A Radical Approach to Learning Game REALLY Fast

I wanted to introduce you to another ‘partner in crime’ if you will.  His name is Mercutio.  He’s on a pretty advanced level of his game so he can see the insights (Matrix, if you will) and break shit down.  I think he and I have totally different styles of game but the thing is, we are both very good at what we do.  But the point is, I love spreading different ideas of what works.  The way, in my opinion, to really get good is to take what works for you from different guys and build your own badass skillset.

I plan on having Mercutio write a guest article (or 2) in the future for my blog, but for now, I thought THIS particular post was too valuable to NOT post.  So, check it check it out.  Enjoi. ~Ronnie


A Radical Approach to Learning Game REALLY Fast

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As some of you know, I’ve been learning french. Kinda a necessity here in France lol.

My opinion — learning a language and game at the same time will get you good at game about 4 times faster, and help you reach a higher level than you would without it.

Did you know that your 3rd or 4th language is about 3-4 times easier to learn than you 2nd? People who learn Esperanto and then another language are better at that other language than people who took only that language. It SEEMS like a waste of time to learn Esperanto, but the fact is the mental framework of how to mentally EXIST in another reality has been created, and now it is easy to learn another language. And in a way, GAME is learning how to exist and think in another reality.

I think the struggles of learning a language would DRASTICALLY benefit most game noobs, bc they have so much of the same learning elements. It will streamline your learning process and help you avoid A LOT of the pitfalls of learning game. Plus, at the end of it, you will be really good with women AND bilingual.


– It’s something that you at first think is IMPOSSIBLE. You are almost afraid to try.

– People think people just have some ‘talent’ that they are born with for it. ‘I just don’t have the ‘gift”. Or they think that if you didn’t learn it by a certain age, you are doomed.

– Starting conversations is EXTREMELY uncomfortable at first. There is REAL FEAR there. At every moment, you will want to escape (to revert to english, or to go back to drinking beer and talking about game with your wings instead of approaching). But I promise you, that is the direction of success. There is no other way to speak a language than to speak a language — you have to jump in sometime, and it is always scary at first.

– There is a ‘fake’ success level. This is hugely important. Ever met someone that claims they can speak English, but then you talk to them and they are like ‘no, you no go there’ or ‘yes, me do that’? Yeah, we can understand them, but its not fluent. But they THINK they are fluent. SAME WITH GAME. There’s a lot of guys out there that are getting laid kinda often by kinda attractive girls — just enough for them to think that they are ‘fluent’. But the truth is, there is always a lot more room for improvement, and when you are fluent, you will KNOW it. The success is like a dam breaking.

The FIELD is KING. A LOT more people can write french than can speak it live. Well, there’s a LOT of people that can write about how to get girls, but can’t do it live either. You can study grammar and vocabulary all day, but if you aren’t out there practicing with REAL LIVE people, you will not be fluent. Plus you will learn to follow the field over theory… if the natives are using this slang now, it doesn’t matter what your fucking book is telling you… that slang is the truth. This will often conflict with the ‘keyboard theorists’, who will hate you, but you should trust your field experience.
-A corollary to this is to ‘follow the pro’s’ — if a native says it like that, it’s probably right. If you see a guy who gets girls do it and get laid, it probably works too.

-A focus on an actual GOAL. My goal in french is not to be the guy that knows every single vocabulary word, or the guy who knows all the grammar rules. My goal is to be able to communicate fluently.
Same with game — your goal in game should not be to be the guy that knows every single theory of every single coach out there, but to be the guy that is absolutely awesome in the field and pulls hot girls. That is the only goal. Stop giving a shit about being well respected on the forum, or being seen as a future ‘coach’ and be the guy that performs extremely well , and you will get everything in the process. If you learn a language at the same time as game, this truth will be self-evident and the lesson will translate across to your game learning without you even thinking about it.

-The more you learn, the more you learn. It’s a J-curve. In the beginning, progress will be brutally slow. You will want to give up. Nothing is coordinated, and you don’t know enough words to make it through basically any sentence. In starting game, you will know a little, but likely not enough to make it through sets successfully. But then this all changes. The more you learn, the more you open the door to learning more. You will be better at speaking, so more people will be willing to speak with you, so you learn more. You aren’t getting shot down off the bat, so your sets last 5-10 mins, instead of 15 seconds. There is a CLEAR tipping point in game, where all of a sudden momentum is on your side and you know enough to REALLY start to learn more.

– Just like a language, game is something that once you are good at it, you don’t even have to THINK about. You almost forget you know it, or how incredibly much you actually know. It’s immensely frustrating for someone who knows it to try and teach someone who doesn’t, bc its just instinctive. It’s like ‘oh shit, you don’t know what ‘triangle’ means?’ ‘I dunno why, it just SOUNDS right, that would work’. ‘How could you have thought that girl DIDN’T like you — she was giving you the sign to take her home!!’
– At the same time, its also REALLY annoying to be fluent, and have someone who isn’t correct you on how to do it bc they read it in a book.

– It’s like a subscript that is running without you even knowing it. Just like how in French I am translating into English without even thinking, in game I am translating into meaning the same way, instantly and instinctively. ‘Ahh, that move was too needy’ ‘That guy is being too chill — that’s gotta be her husband’ etc…

-It gets “quicker” – remember how Mystery said at first game is just racing by you, but then later it just slows down. Same with a language — at first you are overwhelmed, you’re like ‘I CAN’T THINK THAT FAST!!!’ Then like three weeks later, you are like, wow, holy shit, I have all this time to think.

– You have REALLY bad days, and REALLY good days. Some days, you feel like a king — you can understand like everything. Then there are days that you just can’t understand shit and you feel embarrassed. Learning a language will teach you patience.

– Teaches you how to avoid VAPOR-LOCK – this is what I call ‘I am thinking too much, I don’t know what to say’ syndrome. I fuck up ALL THE TIME in french, but it’s better to fuck it up and get the meaning across, than to pause and pause and pause while I compute all the grammar in order to say it perfectly. The lesson from this is to keep what you have running in your mind decently light and not overload your mental capacities. Now, still strive to improve, but in the field, you need to be able to flow and allow mistakes.

– Teaches you to be consistent a little at a time. Just a little bit of practice each day will make a huge difference.

– It is easily maintained, but you lose it decently quick if you let it rot — every guy on this forum has had great game at one point in time, then got a gf, then broke up and had to re-learn some shit. It doesn’t take a lot to keep yourself in tip-top shape, always practice your game even if you wouldn’t actually follow through on it.

Anyways, there’s a lot more. But I honestly, honestly, honestly, think every newb should learn a language at the same time they are learning game. The principles cross over perfectly, and you will have learned how to learn game in a very efficient manner that will make I think will cut your learning time down by at least half, likely more. Plus, you will be bilingual, which is fucking awesome. Btw, knowing even just an ounce of another language in America is an instant deal-sealer with any girl that speaks it. My french gets me laid in America by girls that can speak even a basic level — plus it gives us an inside conspiracy element. With spanish, you will have to know more to be impressive, but if you know even 300 words in Russian, you will get laid at least twice a year in River North with Eastern Europeans, Ukrainians, and Russians.


How do you think this can improve your overall skillset with women?

Do you have ideas or thoughts to add to this and share?  I would like to hear them.

Want to know more about Mercutio?  Stay Tuned.


Solving the “I am Unworthy of an Attractive Woman” Issue (Part II)

Part two continued from I am Unworthy part one (see Related Articles below)… ~RL

Themesong of the Day:

Connecting taking risks with rejection

If in the past you took risks with women and you were rejected, chances are you started connecting taking risks, following your instinct with rejection feelings. That’s why it is uncomfortable to walk up to a beautiful girl. it feels like touching a hot object, you can’t but feel doom will befall.

This feeling of “doom” ties up with our feelings of being “unworthy” of a beautiful girl and affects our sense of “entitlement”, deserving or entitled to good things in life. Without a good sense of entitlement we find ourselves increasingly isolated and caught in a self fulfilling prophecy. When we don’t fee attractive or “worthy” others can conclude that something is wrong with us, therefore they will reject us. Even if we start out an interaction well with a woman it may self-destruct because of our own “doom” expectations of it. This how we learn to distrust ourselves because we feel that “we have seen it all before”, and it is proven too often to end badly for us. As a result, we shy away from social contact, further dooming ourselves into a lonely, sexless existence.

Vicious cycle of self-image/poor body image/low energy

People who don’t feel very good about themselves don’t feel like putting much energy into taking care of their problems. Because it means taking care of themselves. It is a side effect of feeling unworthy of good things like a beautiful girl. They also don’t take much pride in how they look or appear. Letting go of your body image is a symptom of not feeling worthy and expecting rejection from others all the time.

However, if you take matters in your own hands, you will have the energy to take better care of yourself. No wonder guys, after taking a live in field program, and feeling better about themselves, they enroll in the gym, take on a diet, join a yoga class, travel the world, get a better job, move out of their parent’s house and so on. It is all a by product of feeling “worthy” again. They have more energy now so they take on bigger and more challenging tasks.

“Nothing good will come out of this”

As I sent a live program student into a difficult drill which involved approaching women in an unlikely situation, and I inquire what his mind is telling him, he says “nothing good will come out of this”. this is the typical reaction when somebody has learned that taking risks in social situations leads to being rejected. He has not developed the risk vs. reward mentality. he has yet to resolved the equation that says the more the risks, the more rewards. He hasn’t seen the payoffs yet of taking risks. Once he does, he will automatically become a risk taker. His will be opened. He needs to learn this for himself. That’s why I sent him into unlikely successful scenarios. He will find out that he can succeed even when his mind is telling him “No, don’t do it”.

Walking into scary situations

In my live in field program, I stand in the middle of a jam packed dance floor and scout for the worst looking case scenario. For example, last weekend I stood in the dance floor and noticed a couple kissing and rolling on the floor of the dance floor (yeah, that happens) and I immediately sent my student to talk to them. His goal was to hold that interaction for as long as possible. It was an unlikely successful scenario, he needed to learn to take huge risks. So after my student walked around them for a while undecided, he mustered the courage to walk in and talk to them. The interaction went well.

He needed to learn he must take huge risks to succeed in the dating game. I sent him into the most fear-of-rejection-inducing situation I could find.

The end of the rainbow

After the storm, the rainbow comes on. You stop seeing things in black and white colours. You start to see the entire pallet of social interactions. They stop being threatening and you start seeing them for what they are –neutral at best. There is no danger involved. You can stroll into them reassured that nothing bad will happen.

“I feel connected. I feel egoless”

Some students report a feeling of general calmness and inner relaxation by the third day of a live in field program. They have been through every tough scenario and survived. They can’t help but feel good. But not a feeling of over excitement, just a feeling of being ok with the world. They don’t threaten others but others don’t threaten them either. They make peace with the world and as a result the world stops scaring them. They feel empowered to walk into any social situation without feeling “unworthy” or “less-than”. Once the fear is gone, risk taking becomes the norm. Rewards too.

Dating Advice For Men: Solving the “I am Unworthy of an Attractive Woman” Issue (Part II).