7 Ways to Speed Up Aging

Hey, so I ran across this article because, well…  Let’s just say I do 2 of these things and have for a long time.  Now, in this time of my life, I guess it’s time to stop.  Maybe you do some of this stuff, maybe you do not.  Needless to say, here’s a little article I decided to share, written by:

…and of course you can link up to his blog by clicking the nice, fancy thing with his name on it, above.  Also I will link up to the original article at the bottom.   Here we go:

7 Ways to Speed Up Aging

August 8, 2011

Not getting enough sleep can definitely cause more facial wrinkles, but here are 7 more ways to make sure that you get even more wrinkles, have more aches and pains, feel old, or even die sooner.

1. Eat or snack close to bedtime.

Going to bed on a full stomach may help you fall asleep faster, but once you’re asleep, you’re more likely to have reflux into the throat, leading to more frequent breathing obstructions and arousals, leading to inefficient sleep.

Most modern humans have dental crowding and smaller jaws. Since soft tissues such as the tongue and nasal septum grow to their genetically predetermined size, the airway gets crowded. This leads to more frequent obstructions when on your back (due to gravity) and especially when in deep sleep (due to muscle relaxation). The more juices you have in your stomach when you go to bed, the more likely it’ll come up when you stop breathing.

Your stomach juices include not only acid, but also bile, digestive enzymes, and even bacteria. These substances can cause even more inflammation and swelling in your throat, leading more more obstructions and arousals.

If you want to gain weight, continue eating late. Lack of sleep quantity or sleep quality has been shown to promote weight gain, which leads to more narrowing in your throat.

2. Drink a night cap before bedtime

Alcohol may help you to fall asleep better and faster, but it causes your throat muscles to relax and you’ll stop breathing much more often, preventing you from achieving continuous deep and REM sleep. Not sleeping deeply can increase stress levels, making it difficult to shut down your brain when you’re trying to fall asleep. Drinking alcohol before bedtime can help you to go to sleep, but you end up aggravating this vicious cycle. Alcohol also irritate the stomach, creating more acid production.

3. Sleep on your back

Modern humans, due to smaller than normal jaws, are unable to breathe well during sleep when supine due to the tongue falling back (due to gravity) and especially in deep sleep (muscles relax). The more crowded your mouth is (if you needed braces), the more likely you’re going to be a natural side or stomach sleeper. Anything that prevents you from your normal preferred position will increase the number of obstructions and arousals, leading to less efficient sleep. One way to make sure that you sleep on your back is to get injured or undergo surgery—this will definitely lower your sleep quality.

4. Undergo rhinoplasty

Whenever the surgeon narrows the tip, cartilage in your nostrils are weakened, and years later, are more likely to cave in whenever your inhale. If you have a deviated nasal septum, or allergies, the weakened nostrils are more likely to collapse inwards, leading to a vacuum effect in the throat, with more frequent tongue collapses (especially if you have small jaws, eat late or drink late). Look for a surgeon that doesn’t take the steps needed to prevent this from happening if you want to have more breathing problems later in life.

5. Bottle-feed as an Infant

Dentists have shown that the physical act of bottle-feeding changes your bite and dental structures, leading to a higher incidence of malocclusion. This leads to crowded teeth and narrow dental arches, which can increase your chances of developing obstructive sleep apnea later in life. If you want to make things worse, use pacifiers whenever possible and encourage thumb-sucking for as long as possible.

6. Undergo jaw surgery

Jaw operations are commonly performed to correct bite or occlusion problems, but one thing that surgeons frequently don’t address is the fact that any time the upper or lower jaw is pushed back, the airway can become more compromised. As a result, your smile and your bite can improve, but your ability to breathe properly at night will go downhill. Not sleeping efficiently can significantly increase your rate of aging.

7. Don’t treat your sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common condition that becomes more common as we all get older. People with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly at night, without even realizing it. This causes a major physiologic stress response that wreaks havoc on your body. Even growth hormone levels are diminished. In fact, about 1/4 of men and 1/10 of women are thought to have unrelated obstructive sleep apnea. After age 60 to 70, some studies show that the vast majority have obstructive sleep apnea, especially if you have chronic medical conditions or are institutionalized.

Efficient sleep (quantity and quality) is essential for healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Ignoring your breathing problems while sleeping is a surefire way to age faster. If you really want to have more facial wrinkles, wait until you’re much older to address any underlying sleep-breathing issues you may have.

There you have it.  To check out more of Dr Park, you can link up to the original article at: 

http://doctorstevenpark.com/7-ways-to speed-up-aging/

I’m a Cheap Ass and Decided to Use My Comments Section for This Post


(What is all this Insolence? – That’s right – I decided to reply to the craziness of the comments section over at my last post, Texting a No Into a Yes – The Rockabilly Girl, so if you’re like, “What the hell is this post about?” I recommend reading that post and the comments and then just so you get the point of this blog, go read my page above: What Is All This Insolence!?)

Hahaha. I am having another Zombie day today. Not so good but you guys did bring a smile to my face from the replies (which incidentally is hard to do on Zombie Days), and that IS good.


@ 35maplestreetI actually take the longest showers out of anyone I know. If there’s hot water I can stay in the shower for like and hour or more. I have told people if I ever get rich I’m going to have someone build me a shower with a built in laptop, phone and pretty much a whole office – all waterproof.  I LOVE long showers when I really think long and hard about it.  It’s like as I write this, I can Imagine that heat working its way through every part of the body, and then there’s like that moment, right before sliding in.. to the shower, when you can just let go completely and let that pleasure take you completely and it’s like… ahhhhhhhhh…  😉

@ mysterycoach:  No Phone number. I’m winging with a new wing and we both picked the wrong girls. I should have went with my instincts and went for the girl sitting across from him, and he should have taken the girl across from me, but my wing said he thought the girl sitting across from me was into me, and I totally disagreed but decided to play it like she was and see. I was right, he was wrong. Unfortunately, but that’s what I get for not going with my instincts. So it’s my fault. I liked the other girl better anyway and he liked my girl better. It’s just the hazards of winging with someone new. We haven’t worked out he kinks yet.

@ emdashwood:  As far as internet connection – I’m broke. hahaha – job not starting for a few more days and not really officially starting for another couple weeks. But also I like to get out of the house and do some stuff. I can spend way too much time in the house if I have an internet connection. If I’m out doing computer stuff somewhere public when I DO have energy (non-zombie), and I happen to spy with my little eye a pretty gal I wish to flirt with, then that’s a Winning Situation.


On days like today when I am a Sleep Apnea Zombie I flirt very rarely, and tend to dress like a homeless man in the most comfortable clothes possible.  The difference between Zombie me and Normal me (dress wise) is HUGE.  I’m sure people might not even recognize I was the same person.

emdashwood said: Love the “confident enough to show her sweet side” response, but the “sex is sticky and gross” response is a little much, I think.  Why would you put the words sticky and gross in the same conversation as sex?  And to imply that you would be anything other than “yourself” around us… well, I don’t think you want to show your cards quite so clearly 😉  I think your word choice could use some work on that one 😉  And the non-response (or “sorta the same as #1 cop-out) to #4 is… well… cheating, and perhaps borderline chicken, I think, since two of us clearly stated that is the response we would choose!

mysterycoach said: The last one is all like, “I bet you don’t even like sex” … which would what? LOL  Have her say, ooooh no, I’ll show you, how could you say that about me?  Her little mind starts ticking because, she doesn’t know the guy and the pull would be “why would he think that?” Most men/women want to be liked so that would up the chances she’d/he’d want to show the other person just how wrong they were about them.

What mysterycoach said 😉

As far as the “…confident enough…” I came up with that on accident one day with a girl who was being kinda pissy through text, really sarcastic.  So I decided to neg her a little. Neg=negative compliment.  It’s a compliment with a little bit of something “missing” to make her go…  Hmmmm?  It is Not an insult or being dicky, and is usually said with a smile of your face (which also would be the same smile I would have when talking about sex being sticky and gross).  So I complimented her on being sarcastic and then told her I liked a girl who was confident enough to be herself even better.

It worked.  The next texts she was being fun and cool.  I think it works wonders when a gal gets sassy to keep your cool and not follow.

And then there’s Whole foods; I probably mentioned this is some other post, but this one has 2 bars in it and you can buy beer or wine and walk around the store and drink it, or pay your 10 bucks for a bottle of wine, take it to the wine bar and they will open in and provide the glasses for you, and even pour it if you are sitting up at the bar.


Now then… Where were we?

Oh ya – soapy bubbles and a warm penetrating shower head…

A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Seducer with Sleep Apnea Part I


Yesterday I woke up.  I wanted to do some grocery shopping.  That was it.  That was my goal.  Get groceries for my empty fridge.  Big deal?  Not really.  But I think most people go to their favorite grocery store and just kinda get everything at once, they pile it up, fill their cart or basket with whatever they need and go from there.  I can’t do this.  I sometimes do, but more often than not I am hitting up about 4 or 5 different venues to do my shopping.  I was actually feeling pretty tired yesterday, but still just couldn’t fathom the idea of going to one place.

(Sometimes when I wake up it might take me an hour or two to figure out whether my sleep was great or not.  I might start to get drowsy pretty quickly and get funky headaches if I need a little more rest.  Yesterday and Today I did the same remedy for that which is a General Wellness audio from Belleruth  Naparstek, kinda like Guided Imagery.  It’s basically hypnosis, and it gets me totally tranced out and catnaps me so after about a half hour I wake up with a little reboost and can go on my way.  But before my little reboost yesterday…)

I hit up this new Walmart Express near my home.  Yuck!  Definitely ghetto inside, and I doubt I’ll find much reason to go back.  Then off to Target.  Still I realized I was getting more and more tired, but to my dismay I found myself in the frozen foods section chatting up this cute little Asian gal about vegetables.  But how come I can’t have a discussion anymore with women without lots of smiles, blushes and glows being thrown my way?  I don’t get it.

I did an experiment recently with a buddy of mine who wanted to learn to talk to women he would see from day to day.  What happened was pretty interesting.  He would see women all around while we were walking through the city, and some of them he liked.  What I was trying to show him, is that despite all the cultural bullshit that assumes that talking to strangers is somehow evil and weird, it is, In Fact, very normal.  It’s not the act of doing it, it’s HOW you do it.

The problem, of course is, that he was nervous approaching these women.  That nervousness is two things, VERY normal, and VERY contagious.   Ya, fucked up when you think about it.  When we see someone that fires us up inside the natural, outdated, cave man response our bodies give us is to get all nervous, and flood ourselves with all these thoughts of how things could go extremely bad.  Interestingly enough it NEVER goes away no matter how many times you approach that random stranger that you find attractive.  So what happens?  People just avoid talking to strangers they find attractive.  Women are smart.  They have this game down to a mad science.  If they see a guy they like they do things like eye contact, or they may position themselves closer to the guy, or walk by the guy a couple times, or give him subtle signals to suggest she is interested.  Guys DO NOT always notice these signals that women think are so obvious.  Maybe life has changed throughout the centuries and at a more primitive time these signals were blaringly obvious, but with time these signals have become lost to most men.  So that does not always work.  And even if the guy likes the girl he may be too nervous to approach her.

How do I know?  Because I just tested my theory.  I saw a girl I thought I might like and my brain became preoccupied with all this bullshit about I should approach and talk to her, but it would be weird and awkward, and not the right time and place, and what would she think, and what would the people around me and her think, and would she like me or scream at the top of her lungs, “Fuck off you fucking Creep!”, or whatever….

But the only way to really find out is to go do it.  I was even a little creepy and awkward in my approach.  I sat in the empty chair across from her and alternately stared at her with a little grin on my face and at other random places around the room.  Soon I caught her making very fast eye contact but as soon as my eyes caught her she looked away.  But the funny thing is I approached her anyway and she was still warm and smiley.  I feel like I could have stayed longer but at closer inspection I didn’t feel like she was doing it for me so after a minute of cool conversation, even telling her I was trying to decide whether or not she was cute (not in a dicky way, in a fun way), I politely ejected myself.  However, NONE of the warnings my mind gave me happened.  Not even close.

Oh… So about the experiment with my buddy.  To get him used to talking to random women I said, “Go ask them what time it is.”  No no, it wasn’t going to get the girl’s heart a fluttering and making her desire him madly.  It was to get him over his fear of talking to random women he was attracted to SO when he finds himself in a situation where he spots a woman he REALLY likes he would be better prepared.  Alas, he was still getting the shit beat out of him by his fear so I decided to demonstrate.

But here’s the interesting thing.  When I went up and started asking women, “Hey…  what time is it?, several of the conversations became very obviously flirty very quickly.  These women, on some level, could sense “the wolf” as I like to call it.  The wolf used to scare women back in the day when I was just horny and not so smooth, but now women like the more charming and witty and refined wolf.  Go figure.  My buddy said to me, “I hate you.” it was so obvious.

Sexy Modern Princesses From Old Fairy Tales on Visboo.com

So the same thing happened to me when I was in the frozen food isle at the Target.  I made fun of the Asian gal for taking one package of frozen vegetables, putting them back, and replacing them for another package.  I asked her, “What?  Do you know something I don’t?” and soon she was smiling and very vibrantly flirting.  There is a huge, obvious difference between smiling politely and vibrantly smiley and flirty.  She even was blushing a little… (to be continued)


I’ve decided I might need to start splitting up some of my posts into more than 1 part, since sometimes I love you long time.  Yep, I completely realize I can go on and on about stuff.  That’s the danger of stream of consciousness writing.  I don’t even know what I’m writing half time time and before I realize it I’m like, “holy shit this is long!”