Do You Love the Internet? Well, Kiss it Goodbye!!

(By the way, this is VERY CURRENT.  They are trying to pass this RIGHT NOW, as I am posting this.)

I wanted to bring something to your attention.  I have a post from before where I talk about random conspiracy theories and the people behind it, bent on control and power and some of them that want your money.  It’s a lot to fit into one post, but at the same time it’s enough to get someone who cares a lot to start investigating this stuff themselves.  That past was called “Is It Really Racism or Is It Just a Tool?” and seems to be one of my most popular articles over the course of existence of my blog.

But now something else in the same sort of, “people trying to control what you and I do and Slip it under the Radar while we’re not paying attention…” vein is  taking place with the internet.  If you don’t watch or read anything else in this article PLEASE do YOURSELF a favor and watch the following video.  It’s something that YOU, that is if you enjoy using sites like wordpress, facebook, youtube, tumblr, soundcloud, or pretty much any other website you enjoy right now, including your blog if you have one, will be affected by.  Check it out.  It’s only 4 minutes but I promise you will be very glad you watched this.

The wording in the bill is BROAD and VAGUE so that means that they can pretty much take this as far as they would like it to go.  They can begin censoring sites for whatever they feel is a violation of their rules and regulations.  They can find one thing in your blog they may consider a copyright violation and, BAM, your blog is no more.  They can fine your or sue you or at the very least have your account closed on a website like facebook, for you posting lyrics to your favorite song.

Ok, but who cares about all that, right?  But one thing they did not really touch upon so much is the gateway.  They did mention it a little, but only as a blurb.  What happens once they pass a bill like this?  That’s right.  They open the door for MORE bills, even more restrictive and rights threatening than the original bills, trailblazing the way to new and innovative forms of censorship across the board.

Censorship with SOPA and PIPA

Censorship could become the NEW STANDARD.  And that’s really what this is all about.  This is like a gateway drug into a whole mess of censorship laws, regulations, and who knows what else.  All because some rich, fat, Hollywood producer or record company fat cat can try to stifle growing technology in the name of preserving their pocketbook.  But not only that, trust that there are people behind this bill who would just totally love to take the rights of the average citizen away.

Anyway, I’m not gonna ramble on and on about this.  If you google or youtube “SOPA” you will be able to keep yourself busy for hours and hours of entertainment and education.  You can learn more about this, but if you are already convinced that this is a fucked up thing these cats are trying to pass, then you can always click the picture below.  If you scroll down a little you can fire off a letter to congress.  Or if you are extremely passionate you can always go to a town hall meeting.

Stop SOPA and PIPA


Incidentally, today was my first day of orientation at my new bar.  I will keep you updated, but I wanted to make sure I put this up since, seriously, they are trying to pass this garbage pretty much right now.