And You Thought I Was Gone Forever? (And Libra Mix #4)

Ninja Tune XX piece

Ninja Tune XX piece (Photo credit: Chu’s your weapon)

I have stories, and more stories, and things that have been happening that I would have liked to share, but I just spent the last 2 or three months without a laptop.  And perhaps there are a couple of you that missed me.  I mean, I have followers.  I don’t know if my followers just follow for fun, and have a list of 30 or 40 other blogs they follow, so that when I post something my posts just get lost in the large influx of emails about new blog posts they get in their box, OR if they are like, “This Ronnie motherfucker is a cool cat, and I like reading his LONG, run-on sentences that likely don’t have enough commas in them.”

I know I do get more and more followers.  Maybe I don’t get the comments I would like.  I wanted this blog to be interactive, but then again, I also seem to be a little controversial and have been told that many people may read my blog in secret.  That’s cool with me.

Anyway, let’s talk about something important.

The Libra Mix…  I should have posted this a long time ago.  I honestly feel that anyone that listens to this will like it.  It’s really that good.  It’s a mix by Coldcut from 2006.  This is a classic as far as I’m concerned.

If you look at the tracklist for this 2 hour mix you will see everything from AC/DC “Back in Black”, to Lou Reed “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”, to Eric B and Rakim “I No U Got Soul”, to Bjork “HIdden Place”, with more from Beasty Boys, Iggy Pop & the Stooges, Franz Ferdinand, KRS ONE, Method Man, and a whole host of others.  In other words it’s ALL OVER the place and in a Very Very Good way.  This mix Owns!  Enjoy this mix and I’ll see about putting down some stories on this here blog, and tying up some of the loose ends I’ve left as well…  Cheers!

(Hints: Seduction (including one Fitness Chick), Bartending, Following Your Dreams, Mr Poop, More Music, Mixology, and more…)

Adam F 'Unknown' (White Label)
Will I Am 'Who Am I?' (White Label)
DJ Vadim 'The Terrorist' (Ninjatune)
Supercat 'Don Dada' (Wild Apache)
Kenny Dope 'Don dada' (Big Beat)
Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side' (RCA)
Tribe Called Quest 'Can I Kick It?' (Jive)
Mr Scruff 'Trouser Jazz' (Ninjatune)
The Party 'Imagine' (Mp3)
Sweet Tee 'It's My Beat' (Edel)
KRS ONE 'Dope Beat' (Big Daddy)
AC/DC 'Back In Black' ( Atlantic )
Harry Hall 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' (White Label)
KRS ONE 'Sound Of Da Police' (Jive)
Lumidee 'Never Leave' (Universal)
Eric B & Rakim 'I No U Got Soul' ( Island )
Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full' ( Island )
Zebra Breaks 'Unknown' (White Label)
ColdCut 'Smoke This One' (Big Life)
The Soul Searchers 'Ashley's Roachclip' (Alpha Omega)
Playschool 'Bang On A Drum' (BBC)
Disco 3 'Stick Em' (White Label)
Cutty Ranks 'The Stopper' (Fashion)
Slim 'It's In The Mix' (Epic)
Method Man 'Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Remix)'
Saul Williams 'Not In Our Name' (Ninjatune)
Rare Earth 'I Am Losing You' (EMI)
Jeremy Stieg 'Howlin' For July' (Blue Note)
Beastie Boys 'Sure Shot' (Capitol)
The Majesticons 'Suburb Party' (Big Dada)
Tickle 3 'I Got What U Need' (White Label)
DJ Z Trip 'Listen To The DJ' ( Hollywood )
The Invada 'Showtime' (White Label)
J Roc 'Dirty Fingered B-Boy' (Ninjatune)
Part 2 'One Of Dem Days' (Big Dada)
Yummy 'It's Good To You' (White Label)
Harmonic 33 'The Shape Shifter' (Warp)
Pizzy Yelliot 'Could You Be Loved (Disco)'
Harmonic 33 'Funky Duck' (Warp)
ColdCut 'Mr Nicholls' (Ninjatune)
McKay 'Takin Over' (White Label)
Dave & Ansel Collins 'Double Barrel' (Trojan)
Philorene 'Bola' (Organico)
Antipop Consortium '38303' (Antipop)
Ganja Crew 'Super Sharp Shooter' (Ganja)
Wayne Smith 'Sleng Teng' (Greensleeves)
Junior Reid 'One Blood' (Big Life)
Krust 'Warhead' (Full Cycle)
Slymoo 'Police & Thieves' (Arista)
Coldcut 'Everything's Under Control' (Ninjatune)
Coldcut 'Revolution' (Ninjatune)
Cane 'Grand Old Party Mix' (White Label)
Sunra Arkestra 'Yahyahs Resonance FM Rap' (Continue To Explore)
Baba Brooks 'Twilight Zone' (Proper)
Sandra Melody and Diplo 'Newsflash' (Big Dada)
Temperance 7 'Charley My Boy' ( Lake )
Crazy Titch vs Coldcut '1 hr To Make This' (White Label)
Lee Sratch Perry 'Cloak And Dagger' (BE)
Franz Ferdinand 'This Fire' (Domino)
King Tubby 'Base Dub' (Music Club)
Alan Watts 'Listen' (White Label)
Bjork 'Hidden Place' (One Little Indian)
The Congos 'Open Up The Gates Of Zion ' (Go-Feet)
King Tubbys 'Confusion Dub' (Snapper)
Son Kite 'Other Side' (Tribal Tribe)
Iggy Pop & Stooges 'Down On The Street' (Elektra)


Libra Mix of the Week – Tim Deluxe Essential Mix

Back is for another wild ride, this time  for 2 hours of amazing house and DJness from years past.  If you go back and experience the post, A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea part I, you will be able to check out his hit track It Just Wont Do, one of my favorite house tracks (but I have so many…) and get a slice of what this Tim Deluxe catfish is all about.

The set was recorded live 2002.09.08 but don’t let that fool you, this is some outstanding house beats, tracks and mixing from an outstanding producer from back in those days, Tim Deluxe.

If you’re not familiar with Essential Mixes, you should be.  They happen every week on BBC Radio 1 over in the UK, but you can usually listen to them online, and if you’re like me, you can plug into your stereo and bang it out, or if you’re out with your friends and have a fancy ass phone and the right kind of car stereo, you can groove with it in your car.

No tracklisting over at Soundcloud so I have take the liberty of posting it here:


  1. DJ Falcon And Thomas Bangalter – So Much Love To Give [Roule]
  2. Tweet – Boogie 2nite (Luca Cassini Dub) [Eastwest]
  3. Manuel Migs – Bump Selecta [NRK]
  4. Tim Deluxe Feat. Sam Obernik – It Just Won’t Do [Mtv Edit]
  5. Ian Pooley – Piha [NRK]
  6. G-Club – Pressure Cooker [Defected]
  7. Overdrive EP – Volume 1
  8. Sandy Rivera – I Can’t Stop (Unreleased Mix)
  9. Jose Nunez – Airgrace [Subliminal]
  10. Underworld – Two Months Off (John Ciafone Mix) [Jbo]
  11. Layo And Bushwacka – Love Story (Tim Deluxe Mix)
  12. F Delgado – Coffee Beans [Stelth]
  13. Tony Thomas – Love Jam [Honchos]
  14. Max Linen – Soul Shaker [Acapella] [On Top]
  15. Cloak And Dagger – The Boat
  16. Simon Garcia – Central Park [Beat Freak]
  17. Thomas vs Filterheadz – Sunshine [Intec]
  18. Havanna Funk – Ahora Si 2002 [Strictly Rhythm]
  19. Bebel Giberto – So Nice (Layo And Bushwacka Terrace Mix) [Eastwest]
  20. Thick Dick – Insatiable (Junior Jack / Kid Creme Mix) [Sondos]
  21. Dirty Vegas – Day Go By (Scum Frog Remix) [Credence]
  22. Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Mix) [City Rockers]
  23. Lil’ Louis – French Kiss (Josh Wink Acapella) [FFRR]
  24. Neal Howard – To Be Or Not To Be [Future Sound]
  25. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend [RCA]



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