The Seduction of Rainbow Dash – Finale


(this is the JAKE she’s referring to in our FB exchange later.  Apparently I remind her of him.)

Alright, you wanted it, you got it.  The final installment of the Seduction of Rainbow Dash.  If you want to get a total Break down of how to make a Difficult Lay take place, (assuming you’re a guy reading this though I do so love my female readers), definitely check this out but go back and read part 1, part 2 and part 3.  When I write my Lay Reports I’ve always broken things down in to specifics.

Of course you can always check out the whole list of my Awesome LRs and Seductions (always growing and there are still so many I haven’t even put up yet) on my page The Seduction Chronicles – A Collection.

Enjoy the final installment, my reports can be on the long side but they are ALWAYS packed with great stuff! (from what people tell me…)

Again my replies will be in Italics while everyone else’s will be in normal.  Here we go:

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It’s pretty awesome. I hate to be all mushy about this but last night was one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time. It was the HB Rainbow Dash’s birthday.

Maybe I had a sort of childhood where I took everything so serious, was alone a lot and didn’t have many friends, at least cool chicks my own age. When I was in my 20s I always wanted a chick like this, since the first time I went to Club X back in the day and realized these types of chicks existed, especially after going to places like Leland City Club which is a much cooler  version of NEO/The Exit.

However, not to confuse things, Club X was more of a Club/Club, like the Mid where as Leland (less cool people call it the “City Club”) was more like a goth/industrial club. I ALWAYS had a crush on the hipster, rocker, punk. goth, dyed hair types with tattoos. Always. And to this date I haven’t filled my meter on fucking those types of women. Maybe I need to get emaciated and skinny and get a lot of Tattoos and dye my hair black… OR maybe I would (Dan) rather just be better off catching them outside their club environment. OR Like in THIS case, she wasn’t quite club age yet, 20 going on 21 in a matter of a week.

Whatever; I don’t wanna get too off track, but all I have to say is that this was a cool last week for me. Yesterday, I woke up and immediately started teaching students. We went and did daygame. I was TIRED when I woke up, damn sleep apnea shit. I came back home from that to my place and we held the Round Table. Needless to say by 8:30 it was time for me to go meet her and pick her up. She happens to be a Rollerderby chick as well which I like. Yes, many Rollerderby chicks are not as cute as you may think but some of them are pretty hot. She is a Jammer not a Blocker. Jammers are the ones that go fast and score points so they are usually slim and lithe if that helps.

She is soo hot to me IMO though, body is fucking so nice from top to bottom, beautiful smile, AMAZING ass, I mean… AMAZING ass, and her tits are nice D sized cups but not HUGE, but she has these perfectly suckable nipples.

And piercings and Tattoos and rainbow colored dyed hair cut short.

But she was pretty smart. She goes to some pretty prestigious college for her chosen major and apparently all the kids at that college are smart kids. But she also has that fucking youthful exuberance. That’s what I loved. She was so fucking… I dunno, so much the chick I always wanted when I was younger, and have only had a couple times since then, but usually they were bad girl types. This one was/is the good girl type.

She was singing songs, talking about interesting shit one moment and cartoons the next (which are still interesting to me anyway ) We were arguing in my bed about politics then making out and fucking right after, she was just so full of life and all that.

Youthful Exuberance. And to be honest, I LOVE that shit.

Needless to say we fucked and did all sorts of other naughty type shit from about 11pm till almost 6am. It was soooo hot.

But what does this do to me in the long run? It instills a little more confidence in me that I’m not too old for these younger chicks. I mean, I’m 39 and she’s 21 now. This is almost like permission to go ahead and seek out and bang more younger chicks. Not that they are the only ones I want to bang, but I was getting worried there for a moment.

Anyway, she was just so fun. She would alternate between shy and confident – one moment she would be quiet as a church mouse and composed and the next she would be be shaking her ass, or gyrating her body doing stripper moves. Oh, and isn’t it interesting what you never know about someone. She apparently was a Stripper for a short while, but said she didn’t like the lifestyle so stopped, HOWEVER she still does Pole Dancing exercise to keep fit. And she is, solid from head to toe. Not ripped but solid, great body and all that.

So I am good to go and I have a few other chicks to follow up with. She is going back home to her home state in a couple days. We may chill again, not sure yet, but regardless – it was fun while it lasted.

I sent this after what I thought would be the last time I saw her...  Nope!

I sent this after what I thought would be the last time I saw her… Nope!

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Obviously I’m still a rather young buck, but am starting to be curious about the scene when I’m in my mid-late 30s too.

How did the age discussion come up, how did you handle it? Do you think that bc she’s already a bit of a punk-rocker that she is more open to things like dating a 39 year old then maybe a 21 year old sorority girl? Was there any expectation of spending money on her, and did you spend money on her? (not to question beta-ness at all — I’m just curious how the scene looks and how expectations are).

Congrats again man — I know I just nailed a 21 year old and I really felt like I was getting something extra young and tasty and I loved it… and I’m only 28. I can only imagine how much better it must feel for you. Major props!

« Reply #104 on: January 29, 2013, 04:03 PM »

The discussion came up first in the texting. Then it came up later when I was kinoing her. Resistance, resistance resistance. And here’s what’s funny. If I would have given in and said, “Ah Fuck. She’s telling me I’m too old for her and it’s creepy,” which is sort of the vibe (and what she said) she gave me when I commenced kino, then I wouldn’t have fucked her. Funny enough, I don’t know if this was backwards rationalization OR if she already felt this, but she started telling me later how she always liked older guys and how she thought the idea of it was sexy.

Now WTF? But at first that’s NOT what she was saying . So in the texts you can see what I do, then in person I didn’t make a big deal out of it, maybe just “How old do you think I am? I’m definitely NOT 40!” Implying I am Much Younger but I’m being honest. She said 35. I said, “That’s a fucking Great Guess.” That’s all. She would make comments about me being 35 from time to time but I never denied her. Then she found me on Facebook, friended me and found out I was 39. I will link in with the photo of that text exchange at the end.

But the key to this was the El Topo shit I played with her. I was planting in her the suggestion that she is the type of girl who has 2 personalities fighting against each other all the time. I told the 2 wolves story, then right off the bat followed up with, “It’s like when I touch you. Part of you is like, ‘Whoa! This guy is older than me.’ and all the social programming, like news and tv ans shit has you believing that’s true. But then there’s the other half of you that likes it and thinks it’s hot. I can tell, you’re the type of girl who has innocence and shyness, but then there are times where you probably have gotten pretty fuckin wild, crazy and naughty and let loose and those are some of the best, most memorable times you’ve had.

Like I bet some of the shit that you think about in your mind, like.. it’s fucking some crazy, wild shit that if you told your best friends about it they’d be like Holy Shit! But that’s what I like about you. You have this sweet innocent side and then you have this naughty side to balance it out. That’s hot. I can appreciate that because at times I’m like that too.”

So breaking this down I instruct her what she is to be like around me, then I connect it to me and tell her I like it. Done. Then I just moved on to talking about sexual stuff for the rest of the dinner. Going back it’s simply amazingly hot to see this super shy girl at dinner, and then finding out just how fucking naughty and dirty she is/was when we were together. Jesus, this girl was doing all sorts of shit, shaking her ass in my face so I could watch, naughty stripper shit in my house, I mean not to mention all the actual sexual stuff we did. It’s just amazing how that works because it’s TRUE. All these girls these days have the naughty side, it’s just OUR responsibility to bring it out. Safe?

Do you think that bc she’s already a bit of a punk-rocker that she is more open to things like dating a 39 year old then maybe a 21 year old sorority girl?

That’s a good question. She told me repeatedly I was NOT her type. (I don’t know if I’m any girl’s type lol). She said she usually likes the young, effeminate, slim, good looking types. Guys she mentioned a couple times as her type was:

Billie Joe, lead singer for Green Day

Robert Smith – Lead singer for the cure

and Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp). I am, in appearance and manner, not close to any of those cats. But it didn’t stop her from calling me sexy and hot a few times…

I bet, EVEN with a sorority girl it’s simply a matter of pulling her out of her world and into yours. A sorority girl may be all about fitting into her social mode, but I’m sure it could be done. This is why, for a guy like me, Daygame is the shit. I can catch these girls AWAY from their social circle, and environment. If I were the 39 year old dude in a College bar those girls might have a hard time being converted to fucking me, at least in front of their peers, however, if we can keep it on the downlow and bring her into our world, I see no reason why it can’t be done. I will have to experiment more I suppose and maybe target some sorority type chicks.

Was there any expectation of spending money on her, and did you spend money on her? (not to question beta-ness at all — I’m just curious how the scene looks and how expectations are).

Well I do what I want. Here’s the plan as I see it. We talked about getting wine because I wanted to chill with her and I tend to like having a drink or 2 with chicks I go out with. Not to get drunk, but to get the social lube thing going. It’s (for better or worse) been part of my seductions since way back. I am the guy with candles, and incense and cool music and wine and that’s my bag. She is vegan and so I thought to myself after the first date (ok. I need to get her to my place. She doesn’t turn 21 for a couple of days so where can I take her that is Vegan, byob, close to my place, etc. So I did a little research and we found this cool Ethiopian place.

I spent $6 on the wine, and maybe 30 bucks on food. I said this in my other post about the texts but I ascribe to the belief that David X has which is if you want to buy the chick drinks or dinner fucking do it. But in order to do so you have to be Alpha about it. You pick the place, you pay, you take responsibility and you don’t do it to buy her favor, you do it because you want to do it.

And so, I do. But she offered dutch, and when we went to Chicago Diner a couple days ago she actually paid. But when she offered dutch I said no. Very Alpha in a very backwards way. I took her out to eat, and I owned it. I knew going into dinner I would be going to my place next and fucking her. This was not to BUY her favor or time, it was strategic and logistical.

But would I say she had expectations about money being spent? Nope. I led the entire time. Date 1 – no money spent. Date 2 and the close, maybe $40. But I can say this, there have been younger chicks I banged that I spent almost no money on. One comes to mind that I knew that we had 1 drink at the bar and then back to my place for sex. It was my fastest close ever. I think we were fucking with a total of 30-45 minutes of face time and I spent maybe $6 on her Jack and Coke.

Congrats again man — I know I just nailed a 21 year old and I really felt like I was getting something extra young and tasty and I loved it… and I’m only 28. I can only imagine how much better it must feel for you. Major props!

Ya man. She’s one of my favorites.. But then again… I say that about all of them… But then again, I think that’s because I MEAN that about all of them. There’s something about picking high quality chicks and then !closing them, having them dig you and digging them back that feels really good. I know I may never see her again since she’s flying back to Florida, but that’s short time is one of the stories I hope I can look back to when I’m and gray and replay in my memory banks.

I’ll tell you this much, it’s the shit like this that makes all the hard work, rejections, loneliness, frustration, going out and sucking all that blah blah in the early stages (the shit that so many guys we see -come and go- being conquered by), and even mid stages, that makes all that fucking hard work so worth it.

This is why I try to tell people, man, it’s not an easy game, but NEVER give up, because one day this shit really does pay off. I can safely say pretty much ALL of the chicks I get with these days are chicks I REALLY like. That’s a cool motherfucking feeling to have.

1 more FYI. After the FB exchange below she came back, we hung out, and we fucked again anyway…


« Reply #107 on: January 31, 2013, 01:14 PM » Quote

Congrats on the LR, but don’t you think you are over-analyzing this a bit and backwards rationalizing too much of what you THINK worked?

You are focusing

only on your age as the obstacle/the negative….

but have you ever thought that to a 20 year old who is ADD and hasn’t seen much of the world you are amazing because….

you appear to have your shit together, have a cool job, have money, have your own place, have stories about life….


« Reply #108 on: January 31, 2013, 01:41 PM »

Not so much looking at my age as a negative. When I say it’s refreshing to pull another young chick, it’s like I have a clock in myself that is ticking and each young girl resets it. Most of my lays have been probably girls in the 20-28 region. I remember a time when I was like, “Every girl I pull is 23. Wtf?”

I didn’t even start gaming till I was 31 – from SCRATCH (well, maybe like 10 to 13 lays). So I have always been pretty good at getting girls younger than me.

That being said, I feel it’s always important to break down what happened. I don’t think shit together, money, etc, would have been enough to reframe this chick (Texts, In-Person resistance) and get her back to my house and naked. Trust the Tech. Sometimes I think some guys try TOO hard to say, “You don’t need Tech at all, just be yourself!”

However, the tech fucking works. I agree with the “get out of your own way” stuff, but I think it ONLY works when guys have taken the time to internalize the Tech. Then it becomes a balance. Maybe some guys who’ve been in it for a while forget that. They think they are the same person they were at day 1, not using the tech at all, and have just magically figured out how to get out of their own way, but… BUT I tend to doubt that’s the case.

I’m willing MORE to bet that after seeing and experiencing things working again and again those things just stuck – Conscious vs Unconscious Competence.

Take a total noob and tell him, “Get out of your own way.” It WONT WORK – he needs the tech to make that journey and experience to make it happen.

PS – The End 😉

Evolve your Sexuality – 5 Fundamentals of The Sexual Life


Check it check it out…  It’s time for another Re-Blog by yours truely, Ronnie Libra.  Again, I didn’t write this article.  Before you get into it, I will warn you, it’s long.  BUT Its totally worth every man and woman with an interest in being in touch with their sexuality, and even making better connections with those you’re crushing on…  Now a little glossary of terms…  The “Seduction Community” is kind of this group of marketers and guys who get together to try and “Sell” seduction.  They try and give guys an idea that there is supposed to be some fast track to seducing the women, that mostly relies on memorized lines, gambits, tactis, and this whole “fake yourself” mentality.

YUCK!  But there are a very select few guys out there who are on the level, stand up guys, and Steve Mayeda just so happens to be one of them…  You may have read about him in my post “Sometimes I Just Want to Play Video Games”.  I’m a super dick when it comes to guys trying to teach this stuff.  I can be very critical of them, because I really feel a lot of guys teaching the concept of picking up or seducing women are full of shit.   So I have a feeling that if you read this article you will find it pretty enlightening, the real deal.  You dig?  So sit back, grab a glass of your favorite swag and enjoy this read.  I think you’ll find it’s worth the time…  Anyway, enough of my yammering – Enjoi – Oh and feedback is welcome, definitely share your thoughts.  ~Ronnie L (only a slight beer buzz right now)

Sex – Life – Confusion 

We live life but we are afraid

We fear experience we want to control our outcomes

We search for meaning and definition, and forget purpose


We fear sex but we want sex

We obsessed over sex but it has become more fantasy than reality

We are ashamed of sex and we are consumed by it.


We wonder why we are so confused. 

What is your sexuality? 

What is your life?



Sex is one of the most natural human acts and it has become distorted.   Something that is normal, natural and one of the highest forms of communication has become a point of confusion and frustration.


To get back to that natural state of sexuality and living a fulfilling life we need to cultivate and maintain a good mindset.

We need to realize how important and vital sex is to our lives.


With working these 5 fundamentals your Sexual Life will be more about an expression and exchange of you and another person rather than trying to make you be something you’re not.


The Sexual Life’s goal is to end the desperate search trying to fulfill a lost identity.


The fundamentals of the Sexual Life are –

* Identity

* Connection

* Self-Acceptance

* Sex is a part of Life

* Everyone is Sexual

First we need to understand what I mean by the Sexual Life –


To be Sexual there is –


Sex – The Act

Seduction – The Process

Sexuality – The Result of Sex and Seduction



To live Life there is –


Identity – Who you are really are, rather than a façade

Experience – Your experiences not just your actions

Purpose – What fuels you rather than simply your results




The 5 key fundamentals will be the path to your Sexual Evolution



1 – Identity –

Live your life, not your lie 


At the core of all personal change YOU need to be in it.  At the core of your sexuality YOU need to be in it.

You need to be you.  Not a façade, not a fake identity, not an act.  Yes you might borrow some things from people you might ‘fake it till you make it’, but you need to come back to you.

I have seen this lack of authenticity fuck more people up than anything else in the Seduction, Self-help and the Recovery/Addiction industries.


It is as if WE are afraid to be in the equation to OUR path of change.  It is as if we are afraid to have sex without an image guiding us.


In my 5 years of teaching the most angry, pissed off, dysfunctional and frustrated clients all have one thing in common – They bought into an idea, that told them –

they could have what they wanted by not being themselves.

There are nothing wrong with methods, systems and actions that teach you a new way to live; however how these things are sold is that they work independent of that person’s life.   A system can only accent who you already are.


Why anyone would want a life outside of themselves is something to question, if this is what you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ product isn’t going to help you.  It will most likely fuck you up more.  Every move you make in your life should not be detached from who you are.


To experience means you are affected, you might feel joy and you might feel pain.  The key is to not live reactions of those things.

You need to be proud of yourself.  You need to be you.  If you throw your life to the side to be something you’re not that act alone takes away your pride, and puts you on a path of self-hate.


As a culture we are afraid of sex and afraid of being ourselves.   We would rather be in love with a fantasy than to feel the rich intimacy, vulnerability and love that sex can offer.   Sex has become an exaggeration of porn and on the other end shame.  This is all because we are unwilling to be ourselves with someone else.



2 – Connection – 

There are few things more beautiful than connecting with another human being.  Connection is the exchange of intimacy, passion, chaos and humanity. 


We forget this.

We forget that sex is simply an act of connection, we forget that our happiness is dependent upon how we connect with the world around us.


Biological beings cannot live without some connection within their species.   It is built into us.

Yet we look at sex as a society as something we can get, take, dominate or have.   Sex is the ultimate act of sharing.   If you meet get married it is an exchange…

If you meet a woman and have a single night rendezvous it is an exchange.  If you hire a prostitute it is an exchange.


We are afraid to share.  We are afraid to exchange.

Why is this?

There are 2 reasons that come to mind

1 – We are afraid to show ourselves

2 – We are afraid to be affected by others


You see in the ‘quick fix’ nature of self-help and seduction industries the general theme is that you can simply reap the benefits they offer without having to really be you.  You won’t get hurt, you won’t get affected in any ways that bring you pain.  Their method will stop the pain of loneliness and depression and you’ll be great all without having to face yourself.


We have more faith in Prozac than working through our problems.  Don’t get me wrong, if you’re seriously depressed seek help, there is nothing wrong with taking prescribed drugs if you need them.  However, many people get prescriptions that don’t need them.

What the problem is with many of these drugs that numb your depression, anxiety and so on, is they numb everything else.

Our lives are built on being numb.   Human connection is at the heart of experience.

Happiness is meaningless if we can’t experience it with anybody.


The delusion is that we believe more in getting what we want than connecting with people.   We think that achieving our goals, having ambition without respecting the simple human act of relating, accepting and having compassion will make us happy.   These things will not alone make us happy, we need to have the element of human connection interlacing it all together.


I love sex, and so does the rest of the world.

For me personally, I have had all different types of sexual interactions.   In the past I would hear about something new and I want to try it.

However more than sex, I love connection (I had to learn the hard way) .   You can have calm and mellow missionary sex all the way to orgies, gangbangs and whatever else you can imagine, but without connection being the motivation and inspiration behind those acts they will simply be acts, and they will turn into confusion and chaos.


Sex is one of the highest forms of communication and it should be respected in this way.


That connection of sex is so powerful that culture after culture tries to put rules on it.


Connection is something that is bigger than anything man can make, simply because it is at the heart of anything man makes…connection will always be the catalyst to what surpasses itself.




3 – Self-Acceptance –

If we know who we are (Identity) we need to accept who we are (Self-Acceptance)


A life without self-acceptance is a life hiding behind guilt and shame.


We look at what we can get not at why we want what we want

We blindly try and explore ourselves without truly exploring ourselves.


We can’t fix who we are if we can’t accept who we are.


Too many people are unwilling to look at themselves.

Too many people think their flaws are meant to be hidden, covered or even unattractive.

I want to be a human being not some robot or mask.

Here is the reality, no matter how perfect you think you are, you’re not.  You never will be.

However you can absolutely evolve, everyone has the capacity for massive personal change.

No matter how much you think your life is set in stone, let alone your sexuality, it is not.   The initial steps towards that transformation have to do with self-acceptance.


My friend Dave told me once,

“You’re going to have to come to terms with who you are and practice some self-acceptance.   If you’re the guy that goes around and fucks chicks and does whatever crazy shit you’re into, there is nothing wrong with that, if you’re honest with yourself about it.  But the confusion comes into play when you try and not be that guy and you’re living as 2 different people at the same time.”


People want something to cover up with rather than be themselves or express themselves.

You see this in the seduction industry over and over again.

What the industry in general says,

‘To be an alpha male you have to do what you want and figure out ways to avoid responsibility’.

How can I have sex and trick these chicks into being ok with it???


Here’s the answer,

You can have whatever sexual life you want.  You can have as many women in your life that you want, but in reality it is more of a question of what you can handle…

Can you handle a sex life with many partners; can you handle having multiple relationships with women?

If you’re planning to lie about it, there is nothing ‘alpha’ about that.


What Dave was telling me was simply that I had to accept myself first.  If I was hiding from my actions, or my actions from other people then I was manifesting shame.   It doesn’t matter how good I get at communication, it doesn’t matter how much I can control a situation if I have guilt, shame or self-hate then I am always going to move backwards.


I need to accept myself, the good and the bad.  If I have a speech impediment, handicap, emotional issues, a disease or deformity , anger towards women I need to first learn to look at that and accept it, then I can determine if I am going to express it to the world around me.

Anger is a lack of acceptance.  Depression (or anger turned inwards) is a lack of self-acceptance.



Life, Sex, Humanity is not a template, it is not a system, it is not a routine.  You need to accept your life and find that true freedom is in that.


4 – Sex is a part of life – 

Sex is one of the greatest forces known to man. 

We forget that.

Life (literally) begins with sex.

However so much is communicated, defined and cultivated through sex.  Sex is its own form of communication.  We forget how powerful it is, we forget how much respect it demands.

I know men and women that think sex will make them happy.

The sad thing is that is can make them happy, but it doesn’t.  The reason why is sex is not respected.  It is simply an act.  It might be an act of validation, or and act of a simple urge.

The problem is when sex is only an act your sexuality has no purpose.


If we sex as something that is at the root of all life, at the root of many of our emotions, and its own special language then our sex acts can be fulfilling.  Our sexuality makes us happy.


Instead our fears towards who we are (Identity) giving a part of ourselves (Connection) and loving accepting who we are and the acts we are doing (Self-Acceptance) keep sex as only a simple act.


We think it is bad, we think it is harmful, shaming, lewd and so on.  Sex is part of life!

Sex is also bigger than us, we will never master it, control it or be able to truly put a definition on it.

The same goes for life, at most we can simply live it.


When we stop being humble towards sex and sexuality we will be humiliated by it.


We need to recognize sex’s power and beauty and express that through ourselves, this is what we call our sexuality – our expression of that great force.



5 – Everyone is Sexual – 

We are already sexual – to have the best sexual experiences we need to take things away more than add them.


We forget this.

We forget that we are sexual, we forget the people we are attracted to are sexual.  The more we see people as not sexual beings the more we build walls around our relationships with people.


I hear women all the time say that they don’t want to be sex objects.  The problem is not the ‘sex’ part, it is the ‘object’ part.

The more we see people as some sort of check list or category the more we get away from the organic nature of a person’s sexuality.

Both women and men do this constantly.   They think attraction is something that can be listed off and categorized, while it might be true (people are more attracted to certain qualities and body types) we have to realize that our sexual side can over power our tastes.

This is where both women and men get it wrong.

Women will always say they are attracted to confidence, humor, height and so on.

Men will say they are attracted to her breast size, ass, weight, open-mindedness and so on.


This is all what we like, this is not our sexual side.  There is a difference.

Sex is a force within us.

We might give attention to specific features however our sexual urges always win once they are stimulated.


I know many men and women who can define what they are attracted to and what they want in a sex partner…they hardly ever get it.

Women and men who you would think can get anyone they want are never fulfilled.  This is because they are not realizing sex is more about connection than a checklist.  People who value and build their relationships on intimacy, connection, exchange are people that have relationships.  People that value relationships on what they are attracted or what they want don’t have relationships people, they have relationships with a fantasy they are trying to manage.


Where the Seduction industry gets it wrong is it is predominantly based on the idea that women are sexually attracted to social value.

I can guarantee you that most women’s pussies don’t get wet when they see a nice car or men with a lot of money, status or whatever.  And the women who’s ovaries do move when they see that are the rare ones that you should avoid.

In fact I would bet that a women seeing a man with a lot of status and attention would have considerably less physical arousal than a women watching a man with no money playing with his infant child.

This status simply gets women’s attention and allows you more opportunities to get sexual.   But then what are you having sex with.

The seduction industry is an industry full of technique on how to have sex that has nothing to do with sex.


If guys in the seduction industry simple got that seduction is in everyone and nearly independent of status they would gain a lot more ground at having IDEAL SEXUAL relationships with women.


If women who watched Lifetime movies and read Cosmo realized that their fantasy of some man recognizing them for their personality.  Sexuality, sex and relationships aren’t a list of qualities, femininity (as well as masculinity) isn’t a demand for something.  You have to be sexual, you have to experience to have your definition.  If you’re on the sidelines then you’re just taking notes.  Remember the beauties of sex are beyond any list you come up with.  Your lists and theories without experiences to shape them are only opinions.


The whole thing is that both sides have come up with these bizarre fucked up rules for each other so their in a constant state of confusion and frustration.

Women and men need to realize that they are meant to be sexual.


Every man and woman I know and talk to all want to be desired.  They all want people to be attracted to them.  Every woman I know wants to be hot, every woman I know wants the ability to arouse a man and every woman I know doesn’t want to be hit on poorly by a man.


She wants to her sexuality to be respected but what does she put out there to be respected.  A girl with no personality demanding her personality to be respected because her frustrated friends that get walked on by men said so.


The sad thing is neither women nor men do enough to be respected.


Rather than going out and experiencing life they would rather take the shortcut to manhood.   No man is secure with his presence as a man.  Rather than getting comfortable with himself and follow his natural urges to pursue a woman he’d read a book on how to be alpha so he could finally be perceived as a leader…after that he can fuck some bitches.


This is why you have 25 year old men pounding Viagra so they can ‘fuck like a porn star’ or think they need a bigger dick to be better in bed.


This is why women have more sex partners than ever before but have no concept of how to move their bodies and have an orgasm.


Nobody knows how to seduce or be intimate…


No man knows how make a woman feel like a woman, and no woman knows how to make a man feel like a man.


Sex has no boundaries and somehow ‘modern day humanity’ has taken the most human thing and suffocated it.


Men and women are too caught up being boys and girls.  Part of growing up is to be a sexual person.

Part of being a man is to show women they make you aroused, and part of being a woman is to show a man you’re aroused by him (a slut just fucks them).


The art in it all is experiencing sex but doing it in the right way.  That’s where the fear lies…we might have to take a step by ourselves, we might have to fail, we might have to get rejected, but only through this is the path to enlightenment.




When we live by our fears our Identity becomes a façade

When we are living by a façade our sex can only be an action.

When our sex is only an action we become frustrated and want to control things.

When we value control over experience we search for definitions and fear our experiences.

When we live by definitions we put our faith in a series of action and we have no purpose.

When we have no purpose we only become the sum of our results.

Results without purpose is the worst mirror one can stand infront of


Our Sexuality is no longer an expression of who we are and what we are sharing with someone, our Sexuality and our Purpose is a checklist.  We have taken 2 things (Sex and Life) that need no help, you just have to do them, and tied them in knots.


Live well

and comments always welcome…




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Sometimes I Just Want to Play Video Games


I can be so lame. I have all these grandiose schemes, plans, dreams and desires: I want to be famous. I want to write tons of blog posts. I want to seduce women. I want to be successful at business. I want to tweak my blog, and seo it, and connect it to facebook, and all the other random blogosphere social networking sites that can skyrocket my blog to the top. I want to study and read about my favorite topic.

Right now, I am trying to study three different styles of seduction. That’s right. There are schools for this type of stuff, just like Martial Arts (or I guess these days we should say BJJ or MMA or something). The schools of thought I am working on are as follows:

1. El Topo (Steve Mayeda) – A master of teaching guys how to express the good and bad qualities of themselves, to create deep connections with women. No pickup lines or bullshit here, this is all about being more YOU but in a good way. He teaches you how to go from light conversation to deeply seductive and sexual, and I mean dirty; “Do you like how my cock feels inside you? Can you feel how big you’re making it get inside your pussy!? Do you like that?”

2. Woodhaven (Vin DeCarlo – He doesn’t go by Woodhaven anymore but too bad. I like nicknames) – He has done an extensive program called Pandora’s Box which breaks up women into different types of Categories. Very handy. Did you know that you can approach some women with, “You are so sexy… I would kick myself in the ass all day if I didn’t come over and meet you.” and they will totally appreciate it?  However, saying the exact same thing in the exact same way (and I mean being genuine – not using a line) to a different type of woman may be too much for her and she may not be diggin on it.  Different women you meet have different qualities, personalities and thus, approaches to seduction that they will respond to.

Yes, this should go without saying but listen, women. Most guys do not know this. That guy who smiles wolfishly at you and says, “Nice ass!” or even better yet, “If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together.” is saying that because he doesn’t know what the fuck else to say, and is hoping it works.  He most likely says the same thing to every woman he comes across. It is a shotgun approach that most men are left with because we can’t figure you confusing and frustratingly mysterious women out. But now, thanks to Pandora’s Box I can finally fucking Calibrate for once and know what cards to play while going in.

3. Tantralogic (James Amoureux which I know is not really his last name) – He has a workbook program I have only dabbled with so far that is like keeping a detailed account of my progress as far as goals, mostly specific to seduction. It’s like a journal that I can use to find out what my negative and positive points are with regards to my goals. That way I can focus on a plan of action to tweak my personality or ‘game’ or whatever, and thus really find the type of quality interactions, relationships and sexual experiences that I thrive for. For example; using his workbook I have discovered 1 of the three goals I want to work on is, “Satisfy the Deviant.”

In essence I have a deviant side with some wild fantasies that is just begging to be explored. I actually believe part of the reason I created this blog was to explore that side so in the future…. So get ready for a Wild Ride!

Just for a Plug, T-Loc (his name on the streets)  is also the Author of: How to Start a Kinky Relationship.  A book about, I hope you guessed it (hint: the book’s subject is hidden cleverly in it’s title).

Oh what a Tangent. You probably forgot what my point was to all of this. While I have all of these things I would like to do, study, explore and delve into, sometimes I just want to play videogames.

I just came across this game called Potions and Swords (I swear my blog is not monetized and none of these bastards I am “puff piecing” in this article even know I am doing so.) on my favorite, free game website:

I’m sure many of you (assuming you’re a big dork like me) have played a role playing game where you, at some point in the game, have to visit the trusty shop-keeper and trade goods like armor, swords, axes or whatever. Sometimes that shop-keeper might even have a quest or two for you. Well someone came up with the ingenious idea of creating a game where you ARE the shopkeeper. That’s it. You own the shop, you hire people to create your goods, you sell your goods to guards, warriors, barbarians, thieves, priests and the rest of the adventurers that happen upon your shop, and that’s the jist of it. The thing is, is that it’s addictive. I lost yesterday; my shop went bankrupt, but I totally wanna go to a coffeeshop and play some more (since the dame game requires me to connect to a server).

So that’s what I plan on doing this evening. I am going to go up to the coffeeshop, grab a seat, connect and post this and then waste my life playing this dame game. I’m sure I will get bored soon enough, but for now….


I just really felt the need to express this here. I have had two thoughts about my themesongs of the day. Should I post songs that are somehow relevant to the topic at hand, or should I just post songs I like. You may notice that this particular themesong has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post I have written.

I think the answer is, depends on the day. Sometimes I will have a song in mind and say, “Yes! this song is the themesong to this post. Other times a song will come on at an appropriate time and say to me, “Ronnie, please share me with the fifteen people who read your blog.” (soon to be 1000 once I have a publisher, my seo is tweaked, I have written my first novel and I have connected my blog to all the social networking sites out there. I’ll get to that later, after I play this video game real quick, then study seduction, seduce more women, have at least one or two solid women I am dating in my life (yes, at the same time, silly) make sure I have a good flow of money coming in doing something I love, and…. Oh bloody hell.