My Humiliating Dream

Before you continue reading, know this is a pretty vulgar and maybe a little disturbing post, so if you are easily offended and don’t like dirty words, language and situations then read a different post or come back for my next post.  Ok..  I warned you.  Don’t be mad at me if you read this and say, “Oh that’s fucking wrong!”

I have dreams every night, and mostly they are vivid.  I have created a happy land of adventure and cool shit where sometimes I fly, sometimes I do magic, sometimes I go on random adventures with interesting people; mostly, I think, because of my sleep apnea and because of the fact that I have been forced to spend so much time sleeping or trying to recover from shitty sleep.  (But now I have a mask and machine after finding out what they hell my problem was after years of having it and not knowing.  So Good News!)

Mostly they are good dreams.  I can’t recall having many nightmares.  Once in a while I have disturbing dreams that make me feel all weird the next morning, but they aren’t usually what I consider nighmares.  And this dream last night was no nightmare either, but it was fucked up and make me a little pissed that I had it.  (So if you were reading this thread expecting some Pick Up version of Martin Luther King… FAIL.  Sorry about your luck.)

Dreams, to me, are like Monty Python or Mr Show with Bob and David sketches.   Basically one situation flows into the next seamlessly.  So I won’t get too much into how I got to where I was in the dream, but I will get to the Seduction Based part.

I was in this room, chilling, waiting for some people to get back that took off to go do something.  For whatever reason these two cute girls show up, and as usual, I start flirting and am, as usual, doing well; being charming and fun.  They are attracted and smiling.  I’m thinking to myself in the dream, “Ok… things are going well.”  I side hug one of the girls and am feeling like attraction is building and everything is going along splendidly.

Soon a group of average, everyday dudes kind of show up out of no where and surround me and try gaming my chicks out from under me.  Maybe there are like six or so of them.  So I play back and lightly take the piss out of them saying something like, “Wow, it’s like a couple girls show up and you guys act like you’re drowning and you’re trying to get to an island.” (Something like that.  I’m not for sure exactly.)

One of the guys laughs, and for a split second I thought he was laughing with me like, “good shot,” but then the next frame of the dream is me seeing the chicks I had just thought I was doing good with sitting on the couch next to the guys.  I’m thinking to myself, “these guys wont get anywhere.  They’re chodes.”  Something like that.

But soon enough I see the girl and guy I’m focused on.  I see where the girl I like tries kissing him and he pulls away for a second, making her chase.  I feel a little disappointed.  This average douche (which is what they guys were in the dream, typical average douchebag guys) was getting further than I was in the same amount of time.  He was actually making the girl chase when I was just being “friendly side-hug guy.”

And something grabbed my attention for a split section so I looked away.  But then, loudly, something else happened that jerked my attention back.  The guy had climbed up on the couch, pants dropped around his knees and was fucking this girl in her mouth, with her just sitting there going along with it.  It happened really fast, and the thing is, the guy next to him was kinda doing the same thing with his chick.  Here these douchbag guys come out of no where and, where my game is just getting some fun vibes going with the chicks, these guys have, just as quickly, gotten down to using these chick’s faces as fuck holes, and the chicks were eagerly going along with it.

And then to top it off, I go back to watching the girl I like and the dude.  The dude ends up blowing his wad all over the girl’s face and, I guess, a little got on him.  She had a big smile on her face and she started wiping the cum off of him with her hair.  And then she was all nice, and affectionate with him, kissing him and trying to please him… To which he basically got up, and threw up all over her head.  Like, he literally vomited on her head as if, “fuck this worthless bitch.  I have no respect for her and I can use and abuse her as I please and she’ll love it.”

And it pissed me off.  I woke up right after that thinking all sorts of shit.

1. Is that the reality for guys out there?  Am I playing with these chicks and thinking I’m doing so well when in reality average dudes just come along and fuck chicks.  In other words, am I being a pussy?  Am I settling for trying to be charming, and fun and attractive to these chicks and trying to seduce them and really it’s a fucking sad excuse because really inside I’m a pussy, and if I were a real man I should just be able to go fuck some chick in the mouth a minute or two after meeting her? . . . Like this is the reality of what happens behind the scenes with girls and the men they are attracted to?
Am I being too much of a nice guy?  Am I not a man?  Am I a pussy?  That’s sort of the thoughts that went through my mind…

I’m not saying I want to throw up on a chick by the way…  Facefucking a chick is fun and everything, and maybe aggressive can be too, but it’s the point that I guess the question in this dream I was facing is, despite all my years of being in this game, learning a lot, being pretty good with women, am I just a piece of shit and in reality the average guy out there not only does better than me, but blows me away as far as seduction?

Are women, in turn, all just dirty sluts waiting to get fucked by someone who’s man enough to seduce them and get them horny?  Is it that, regardless of how she acts towards me, regardless of who she is, regardless of her status in the world, if a real man comes along she will throw all pretense aside and just wanna give herself over COMPLETELY to him even to the point of being degraded and humiliated?

Is this the shit that’s really going on in my subconscious mind?   Huh

Anyway…  Anyone have any thoughts or questions or does anyone have any specific knowledge of dreams?


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