Religion, God and Sexuality


I’m a believer. I love God. If you do too this will make sense to you. If you are Atheist you can probably skip this as Irrelevant.

And before we get into the debate I always like to say, I’m not sure any religion has dibs on God. Just like in Pickup/Seduction  Schools of thought, no coach/system has all the answers.

And furthermore, I like to use the word God, not in a religious sense but to me it’s just so much easier than all this wishy-washy new agey shit people try to do. “It’s not God, it’s the all source of the universe, the energy that all creation is made from, the earth and Gaia as one.” or whatever the fuck.

Ok cool. and that’s the new Politically Correct, trendy way to talk about it. (Maybe not as Trendy as being Atheist is these days but that’s a different talk).

But to me using the word God is so much easier. Just like using the word Car is easier than saying, “It’s not a Car. It’s a machine that is made of metal and has an engine and uses fuel made from oil that causes the cylinders of the engine to fire off that makes the machine, that has 4 wheels by the way, go.”

That being said, I don’t care what people decide – whether they believe or not, that is their path.

However, I would like to bring up some confusion about Religion, God and Sexuality.

Religion has put a negative spin on Sexuality. Get Married, don’t cheat, don’t have sex until you’re married, don’t masturbate, don’t fuck, don’t get dirty, nasty, sticky and sweaty.


But if you read the Bible, 3 of Gods favorite people had lots of sex AND with different people.

David – King David had eight wives and at least ten concubines. 2 Samuel 5:13-15 says that David took more wives and concubines in Jerusalem, but doesn’t list how many, only names the sons born to him there.

Solomon – He had 700 wives of royal birth and 300 concubines.

Abraham – He’s another story completely. Not as many wives and concubines but he did sleep with his handmaiden to have children.

As a matter of fact, even the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is not about the concept of people being Homosexual or not, but that they had become so fucking corrupt that they would gather outside your door and demand you bring your guests out so they could fuck them.

That’s sexually depraved. That’s different than Healthy Sexuality.

Going back to the story of David – Was it his sex with multiple women that pissed God off?

Nope – God got pissed when David, who was already fucking plenty of women, probably all hot for the standards of those days, saw some dude’s Wife and wanted to fuck her too.

So David decided to send that dude off to fight and die in a war and THAT’S when God was like, “Seriously? You just fucking had some dude killed so you could fuck his wife? That’s pretty fucked up dude.”

Then God was pissed at David.

The thing wit Solomon was kind of the same. God was ONLY pissed at Solomon, not because he was fucking multiple women, but because he starting letting those women lead him astray and do dumb/bad shit.

God never got mad at people for fucking women and expressing HEALTHY sexuality, he only got pissed when people were corrupt, depraved or abusive in a way that was bad for the other person/people involved. If you were deliberately fucking up other people in the name of sex OR fucking up yourself, Then it was a problem.

That’s my belief. There are stories later I think where people say, “Ok, now God says no more whoredom. You can only have sex with one woman and she better be your wife.”

My PERSONAL belief is that most likely that was MAN=Religion pushing THEIR agenda and not necessarily God. But if it WAS God it was because man was making a trend of letting Sex corrupt them.

See the problem with Religion is this – Man uses God as a way to push their own agenda. They say, God says this and God says that… But many times it has nothing to do with God. And the problem with that is, that instead of blaming MAN – People blame God. It’s like saying Henry Ford is responsible for all the deaths of people dieing in Auto Accidents because he created the first mass produced Car.

So – I don’t think God would give us this whole LOVE of sex, make it pleasurable, make it release chemicals in our bodies that make us FEEL GOOD, in order just to play games with us and say “Don’t Do That!”

My point to all this is, If you are battling yourself in the belief of, “I like God, so I don’t know if I should have sex with Girls.” OR “I want to fuck girls, but if they love God it’s wrong.” I don’t think that’s the case at all, as LONG as you are doing it from a Genuine place of love of sexuality, value and respect for the chick and so on.

Why did God bomb Sodom and Gomorrah? Depraved as fuck. Not healthy, sex was pleasure and they didn’t care how much you had to fuck someone over or hurt them to get it.

So, be cool, have sex but do it from a place of love and respect and (at least the way I think of it) I am REALLY and Truly bringing a kickass experience into this woman’s life. I’m not fucking women to make up for my insecurities, or because I’m angry with them, or because I want to impress my friends, or fuck someone else over. I’m not breaking up some family by fucking some chick who’s married until her husband finds out and then they get a divorce. I’m not doing any of that shit. I’m fucking women because I LOVE women. They are beautiful, interesing, sexy creatures that I enjoy sharing my time with.