The Seduction Chronicles – A Collection


So I have debated this.  I decided I am going to start interspersing some of my private posts from secret forums into this blog over time.  They are from the past, but I feel that they are worth exploring once again and, perhaps, someone else may find some use in them, whether it be entertainment, inspiration, motivation, a reason to hate or love or laugh.  I don’t know if there will be any rhyme or reason to all these posts other than the fact that they are all about seduction in the context of being what some refer to as a Pick Up Artist.   The language is geared towards that, and some of the terminology may be confusing, so I will do my best to put a little glossary at the bottom of the posts.  Of course if you are a reader of these reports and you have questions, feel free to ask!

These will be stories about real life seduction.  I have been reading some blogs about the subject and they are all great in their own respect, but they are totally missing something – they are missing the rawness and the reality.  I have laid these stories out over time and there are plenty.  I will date them.  I will not edit, or try to make them easier to read.  I will most definitely not try to soften them up and make them a little more politically correct.  They will be as I originally wrote them, to an audience of readers wanting to learn and practice the same art I practice.  The Art of Seduction.

This is a little journey I am taking into looking for myself; discovering myself.  As I post them I will link them below.

Enjoi the ride.

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