A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea Part III

Tsod (incidentally this is kind of a cute little video but I’m not giving away what it’s about…  Some of you women will be familiar…):

(continued from part II)

…Here’s where I give away one of my fetishes that some of you may think is weird. I think it’s HOT. I will even tell you why, but first let’s get to the what.

I love a woman with muscles. True story. No really; I have this huge fetish for women with big biceps or muscles. They completely turn me on; get me hot and horny.  Like a bolt of energy will shoot through me that makes me pretty much b-line towards them and at the very least put the flirt on in some way, shape of form. So with this chick in the window working at the register of Trader Joes I could see her biceps were big and cut all the way out in the street. I wasn’t sure if my mind was playing tricks on me but I had to get a closer look.

But let’s talk about this for a moment. I think when we are younger some of the strange things that happen can define our sexuality. When I was 5 in Kindergarten in Frankfurt Germany I can remember one of the first pseudo flirting experiences of my life. Ya, I’m sure I didn’t quite know it was flirting back then, and I’m sure the girl who did it didn’t know either, but it sort of started something in me that never quite went away.

This German girl came up to me. I spoke German pretty decently back them. Not quite fluent, but I most definitely could understand some pretty basic stuff. The very first thing she did was flex her bicep and say, in German, I am stronger than you are. Of course, I did the logical thing and felt her muscle. Little did I know then, that years later in my life that kind of shit would make me fucking horny as hell. What really peaked it, is when I was a little older, maybe just 12 or 13. We were at some get together with some of my father’s friends. I don’t remember the exact reason, but the guy showed us a picture of his wife. In the picture, though, she was full of muscles and built. I had never seen girls like this. It was completely contrary to what I was told. Boys were stronger than girls. Girls were supposed to be weaker. This was Wrong! But that’s what I LOVED about it. It was So fucking wrong! I was instantly fascinated and scared at the same time. If I were a little older I would have probably had a huge hard on, but that part of my life hadn’t occurred yet. For now, I just kept thinking about the picture.

Later I found out it was a joke, and that his wife had never been a bodybuilder chick. It was some sort of trick photo, but it was too late. I knew girls could have muscles, and even big ones and I wanted me some of that. If a woman has some guns going on, it makes me as horny as looking at a nice ass or a nice pair of tits. Sometimes even more so.

There was only one chick in 8th grade who was both hot, and naturally built and had these cute little biceps that popped out more than the other girls. I had a giant crush on her but back then I was not that smooth with the ladies so she never knew. I know I used to fantasize about her but never did anything about it. That is when I realized, though, that it made me fucking horny. I actually thing this girl was the absolute first girl I had a real crush on. (Yep, I had just switched from Catholic school to a public school and the thing about the Catholic school that I went to was, the girls were not cute. So I kinda was forced into being a late bloomer.)

Yep, I Think She's Hot!

The truth is, these girls with muscles are very rare. It’s not like you see them everyday. But if I see one these days, I am on her like white on rice. The beautiful thing about Chicago is that I do see them from time to time and have at LEAST had opportunities to approach them. I did, once, have a little extra money and decided to pay for a session with a well known female body builder and I consider that one of the top “fantasy memories” I have to this day. She was so much stronger than me and had bigger muscles than me and it fucking drove me wild. Like I said, it fires off the “this is completely wrong” wires in my body and that’s one of the fetishes that gets me hot. Trust me when I say this is not the most deviant or weird “this is wrong” fantasy I have. But I will save the others for another time.

So I walked in the store and grabbed my sprouted bread and b-lined towards the register where she was at, getting myself in a good mood before approaching by tossing the bread around. I flipped it up and caught it repeatedly, basically being charming to myself. I got up to the line and she, for some reason, pulled the board out under the register where you can place the bags or baskets on to. If you go to TJ’s you know what I’m taking about. I said to her, “What? Is that so I can put my bread down?”

She shot back, “Yeah.” She had a fun personality. Let me describe her. Blond hair, shoulder length, yellow t-shirt, with a cute face. She had the kind of face for a woman that I like, not SUPER hot but like, girlfriend cute. Like she totally had the type of face you would expect on a chick you could date for a year or two, not a chick who was so hot you would only bang her for a month or two before things fizzled out. She was also wearing this semi-tight, yellow, TJ’s work shirt and skinny jeans. Those sexy little biceps were definitely popping out of her sleeves a little. She was not HUGE but definitely bigger than the average girl, and you could tell she worked out. Her biceps were cut. My mind filled with visions of her and I armwrestling (yes I would love it if she could beat me and I’m not some weakling, pussy guy). and then even more so, her on top of me flexing her biceps while we fucked….

(to be continued in part IV)  And for the record.  Comments, thoughts or “fuck you’s” are encouraged.  😉

PS – Happy New Year!