What Is All This Insolence!?

Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis Lesbian Kiss from...

Some of the music we play is…
Is really not geared for your bumping and joinin’
It’s geared for you to think,
So for those of you who don’t think too much…
I’m just telling you about that shit before we drop it on you.

If you are here you may be wondering, “What the hell is this blog supposed to be all about?”

Let me answer your question and be the first to tell you.  I don’t have any idea!  I see all this blah blah about niches, and corner my target audience and appeal to those people who are similar to myself.

WHAT!?  These are what the experts are telling me.  Be another clone.  Be the guy who has the Fitness Blog (sorry if you have one).  Talk about Hugh Jackman, Adele, Lady Gaga – don’t even worry about if you care about these people, just put that shit right up at the top of the page, Right in the Title.  You have to get your hits that way.  Don’t worry about expressing yourself.  The way to get people to come to your blog is to TARGET your audience.  Be like the other guy who targeted his audience.  Do it that way.  Don’t be yourself!  NO.  Don’t talk about yourself!  Talk about how to lose weight.

Check out my video on how I got 1000 hits on my blog last week from Goji Berries!  It was rated as the most trending search term last month in 15 different Markets!

What if I have no interest in the 4 hour diet?  What if instead of writing about how to make money at home, I want to write about the interesting conversation I had today; or maybe I went to that cool little club where that hip band was playing, and they invited me backstage and there was this wild party with all these people doing crazy shit – Maybe I ended up going in some secret room off the back of the party where there were like these 2 guys who were not part of the party at all, but were in some weird room with computers and shit, and one of the guys was doing hits off a baloon.

And I was like, “guys.  Whats the deal?  There’s a party going on out there.  I haven’t seen you guys out there all night.”  And one of the guys answers, “What the fuck do I care about that party for?  I don’t need to be out there.  I can stay back here and….”

ok, ok.  I won’t drag that on.  It was just an example and I can’t remember exactly what happened anyway.  I was a little drunk.  And then Mila Kunis walked in and grabbed that balloon that dude was…

Nope – so the experiment is, can a blog really make it when the writer does not try to make a blog that targets special key words, certain audiences, weight loss or fitness or celebrities or some certain NICHE?  I mean, I want to enjoy this, and to be honest it would be pretty cool if my followers enjoyed it as well.


Who are my targets?  Do I have them?  I might not know if I did and I certainly would NOT want to figure out so easily how to target them.  That’s actually kind of the trick innit?  I definitely don’t want to write on my blogs about Paris or Perez Hilton or whoever the popular or wannabe popular people of the next 15 minutes might be.  I want to write about things I am passionate about.  I like ME a lot.  I mean as fucked up as that might be I am probably my own favorite topic.  If you are like, “Fuck you, you arrogant prick!  I’m way cooler than you are!”  Fuckin A good!  You should be saying that.

Perhaps then, you are my Target.

Now to the point:  This blog, will probably take you a while.  I’m not gonna tell you you’re not gonna read my shit for 30 seconds and then lose interest and get back to facebooking or tweeting or whatever.  BUT, if you do find yourself getting sucked into this place, don’t panic and freak out.  And if you go to one of my posts and you are there for an hour – yes, who knows, maybe an hour or more, and you realize – “Holy shit!  I was reading this guy’s posts trying to figure out what the fuck his point was and I’ve been on this page for a fricken hour and I still have no idea – but I feeel better.  It has been a totally interesting and fascinating waste of my time!”

Then you have caught a glimpse into my mind.  😉  Grats.

My posts are going to be more than just words on a page.  Some will be just that.  But others are going to be trips on a computer screen.  I have no interest in writing on pen an paper because I could never make full use of my message (what’ere that may be) with trees and lead.

I’m not gonna ruin the surprise, not that I could, because I’m really not sure what it is myself; but – get yourself some tea, beer, wine, popcorn, a cigarette… Whatever.  And sit back and relax and enjoy this ride.  Take your time.  Think.  Experience. Comment.  Share…

Who knows.  Maybe after all this you can help me figure out what this blog is all about..  😉


Ronnie L

~ In unraveling all knots and resolving all paradoxes, this path goes straight as it wanders and wanders as it goes straight. The path that looks crooked may be the path that, in fact, leads us most directly to our destination.  ~Five Spirits; Training and Ethics 


The meaning behind “What is all this insolence!?”

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