyi.

This one had it’s fans for sure.  I definitely had a couple of guys who drink a few each.  This is a strong drink with a hint of sweet.  I just wanted to make it for the wedding to give people an option for an old fashioned.  I think it most definitely did the trick.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  If you try any of these out, feel free to comment and let me know how you liked em.  And as usual questions and comments are welcome.

Cheers for now.


Ramblings of a Drunken Libra High on Red Wine

(For Best Results, Click on the Links which may help you understand where my mind was at.  Of course some of them are music links so you may want to play them one at a time to not hurt your ears… ~Sober Ronnie)

I get it. I get it .. I get it. People are like, “I don’t know what to make of this fucking blog. I like it alot, but there’s this part of me inside that hates the part of me that likes it… Because… Well I get it. I don’t know. I have this growing list of followers, I have… Ich Habe.

I have twitter followers. Some are like, “I’ll follow this crazy cat cuz maybe he’ll follow me so I can sell him my sleep snake oil and my e-book for $237.99 on how to cure his sleep problem… Or I got some people that for sure are interested. I have followers. The posts I write where I think, “This is fucking amazing shit!”… No one cares. Then I’m half awake or hung over or whatever and I’m thinking, “Fucking what is this trash?” and people like and follow and re-blog and whatevah!

What am I doing this for? Well maybe it’s because I need some way to outlet. I wanna let my outlet out. I wanna shoot out and write shit on a page and really if people are like, “what the fuck is this nonsense?” It’s not about that. I know I know I know that there’s that one motherfucker reading my post that is like, “This craziness speaks to me!”

Did you expect to see Johnny Depp?

Am I a philanderer…? Not as much as the word, “Seduce” suggests. Look, fucking women these days can have a heart of lead. Or maybe of venom and acid. Or maybe some of the can have a heart of gold and they are like, “Oh I notice you have a heart of gold too! How nice! Can I see it?”

….Speech is may hammer, bang the world into shape… now let it fall…

And I am like, “Yes. I have a beautiful fucking heart. Look. It’s beautiful. Here… See?”

And the girl is like, “It is really beautiful. Look how nice and pure and… Innocent…” Then in a swift movement she throws it violently to the ground and exclaims, “What would happen if… I did THIS!?” as she lifts her leg and then stomps down hard on the heart I had just entrusted to her… She repeats it a couple more times.. She stomps it and that fucker keeps beating, and I’m left thinking to myself.. “This was the next girl in line who ….

Who the judges decided… are…

… Who would be my next lover and I would have the happy ending (no,,, not like that pervert…) and we would sail off in the sunset and do some cool shit. We would seal out lives together and promise each other poems.”

Keep in mind.. Oh I suppose I should tell you.. . I am about a half a bottle into some Gato Negro and I am half way through a bottle of Left Handed Milk Stout. Yummy. But now you are getting a little of the Dragon. The Dragon talks the same but different than I do.

So let’s get ready for the…. re … rea… read…. ready for the …. Music…

So at this point I’m basically saying. Look. I was a naive prick at one time that chased after the “Man Eater” type, Manoswollowasaurus. And I was hurt several times. Sure… That’s life. But as Athene says, “You’re either a Pro or you’re a Noob… That’s Life…” So I guess I decided.. “I’m gonna be a pro.” Why the fuck not.

And o my purpose in life it 2 fold. Find kickass woman to be by my side.. And SEU

(I’m sure there was more to this…  I’ll have to do this again sometime ~Sober Ronnie)