RickRoll’d – or – I’ve finally decided to create my Blogroll!


I’m actually kind of excited about this.  Some of these authors know I read their blogs and some of them do not.   Regardless I have to make a big deal out of this but first let me play a clip.

So I’ll make this post short and sweet.  . ..  (Yeah right..)

What blogs am I reading?  Well Let’s start by saying I will mention them but there is no logic or method to my madness in that there is no Favorite or Order and that I am just going to post them at random starting with,

H.E. Ellis – I don’t even really know if I know what her blog is about, but at first I thought H.E. Ellis was a mans name kinda like some female author from the past that was famous but that people thought was a man…  Ya – I can’t think of who that was but the truth of the matter is that H.E. is a Girl.. I do know this, she’s a mom, has a fetish for things Brit, and thinks that 18 year old boys smell worse after they get out of the shower…   Oh and I like checking out her blog from time to time.

Wondering Wanderer – I capitalized her name due to habit but I have no control over that.  There are no caps in her actual title.  So let’s talk about this passionate vagabond a bit.  She likes to write about her life, her politics and her trials and life.  She also likes – poetry…  So she writes about her struggles, being broke, travel, adventures, girls and the Occupation of Wall Street and associated topics of interest to ME.  Check her out…  Not like that, perv!

Model Building Secrets – This is a blog about Architecture and Construction – NOT.   No man, seriously there is something that makes me very happy to read a blog written by LEGO enthusiast.  I don’t eve have LEGOs or know much about them, but this blog takes me back to my inner child.  It’s like a happy place of some little innocent kid living in Frankfurt Germany, visiting all these cool little Lego and Playmobile shops and wondering how cool it would be to build some giant Lego Kingdom.  It make me feel warm inside that people out there can still take pleasure in something so innocent as Lego building, which brings us to…

Optimized Seduction – My little stories of seduction (of which are growing FAST lately and not giving me time to write enough of them which makes me want to kick my own ass) are like one of the colors of my overall palate.  However the entire palate over at Optimized Seduction is made up of colors like, Callgirls, Candle Wax on Huge Breasts, a Transexual (or a crossdresser, I’m not sure yet), A couple, and a lot of naughtiness.  I’m sure it probably wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to me that a blog like that would interest me.  Go figure… 😉

VC Mike’s Blog – A blog about a Venture Capitalist talking about… You guessed it, Work Stuff.  This appeals to this voice in the back of my head always telling me I should start my own business.  I think if I was smart I might just read his whole blog in one week and see if it pinged something or if I could learn something interesting.  Here’s an interesting fact about VC Mike – He actually started writing his Blog because he was doing some venture with the guy who  runs WordPress.com That venture was probably WordPress.com, I think, but I can’t remember.  Go read his blog and find out for yourself 😉

IMONTHEBANDWAGON – This blog is Definitely not Least to be Last.  IT’s about a British Band touring and the blog’s author, one Jowlett who interviews them regularly.  I wanna guess the band is Blur or someone like that, but who knows.  They all remain anonymous, but the interviews are fucking addictive.  This makes for good, “I’m taking a long shower and want something to read while I steam up my bathroom so much the ceiling collects water and starts dripping” reading.  Need I say more?

And there you have my first list of blogs I frequent at this point.  I’m sure there will be more in the future but for now these will us have to do…




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A still photo of the YouTube video of “Never Gonna Give You Up”, the song played when viewers are Rickrolled.

Rickrolling is an Internet meme[1][2] involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up“. The meme is a bait and switch; a person provides a hyperlink seemingly relevant to the topic at hand, but actually leads to Astley’s video. The link can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so that the user cannot determine the true destination of the link without clicking. Persons led to the music video are said to have been rickrolled. Rickrolling has extended beyond web links to playing the video or song disruptively in other situations, including public places,[2] like a surprise appearance of Astley himself in the 2008Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,[1] a televised event with tens of millions of viewers. The meme has helped to revive Astley’s career.[3]


Welcome to Occupy Wall Street

We are the other 99%

Let’s talk about something important.  If you take time to read or watch anything in my blog, please take the time to read this, and watch – experience this post.

Occupy Wall Street

If you don’t know about it you should.  Some of you are broke and fed up.  Some of you don’t have a job and are finding it hard, even with your education and degrees, to find work.  Some of you drive your car and look at the Gas Prices and say?  WTF?

I see some of you in the Jewel Osco.  I watch as you pick up that steak in the meat department, look at the price, and then set it back down.  I feel for you.  Some of you may have lost your home to foreclosure, or are dealing with that very real fear right now.  Some of you can’t pay your bills, or, if you are, are having a fuck of a time doing anything else.

Some of you may have wondered why the Government gave a shit-ton of money to the Banks to encourage them to help get us out of this mess, only to watch as the Banks held on to that money, continued NOT to give out loans, and spent and squandered it on who knows what.

There are those of you who are trying to figure out what’s going to happen with your social security, or your 401k.  There may even be those of you, right now, who USED to be middle class living in a life of comfort, but now you are joining the ever-growing poor-class, while you watch as Big Business outsources so they can save money by not paying you.  Some of you may even be wondering how radical the separation has become between the rich and the poor.

Welcome to Wall Street – RIGHT NOW.  As I am writing, thousands of people have set up camp.  They are living there.  They are occupying the streets and taking a stand.  They are broke, poor, fed up and even a little frightened, but are feeling that, as Alex Jones likes to say, “We aren’t going to take it anymore!”

I have been paying attention.  I have been watching.  What started out as this:

…where the usual M.O. of intimidation of the protesters took place to try and make them lose hope and give up, has over the last couple of weeks turned to this:

Have you seen this on the nightly news or read about it in your local newspaper?  Interestingly enough there was a media blackout on this.  The media is owned by some of the very people who are considered the Rich and the Elite.   So the media was not covering this even though thousands of people are gathering, in growing numbers, to Occupy Wall Street and stand up to the Greed of the Banks, the Corporations and the Government that are trying to rape this country of every penny they can and leave it as a wasteland.  But the media could not bury this forever.

Support has been growing slowly but surely.  Everyone realizes shit is going to hell in a handbasket.  People tried Bush 1, and shit got worse.  Then they tried Clinton, and things got worse, then they tried Bush 2 and shit hit the fan HARD, and the country changed quickly, and then a false hope came along in the guise of Obama and shit continued to go down hill and the country started to take an even bigger nose dive.

Our freedoms started to go out the window.  We are engaged in perpetual war.  Our homes are disappearing.  But like I said, Support is growing on the side of these Wall Street warriors!





And finally the media, celebrities, unions, writers and more…

It’s getting interesting.  People are waking up, are starting to realize that if we don’t do anything we won’t have a country.  It will be stolen from us from Elite Rich Bankers.  It will be sold off by huge corporations.  It will be crushed by a government that has lost interest in helping and supporting it’s own citizens and are more interested in their own growth, greed and power.

I just wanted to inform those of you who happen upon my blog, this is going on, right now!  I wanted  to show my support, at least a little.  I wanted to extend a virtual hand of congratulations to the people out there in this movement and it’s supporters.

If you didn’t know about this, now you do…  It’s good to know this country hasn’t gone completely gone to shit and that now, there is real Hope for real Change, and not in the form of some bullshit Bank owned politician like in the last election.

Enjoi the movement.  Right now, history is being made…

There is not really a themesong of the day for this one.  The music is there.  This whole event has it’s own song.  You just have to listen…