The Seduction of Rainbow Dash Part 2


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Where were we…  Oh ya.

So last time I left off – but to try and get some people learning in the Super Secret Forum, I basically challenged a couple guys with this:

I will buy a couple beers for the person who can actually finish the rest for me, as long as you are 80% accurate… 😉

I did, of course have someone answer that challenge.  His name is Matty-J.  So let me break this down.  The texts will be blue, Matty’s will be Gold and my writing will be this normal light greyish color…  This should be an interesting read.

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Me: She texted me 15 minutes later and told me I seemed like a nice guy.

Her: “Hmm, he SEEMS like a nice guy” – Tommy Boy

She’s still not convinced, but is open to hearing more. she’s flirting here.


Me: So the next rational step I could think of was, “Hey . She seems cool and she seems to think I;m cool so we should go adventure in the city. I could show her some cool shit. I could take her to Wicker Park and maybe get her into some place to watch some punk bands or whatever and she could relate and go “Cool! I didn’t even know this part of the city was here!” And we could do the normal shit 2 cool people do together and have this fun.

think that it’s important that you choose a non-specific “safe” location and mentioned that YOU could get her into somewhere implying that she will be taken care of.  

and then you close with the best part which is .. bringing her to a safe place in her mind. 

who doesn’t love feeling like hey, cool I never knew this place was here!

combined with more rational logical subs.. 

Not exactly. What I was doing here was actually being REAL with her. I was salting and peppering the “real and logical” statements, because this is REALLY how I think. I’m an awesome, adventurous guy, with a lot of cool shit going on and all that, so I decided, I can be Mr Cocky Funny, or I can just tell her – “Look, this is who I am.”

Somtimes guys get stuck in Attraction and they forget to downshift and just have real moment “game” (if you want to call it that) for a bit where you show her who you are.

Her: Ah, shush. Alright alright. I need to get some research done first but I can meet you at 8. I’ll probably be at the coffee plac then anyway

sounds like a shit test…wall.. did you guys meet @ the coffee place? it would be a disaster if you ended the convo right here. not enough comfort

Not a shit test at ALL – Guys get in the mindset that everything is a shit test, or you always have to be gaming. I was just real with her so she is like, OK, I ‘ll be real back. At this point I could have actually just stopped the text and she most likely still would have been there. She made up her mind I was ok. However, I actually wanted to just play a little.

In person, when she bites what I am doing in this text is a NO NO! If a girl is ready to go to your place or make out or whatever key moment there is and you over-game, you’re OUT! You can do this in text, text can be fun. Just realize the difference between the two: Fun game in text vs Over game in person.


there you go.. step around the wall 
like the however part too.. in caps +! strikes an emotional response of hmm.. what’s he gonna say next it must be important. 

In a way, yes but It’s only for fun. It’s not meant to be a serious line but, ya, it does go with the narrative and creating that sort of silly suspense.

Me: Apparently you have friends in the FBI and they must have found out about my Nefarious Underworld Connections, and that I’m not a cool guy at all but Really I’m one of the 5 Bosses of the Notorious Chicago Drug Cartel. I am surrounded at all times by my bitches and hoes and my collection of Gangster Clients.

now you’ve done it! your not only a cool rational normal guy but you also have a great sense of humor. the point of this is to build comfort with her to show her that.

The comfort was built (at least the TEXT comfort which is NOT the same as REAL TIME comfort at all) 2 texts ago when I was being REAL with her. This is more like DESTROYING any more thoughts of me being dangerous, by being completely outlandish. It’s like if someone were to give me a red flower. Then I told someone about the flower later saying, “It was this bright, red, flower – fucking totally beautiful.”

But then further down the road said to that person, “That flower I told you about… It was this bright-red Glowing flower, that was blindingly bright. When it got dark out I actually could use it as a flashlight it was so fucking glowy. And fuck all this winter shit, that flower was so red and bright it was actually emitting heat. No seriously, I have it on my patio right now so I can go sit out there in shorts and a t-shirt and still be warm.”

That’s a lame example but I took what she gave me, bumped it up a slight notch and then made it into the realms of ridiculous movie shit. The after effect is that I’m fun.

Her: Ahahahahah, wow. Okay, now I think you are entirely too amusing to not talk to again in person

translation: okay I’ll give you a chance to see me but I still don’t feel that comfortable.. and don’t get all creepy

Wrong. Maybe it’s me, but I like to take things like this (when she says something positive about me) at face value. She actually is totally in and saying that I have taken her from uncomfortable about the idea to VERY comfortable about the idea. She’s not saying when I get there she’s going to drop and give me a blowjob, but she is saying “Yes, you seem fun. Ok! I’m totally in!

Me: HAHA! I’ll make sure to wear my big feather hat and purple fur coat.

Have some more comfort. you laugh it off like like haha I amuse you..and then roll with it..just keep stepping around the wall 


Me: See you l8r. I’ll try to keep my bitches in check

okay.. time to end it on a high note. after all, these are only texts. how did you intend to close her? did you guys previously talk about the coffee shop or something? btw off topic but I can’t help but picture you in a fkn purple pimp suit walking into some little quiet coffee shop with all the kids on their laptops being like yo’ bitch! What up! You know what time it is..wonder if she was thinking the same thing..

So she’s going to take a little more work… I made the first date short. It would do me NO GOOD to try and extract this chick our first time out. I don’t care if my game was Super Fucking Magic RossJeffries and Mystery and Hypnotica had a wonderchild, there was no way that this day2 would end up in sex.

So the plan was have a short date. Hit some checkpoints to remove her resistance and instill in her that I’m a safe guy AND get the sexual ball rolling. One without the other would be useless. So I took her to a couple different places in my car and ended up cutting the date short with a timebridge about a couple days from then, i.e. tomorrow night. Also, along the way I made definite escalation. We were talking about fucking and sex and there was this point towards the end of the night where we were in my car, driving her to her neighborhood, where she was talking about the ONLY 1 night stand she ever had.

I piggybacked off the story about the guys she had a 1 night stand with and said, “Sound almost like me. I kinda the same way, but it would be more like plenty of orgasms and no one ever had to know.”

She said, “What kind of orgasms?”

I said, “Plenty.” Then I start my routine about orgasms and why I like giving them. She says, “Nice. I haven’t had an orgasm from someone else in 4 years.” I was like, “You haven’t had one in 4 years?”

She said, “I mean, I can give them to myself but haven’t from other people.”

I looked over at her for about 5 seconds as if observing her and then simply said, “10 minutes.” I could tell she liked that idea. Next date we escalate…

Her: Lol. Don’t forget the cain!

dont’ forget about me!

Now she’s just playing along. It’s a good sign.

Me: Oh you mean my cain with the big crystal and gold rose at the top of it? . Ya. I’ll make sure I have it with me. That how I get RESPECT !

Her: Oh – Kay. . . Lol. Where are me meeting again?

what happens if you do all this and she replies something of the nature.. Lol

do you have to text her back for a place and time? or was that an understanding you guys had to meet up @ the coffee shop?

very cool how you took an objection of her’s reframed it to make you look interesting 

Ya, from here it’s just – Ok blah blah blah we’re meeting at this place and time blah blah blah. Nothing special. Maybe there were one or 2 more jokes about the drug dealer/pimp stuff but I just wanted to get to logistics and not risk overgaming. Then we meet.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. You only get 1 beer but you have to buy me one too. You sill have much to learn, grasshopper….

Text is hard shit though. Imagine sucking at text game for YEARS since the inception OF text. Ya, for like 5 LONG YEARS I was fucking HORRIBLE at text game. Sometimes I could make some cool shit happen but it was more luck – what do they call it, conscious competence, but only to a point because it wasn’t even competence until recently. Truth be told I might still be in the Conscious Competence phase, but my text game is phenomenal so it’s more like Conscious Phenomenality (which I think is a word I just made up).

To be continued in part 3


The Seduction of Rainbow Dash Part 1


One of my favorite books EVER is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The obvious reason might be that it’s because the story is about Vampires and Dracula and all that blah blah, but the truth is, that’s only part of it.  The thing that made the book so fascinating to me to read was the way it was written.  If you’ve never read it I highly recommend it.  Watching the movie doesn’t count.

It is written as a compilation of newspaper articles, journal entries, letters, public notices, doctors reports etc, that actually tell the story within them.

When you’re done reading my awesomeness, feel free to jump over and read it, and drop me a line if you do.  It was one of my favorite books back in the day.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Click to start reading this fabulous classic for free online!

The reason I bring this up, is because my story of HB Rainbow Dash sort of turned out like this on a Super Secret Forum I belong to.  Discussions sort of just happened and most of the chapters of the short story of real life experiences were drawn out in a sort of conversational fashion.  So the next few installments in my blog will be quite…  Interactive, if you will.  I feel like breaking it up into parts over the next few days is essential to not overload any of my readers.  If you want to catch up with the story you can always check out my last blog post – Setting up the Date:  Texting Made Complicated 😉

So here we go.  Enjoi! (Of COURSE I am not sharing the names of those involved to protect the guilty motherfuckers like myself. 😉 )

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Ronnie this is awesome! I didn’t even know which parts to quote. but fuckin genius jedi shiieet ! haha!

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My favorite and best moment to learn from is HOWEVER
Why you ask. She finally falls for Ronnie L-Pimp text game here. She finally says “OK”, yet he doesn’t hook into that, He stays strong and continues his fun and self amusing storytelling and then what makes it even better is that she follows along. She follows along with his story, hopefully she follows to his Ronnie L-poon…
Nice write up.
I bet she still flakes, not because of you, but cuz she is young naive girl… I bet a Beer of quality.

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She did NOT Flake. But tonight would have been a waste to extract her to my place because of her lack of trust. So I made it a short date and drove her to like 2 different places, including dropping her off near her place at the end of the night. Meanwhile I started gaining her trust and introducing some light sexual escalation. Then the Timebridge. We will be going out Thursday night again.

This time I will have gained her trust. I got her in my car and drove her around and didn’t ass rape her or even try. I was as perfect of a gentleman, aside from talking about fucking and giving her orgasms, which she apparently has not had in 4 years, as possible. Day3.. At a BYOB (It’s her 21st birthday!) Done deal.

Oh and you owe me a GOOD beer..

« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2013, 03:40 AM » – (This is where I start to break down the seemingly innocence of my texts and the methods to my madness.  These are just my replies to her texts.  To get the whole rundown click this.)

Me:  HAHAHA ! That’s Hilarious! This is a GREAT story to tell my friends 🙂 Drug Dealer . . LOL It’s so ridiculous I can’t even be offended you just said that –

Subcommunication is the key. I always think there are two ways to react to something like this. I always like to use a Wall as an example. A woman puts a wall up. We can try to crash through the wall, which will only create resistance and since the wall isn’t going anywhere; OR we can try and defend against the wall or back away from it, which will mean the wall stopped us.

I choose the third way… The third way is to take a step back, observe the wall and don’t try to crash it and don’t run away, but to simple side step and go around the wall.

So instead of replying to her text:

I don’t think I’ll be meeting you tonight… I’m sorry if you changed your plans around for it but I think this whole situation is just kind of weird. The couple of people I told you about think you are probably a drug dealer.

I don’t directly reply to it at all. I don’t try to convince her to be there, and I don’t say, “Well too bad, bitch, your loss!” I don’t try to convince her I’m NOT a drug dealer and I don’t try to say, “Ya. How did you guess. I am a drug dealer.” which might have been a funny, yet coy remark; cocky/funny, that I would have USED to say… However it probably wouldn’t have been that effective. Instead I just Laugh, then I tell her it’s so funny I would actually want to share it with my friends and all that. Which is true…

Wait. How am I supposed to tell you about myself? We met for like 5 minutes . . You want me to text you my life story?

Implying that I did not tell her about myself through text and reveal specifics about myself, NOT because I was using text as a logistic tool, but because … Well, I was using text as a logistics tool Meaning, the more you Converse with the chick through text without a destination in mind the more you chance LOSING HER. Text is not conversation. Text is logistics and setting up the date. It took me SOOOOOOOO LONG to finally get this. Also a quick tip is, if you talk to the girl for 20 minutes always say it was 5 minutes. Shorten the time. There’s some sort of socially savvy reason to do this to sound cool. Not necessary but like adding salt and pepper to a steak.

And fyi. I work Day AND Night w my clients . Not just Nights. And I don’t recall you even asking me What I do? you’re so cute and funny all at once

This is almost like qualifying, but it’s a little more like correction. Being an authority in her world as Ross Jeffries would put it. I think explaining and qualifying vs correcting a chick is a very fine line. The reason this is NOT qualifying IMO is because I am not directly answering her question which is:

Why else do you have clients at night, know tons of women, and won’t tell me anything about yourself. . . 

Qualifying is more like, “Well I work at night because I am a ……” Or “Ok fine, I’ll tell you what I do. I…….” Some shit like that. My answer is more like dancing around her wall with finesse. PLUS I add a little push pull at the end.

How am I twice your age? Lol . . We never even talked about age. Actually I’m 4 times your age. 79 I just look Really Young for my age . . 🙂

Ross Jeffries always taught that to make something extreme in a ridiculous manner takes away from it’s power. Swingcat also taught a routine where you say something similar. As you may recall I just got tripped up recently due to my age difference with a chick. Not this time. (~this story was posted in the Super Secret Forum and not on here, but perhaps could be by request)

Her: Haha. Because you look way older than me. What is it you want from me anyway. 😉

Me: Hahaha. This is AWESOME! You have this whole Fantasy built about me from meeting me for 5 minutes and 5 texts 🙂 You TOTALLY watch too many movies

Avoiding her answers as much as possible, but just for the moment. I am leading, not her. She may ask a question but I will make statements and lead, answering her when I feel it makes sense to me, and not necessarily to her. She’s smiling = “I WANT you to convince me to go out with you. Make me feel comfortable, you’re getting there.” Main key to this message is simply a NEG.

Her: No I don’t! People get abducted and raped, and how am I to know you’re not a creeper

Me: I’ll tell answer your question in a second but let me get this straight. So I’m a Fifty year old Drug Dealer who lives a secret night-life surrounded by women and my seedy underworld clientele. And you scientifically came to that conclusion how exactly ? 

More leading, neg, OPEN LOOP and in this case I SPELL OUT what she just told me, so she can actually see how ridiculous it looks when she is the recipient. Also, NOTICE how I only bite the useful threads. I do not bite things like “Creeper, Rape, Abduction”. I TOTALLY ignore those threads. They don’t even exist in my reality.

Guess who the guy is who pays attention to those threads, either by denying them or somehow justifying them, even in a c&f kind of way. That’s right, he’s ONE OF THEM.

Her: Hahaha  That’s basically what my friends have chalked you up to, yes. But 40, not 50. So you think there is absolutely nothing sketchy about an older man approaching a young woman as a complete stranger, and asking for her number and to go out to clubs? 

Me: Hahaha! Could it be that I’m just a cool, social guy? Might it be that simple? I mean sure, that sounds a LOT crazier than Underworld Drug Boss. BUT might I just be a normal, cool, attractive guy with a lot of friends who just lives a fun life?  

Pointing out – HEY this is how normal people think. You’ll notice in the next couple texts the use of the words NORMAL and RATIONAL and things like that. That is most definitely NOT by accident. I am introducing to her that this, and many of the things I do, regardless of how abnormal they might have seemed to her, are, in fact – NORMAL…

Continued in the next chapter.  Remember kids, if you have question about specifics or you read something that doesn’t make sense to you, ask away!


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